Mcflurry discontinued

Mcflurry discontinued 2023 – What happened and Why did they stop it?

Recently McDonald announced that it would be discontinuing its very famous Mcflurry from its menu. This has upset many fans as Mac flurry has been a top-rated product from McDonald’s for years. It is one of the most profitable desserts launched by McDonald’s and has remained on the menu throughout the years. This year McDonald decided to change its menu and add as well as subtract a lot of things. McDonald’s has decided to release a new burger.

 It has also decided to go plastic free this year and not use plastic cutlery, such as plates and spoons. People have appreciated this decision to go plastic free, but the discontinuation of Mcflurry needs to be taken better by the people. New flavors of Mcflurries crunchy and dairy milk are being discontinued. To compensate for the discontinuation, McDonald’s is providing customers with a substitute that is Smarties and Maltesers McFlurries.

This means that Mac flurry is not completely discontinued but is just being replaced by a different flavor of Mcflurry. Also, the packaging of Mac flurry will be different from now on. It will not be served in conventional plastic packaging as the brand has decided to go plastic free. This is a conscious decision that will help improve plastic waste conditions. 

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Is Mcflurry getting discontinued?

Mcflurry discontinued

No, Mcflurry is not getting discontinued completely. Two variants of Mcflurry crunchy and dairy milk are being discontinued. They are being substituted by two different flavors Smarties and Maltesers McFlurries.

Initially, many people thought that the brand had decided to discontinue Mcflurry. This was very hard for people to die, just as McFlurry is a popular product from McDonald’s. It is their best-selling dessert and is liked by almost everyone that has ever tried it. It is a form of chocolate syrup that is spread on vanilla ice cream. Over the years, a lot of different flavors of Mcflurry were introduced by the people. People were relieved to know that make the brand is not discontinuing flurries. Instead, McDonald’s has decided to change the packaging of all its products, including Mcflurry.

 It has already banned plastic straws and will move further with its decision to ban plastic. McDonald’s is a tremendous fast food joint, and this decision can significantly impact the planet’s health. It is being applauded by fans for making such a responsible decision. People are hoping it will also inspire other brands to go plastic-free. The two new flavors being introduced by McDonald’s for Mcflurry were previously available in the market. These flavors were discontinued for unknown reasons and are now being relaunched by the brand.

Changes in Mcflurry

Mcflurry has been served by McDonald’s for a very long period now. Over the years, McDonald’s has massively changed the flavor and how Mcflurry is done. If you look at it now and compare it to a couple of years ago, the products will be entirely different. Mcflurry is different in other countries as well. This means that the way it is served in the United States of America is different from the Mcflurry that is done in Australia.

Recently in New Zealand, McDonald’s made some changes in its flavor. It stopped giving hot fudge to the customers, due to which people started complaining a lot. It’s destroyed the authentic taste of Mcflurry, and people cannot enjoy it as they used to.

Experiments of McDonald’s

Mcflurry discontinued 2023

McDonald’s keeps experimenting with its products and changing its flavors to see the customers’ reactions. If the people like the brand’s changes, those changes are made permanent. But those changes are only continued if people appreciate the brand’s differences. 

Through all these years, McDonald’s has also released many collaborative products with famous celebrities. It has also released a very famous McFlurry called M&M’s, which was in collaboration with the renowned M&M’s chocolates, popular in the United States of America. These are small circular chocolate treats that are available in different colors. They were trendy among children and adults as well.


McDonald’s has continued its very famous Mcflurry. It has just discontinued two well-known variants of Mcflurry available in the market. Instead of the two discontinued variants, two new variants will be available in the market for people to test and judge. Also, McDonald’s has decided to go plastic free which means that you will see a significant change in the packaging of McDonald’s from now on. 

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