Has Maxwell House Iced Latte Been Discontinued in 2023?

Hey Folks!! Has Maxwell House Iced Latte been discontinued? Have you ever tried Maxwell House Iced Latte? If yes, then you would know the specialty of Maxwell House Iced Latte. But do you know Maxwell House has discontinued the Iced Latte? Ohh!! We are sorry that this particular product is no longer available.

Maxwell House Iced Latte is well known for its taste internationally. The latter is believed to be good to its last drop whenever you drink it! Until its last drop, you can consistently taste the Maxwell House International French Vanilla Iced Latte that comes in a cafe style. This beverage provides a cafe-style instant vanilla-flavored iced latte with a velvety, creamy taste for your every time caffeine routine.

Maxwell House International Cafe Iced Latte Singles French Vanilla Beverage Mix – contains six sachets per box and eight boxes in every case with 0.57 oz weight of each sachet. One sachet can cheer you up… you can carry a box of six single-serving sticks as it is so convenient to carry and use. It has been created through a tough process, and the blend of several ingredients provides a signature taste. It has been a trusted brand for several decades.

This convenient single-serving sachet creates an ultimate iced latte. You can also prepare and have it at your home or on the go.

Let’s explore it further!! To know more about Maxwell House Iced Latte. This blog will provide some information about it, including, Why is Maxwell Discontinued Iced Latte, Why is Maxwell House Latte so good & expensive, Who owns Maxwell House Latte, what is similar to Maxwell House Iced Latte, and several more.

Do you want to know about this? If yes, then let’s not waste much time and get rolling!!!

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Why Is Maxwell House Discontinued Iced Latte?

The company collapsed its empire because its financial condition was looking murky. No profits were seen, debts and the entire financial empire were shaky. The company’s former owner has sold the floated shares and part of Pergamon of the Mirror Group Newspapers. The owner has sold one flagship worth 1.2 billion US dollars from two of his flagship public companies. Not only his flagship but also the employee pension funds to prevent the company from shrinking.

Why Is Maxwell House Latte So Good & High-Priced?

Maxwell House Latte is one of the most popular lattes. Its rich, roasted Hazelnut flavor provides a refreshing taste with an ultimate aroma. Maxwell House International Iced Hazelnut Latte is something for everyone. This thirst-quenching formula of the latte comes in a cafe style that delights the senses with its rich roasted flavor with hazelnut. If you are a coffee lover, then we thought you also love to have a latte, and this flavor would work, or even you can expect more.

Its cool creamy taste doubles up the flavor, and you deserve it, so without giving it much thought, we suggest indulging yourself in this sweet coffee treat. All you need to do is pour one of the latte sticks into a glass and add milk or water according to your taste. Add some ice over for an icy chilled flavored latte drink & enjoy the chill beverage.

It contains 60 calories per serving that weighs 3.42 oz. Each hazelnut coffee box serves hazelnut goodness with a sweet, creamy coffee taste.

Its ingredient is expensive, making this coffee brand much more expensive than other brands. It contains original Arabica beans that always taste so good; they custom roast their beans, giving them the perfect strength, flavor, and aroma.

Who Owns Maxwell House Brand?

Kraft Foods, Inc. owns Maxwell House Brand, which is famous for its coffee brands. It is made up of 100 percent Arabica beans, that is considered to be one of the finest coffee beans all over the world. 

It has an amazing taste with a dense aroma that can’t be resisted!! If you are a coffee lover, then it is for you. It would help if you tried it, and you’ll see a great difference in this brand over other coffee brands. Its quality makes this coffee brand Maxwell House the best….

What Is Similar To Maxwell House Brand?

Maxwell House Iced Latte has been discontinued, but you can choose a similar option. We hope this may quench your thirst. We know nothing can replace Maxwell House Iced Latte, neither any brand of latte nor coffee. Even though, Here we’ve mentioned a few alternatives to Maxwell House Brand.

  • La Colombe Corsica
  • Peet’s Coffee Peet’s Coffee Big Bang
  • Intelligentsia House Blend
  • Melitta Colombian Supreme
  • Amazon Fresh Just Bright Light Roast
  • Lavazza Espresso Italiano
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee Seattle’s Best Coffee Post Alley Blend
  • Target Tierra del Sol Medium Roast
  • Folgers Coffee
  • Copper Cow Lavender Latte
  • Kenco Americano Millicano Coffee
  • Barleycup Cereal Beverage Powder

How Do People Come Up With This?

People started posting on social media after hearing about the discontinuation of Maxwell House Iced Latte. Let’s have a look at the following:

One of the users wrote, “I always want to have a latte from one of the best brands, and ever since I’ve found Maxwell House Iced Latte, I’ve loved this latte since then!! I beg you not to discontinue this most popular product! The ready-made iced latte is incomparable and it is always sold with good quality. It has been very hard to find this latte product and I am so disappointed that this product is being discontinued. It would be pernicious for all of us maybe if this product were discontinued, and having seen many reviews I found the iced latte singles packets are the most popular and we would not let it go!!! These packets are convenient to use, one can consume them at home or anywhere else, it’s easy to make, and the formula gives an amazing taste when added to milk. Yeah! Water can also be added but milk is preferable. This premade iced latte has an odd aftertaste. Please don’t bring out this product from the markets!”

It cannot be possible for us to mention all the descriptions of their reviews and posts, so we would like to mention a few reviews given below:

“Maxwell House Iced Latte is my favorite and its discontinuation has shocked me. I don’t want to see let it go!”

“Desperate to find it, please bring it back.”

“It has been a part of my daily routine for several years.”

“Maxwell House French Vanilla & Hazelnut Iced Latte are my favorite lattes, I beg please, don’t cut down this product from your catalog.”

Wrapping Up

Maxwell House Iced Latte can’t be found anywhere as the company has discontinued this product. People are up in arms when they hear about its discontinuation. But Maxwell House coffee still exists, and you can continue its usage. The company is still operating the plant. 

The company produced the first coffee in Hoboken, New Jersey, but this first coffee-producing plant has been closed, and there is no coffee production.