Meow Mix shortage

Meow Mix shortage – Is Meow Mix Brand Discontinued in 2023?

Why is Meow Mix always out of stock? Is there any Meow Mix shortage of it’s dog and cat food recipes. All the cat lovers or people who have pets that are cats must have heard of the meow mix. Meow mix is a very popular cat food brand that sells dry and wet cat food. There has been a shortage of meow mix wet cat food for a very long period. 

People need help finding this cat food in stores or online websites. It has become very hard to find, and people are eventually questioning if this cat food’s production has been discontinued.

But many people who have pets might be aware that pet food and the required quantity are unavailable in the market. There has been a shortage of pet food in the market for a long time. Different factors are being blamed for this shortage. These factors include the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and ongoing inflation. As a result, it has become extremely difficult for pet owners to find pet food.

Meow cat food has continued if that’s what many people think. Cat food is unavailable in the market because of the low supply and the wrong reasons for making this cat food. Wet cat food requires a lot of preservatives because the companies need to ensure the individual shelf life of the product. This is why wet cat food requires a lot of primary and secondary ingredients. A shortage of one ingredient can also hugely impact the supply of a particular product.

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Is there a shortage of meow cat food?

Meow Mix shortage

Yes, Meow wet cat food is not available in the market. People have been having difficulty finding this cat food in the market. The company’s owner J M Smucker has said that they are trying to increase the production of cat food as much as they can. During the pandemic, people started adopting a lot of pets. 

As a result, the amount of people in the United States of America who have pet cats has increased tremendously. As a result, the demand for cat food has also increased. Other than this, factors such as Kosli logistics, low supply of raw ingredients, and ongoing inflation have contributed to the low supply of this cat food. Nevertheless, the company’s owner has assured the public that soon, the problem will be solved, and they will be able to buy Meow mix in the desired quantities.

So now people are showing that the shortage of this cat food will be over very soon. This brand is quite famous and offers a variety of options for cats. It has both wet and dry food. But the wet variant is the one which is not available in the required quantity in the market.

Why is meow mix always discontinued?

Meow Mix shortage 2023

There are many reasons why meow mix is out of stock. There are a couple of reasons why this cat food mixer is not available in the required quantity in the market. Some of the reasons why this cat food is unavailable in the market are-

Labor shortage

Shortage of labor is one of the reasons why there is a shortage of cat food in the market. Most of the laborers that used to work in the cat food industry have quit their jobs due to the pandemic. After that, there has not been much hiring, as people are still scared of losing their jobs if the pandemic comes back. This is why they’re not choosing this industry because there is a lot of job insecurity. Due to fewer people working, production is also affected, and less cat food is being produced. 

Low supply of raw ingredients

Cat food is made from a variety of ingredients. It requires different types of nutrients and protein sources to make cat food. Other than this, spices and sauces are also required. The right amount of preservatives must be added to ensure the product’s shelf life. But due to the current inflation situation, many industries are facing this problem of shortage of raw ingredients. As a result, the production of the meow mix is also being affected.


This year the weather in the United States of America has also been quite unpredictable. The USA has witnessed different hurricanes, the temperature falls, and temperature highs during the 2022 tenure. As a result, crop production has been impacted massively. This is why there is a need for more fruits and vegetables in the market. It has also affected meat production.

Increase in the price of logistics

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to an increase in the price of petrol and diesel. America has already run out of its emergency stock of petrol and diesel and has been importing them from different parts of the world. As a result, the prices of petrol and diesel have increased exponentially. People have to pay higher prices, and transportation has become extremely expensive. Industries that transport their goods from one place to another must invest more money into transportation. This increases their operational cost and decreases their profits. As a result, most industries choose to keep their goods close enough to places to save on the cost of transportation.

When will this shortage end?

All those people who want to know when the shortage will end must understand that it will last for some more time. The shortages will be resolved in the middle of 2023. This means you will also have to face this low supply problem for the coming six months. This is because inflation will increase with the passing months, making everything more expensive and low in supply. But you should not get disappointed and start looking for alternative substitutes. You can also make a complete meal for your cats at home by looking at recipes online.


Meow cat makes a very favorite product among cat owners. For some time, there has been a shortage of cat food, due to which people have been looking for this mix desperately in the supermarket and on different websites. But the unavailability has been consistent, which has worried many people if this brand has discontinued. The company’s owner has assured the public that they will look into this problem and try to solve it as soon as possible.

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