Maxar Layoffs

Maxar Layoffs 2024: How many employees does Maxar Technologies have?

Did Maxar Technologies Layoff? Yes, Maxar Technologies laid off some of its workers last year. After Advent International from Boston bought them for $6.4 billion, they changed into two parts. Now, there’s Maxar Space Infrastructure and Maxar Intelligence. Some workers lost their jobs because of this, but we don’t know how many.

Dan Jablonsky currently leads Maxar Intelligence, and Chris Johnson oversees Maxar Space Infrastructure. They did this so each part could do their job better.

People at Maxar talked on social media about losing their jobs, but the company didn’t say much about any latest layoff. They only mentioned that they laid off some people in office jobs.

Advent bought Maxar in May and wants to improve the company as a private business. Jablonsky thinks this change will help them grow and do well in a big market. Now let’s put light on what type of company Maxar is!

About Maxar Technologies

Maxar Technologies is a company in Colorado that does space stuff. They make satellites for talking and looking at Earth and doing other space jobs. DigitalGlobe and MDA Holdings Company joined together to become Maxar in 2017.

Maxar has some other companies under it. For example:

  • Space Systems Loral in California
  • DigitalGlobe in Colorado
  • Radiant Solutions in Virginia

From 2017 to 2023, Maxar was on the stock market in both Toronto and New York.

In May 2023, a company called Advent International bought Maxar for a large sum of money, $6.4 billion. Maxar’s history goes back to 2017, when it was made by combining DigitalGlobe and MDA.

In 2018, Maxar had some trouble making money. The satellites they were building for specific jobs weren’t doing so well. 

In 2019, they lost a satellite, and their value dropped significantly. To fix things, they had to change how they owed money. In the same year, NASA picked Maxar to make part of the Lunar Gateway, a thing they’re building to go to the moon. Ultimately, Maxar sold some of its business in Canada for a billion dollars to a group led by Northern Private Capital. This part included things like:

  • Ground stations
  • Radar satellite products
  • Robots
  • Defense
  • Satellite parts

The Canadian part became a separate company called MDA Ltd. In 2022, Maxar showed pictures from their satellites that revealed a Russian military group during the war in Ukraine.

In September 2023, Maxar decided to split the company into two parts. One is called Maxar Space Infrastructure in California, led by CEO Chris Johnson. The other is Maxar Intelligence in Colorado, led by interim CEO Dan Jablonsky.

What Happened To Maxar?

Maxar has made some changes to its organization. They got rid of some top jobs. This happened after a more prominent company called Advent International bought Maxar.

Maxar is split into two parts: Maxar Space Infrastructure and Maxar Intelligence. The Space Infrastructure part will handle making spacecraft. The Intelligence part will take care of satellite images. They used to call this part Earth Intelligence, and a person named Tony Frazier used to lead it. We don’t know if he’s still with the company.

Some people were laid off because of these changes, but Maxar didn’t say how many. They thanked those people and wished them good luck.

Maxar says having two CEOs helps each party focus better and develop new ideas. Both parts will still work together on some projects, like the WorldView Legion. It can be a new set of satellites that take pictures of Earth.

They’ve had trouble getting these new satellites into space on time because of problems with the companies that make them. Maxar hasn’t given updates on when they’ll be ready. These new satellites are essential for the company’s future. It is because, right now, they depend on older satellites to do their job.

Maxar thinks these changes will help them grow more. They’re excited about the future because more people want space and satellite services. 

Why Did Changes Happen At Maxar After Being Bought By Advent?

Advent bought Maxar, and some changes were expected. This often happens when a private equity firm buys a company. They usually want to make the company more focused and efficient. The delay in the Legion satellite program might also have played a role.

In 2022, Maxar won a significant contract worth $3.2 billion from the National Reconnaissance Office. However, the new owners weren’t happy with the money the company was making and how slow the Legion satellite program was going.

Advent bought Maxar for much more money than it was worth on the stock market. This happened after Maxar got much attention during the Ukraine conflict. The U.S. government used Maxar’s satellites to see what was happening there.

Even though Maxar became famous during the conflict, it didn’t lead to a significant increase in sales of its services. Maxar and other companies are trying to offer more than just pictures from space. They’re looking to collect different kinds of data, like radar imaging and mapping radio frequencies. Maxar has made deals with other companies to help with this.

The changes happening at Maxar are regular after becoming a private company. People are curious about what will happen next, especially the U.S. government, Maxar’s biggest customer.

Who Competes With Maxar Technologies?

Here are some companies that compete with Maxar Technologies:

  • SpaceX: They do big space projects and make rockets that can be used again.
  • Blue Origin: This company, started by Jeff Bezos, who owns Amazon, is about space travel and exploring space for regular people.
  • Rockwell Collins: They’re a big company in aerospace and defense. They focus on making technology for planes and communication systems.
  • L3Harris Technologies: This is another big player in defense. They work on things like communication and surveillance for the military.
  • Satellite Imaging Corporation: They offer pictures from satellites and other solutions like Maxar.
  • Planet: They’re known for having many small satellites that take pictures of Earth.
  • Space Know: This company gives helpful information using satellite pictures and data.
  • SkyWatch: They provide data and services using satellite information.

These companies work in space and satellite stuff, just like Maxar Technologies.

What Is The Future Of Space Technology?

The future of space seems to be bright. Let’s take a look at:

  • Tiny Robots in the Ocean of Moons: Imagine tiny robots exploring the oceans of faraway moons. These robots, like SWIM, could find out if there’s any life in those waters. It’s like a space adventure to discover hidden secrets!
  • Lunar “Railroads” with No Wheels: There’s an idea called FLOAT that suggests making a train track on the moon. Instead of regular trains, magnetic robots would carry things on this track without any moving parts. This could help move things around quickly on the moon.
  • Drilling Deep into Mars: There’s a plan called ARD3 that wants to drill really deep into Mars. By doing this, we might find water and signs of life below the surface. It’s like digging into Mars to learn its secrets!
  • Space Pony Express: Think about a fast way to send messages across our solar system. Some people want to use lasers or other fancy tech to communicate quickly between Earth and faraway places. It’s like having a space version of the Pony Express!
  • Cheaper Space Trips and Computers Helping: Going to space might become cheaper, and computers (Artificial Intelligence or AI) will be super helpful. They can ensure everything works well in space and help decide what to do during space missions.
  • Tiny Satellites Doing Big Jobs: Small satellites like CubeSats are becoming popular because they’re cheap and can do many jobs. Intelligent engines will help them move around precisely, save fuel, and work for a long time.
  • Watching Earth from Space: We’ll keep getting better at using satellites to watch Earth. They can tell us about the weather, disasters, farms, and cities. This helps us make good choices about taking care of our planet.

So, the future of space will be full of amazing things, like new inventions, exploring other planets, and understanding space better. 

Final Words

Maxar laid off some of its workers, but they didn’t reveal how many workers have been affected. The recent layoffs at Maxar Technologies have undoubtedly affected many individuals and communities. At the same time, such decisions are undoubtedly tricky. They often stem from the need to adapt to changing circumstances and ensure the company’s long-term sustainability. It’s essential to recognize that layoffs are not a reflection of the individual’s worth or abilities but rather a strategic measure taken by the company.

As Maxar navigates through these challenging times, they must prioritize support for the affected employees and their families. Additionally, maintaining transparency and open communication channels can help foster trust and understanding within the company.

Looking ahead, Maxar needs to focus on innovation, efficiency, and adapting to the evolving needs of the industry. By investing in its workforce, leveraging technological advancements, and fostering a culture of resilience, Maxar can emerge more robust and competitive in the ever-changing landscape of space technology.

While layoffs may be complex, they can also catalyze growth and transformation. By navigating these challenges with empathy, integrity, and forward-thinking strategies, Maxar can continue to make significant contributions to space technology while prioritizing the well-being of its employees and stakeholders.