Maruchan Ramen discontinued 2023: Is there shortage only?

Maruchan Ramen discontinued 2023: Is there shortage only?

Is Maruchan Ramen discontinued? The most popular quick-cook food is ramen. It is reasonably priced. Adding meat and different vegetables is simple to make the noodles even more nutritious and tasty. Customers have grown to appreciate the well-known Japanese noodle brand “Maruchan ramen.” Many people believe that this well-liked noodle will continue to be available.

However, rumors of its discontinuation have persisted for a while. And what is the reality? Maruchan ramen has yet to officially be discontinued. However, supply chain concerns are to blame for rumors of its impending demise.

These noodles are in greater demand and are frequently purchased. As a result, the company receives high orders beyond its capacity. As a result, several stores stopped offering it, substituting other dishes for the well-known ramen. Let’s look at what happened to Maruchan ramen and why it was withdrawn.

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Why is Maruchan so hard to find?

Maruchan Ramen discontinued 2023: Is there  shortage only?

Ramen is a dish that is popular in Japanese cuisine. It is a modification of Chinese soups with wheat noodles. Amen has recently moved to the top of the foods most frequently eaten in Japan.

Ramen is typically topped with seaweed, scallions, bamboo shoots, and sliced pork. It is served with soy sauce or miso-flavored soup. Momofuku Ando, a Taiwanese-Japanese inventor who founded the food company Nissin Foods, developed a digitally advanced version of the classic ramen known as “Ramen noodles.” He began manufacturing them in 1958.

This invention makes it easier and quicker to prepare ramen noodles because all that is needed after adding the boiling water is for our dinner to be ready.

Another manufacturer of instant noodles, Maruchan, began making ramen in California in 1977. Although they used to import and sell ramen noodles from Japan, the brand has since experienced widespread acceptance and continuous expansion. 

Thus, it is one of the best-known instant ramen noodle brands in the US, along with others like Top Ramen. Sadly, Maruchan ramen fans were disappointed to learn that many local supermarkets no longer carry Maruchan ramen noodles.

There is no specific plan to stop selling Maruchan ramen. However, this Japanese noodle business’s supply chain is the issue. After the COVID-19 outbreak, most retailers have run out of Maruchan ramen because of the extraordinary rise in demand.

It goes without saying that the coronavirus crisis caused a host of issues for businesses and the economy. Even ramen-producing businesses like Maruchan were not excluded.

People were forced to stay inside during the pandemic as shops closed, and most activities went online. Many supply firms experienced issues with their transportation methods due to the epidemic. Unfortunately, this was a major problem. Transportation is essential for getting finished ramen to various neighborhood shops or branches in every industry.

Ramen’s flexibility in preparation during this crisis also raised its demand. A further issue was balancing the unexpected rise in demand with the constrained supply by a decreased workforce. There were shortages since there needed to be a method to transfer supplies or acquire processed goods from branches.

The good news is that Maruchan promised customers that they are actively addressing this problem to ensure that delicious ramen is once again available in all outlets. However, it can take a while.

Maruchan Ramen shortage 2023

Maruchan Ramen discontinued 2023: Is there  shortage only?

According to Maruchan’s web page, the need for available noodles makes it unlikely that Maruchan ramen will be available in many stores. However, since it’s out of stock but has yet to be discontinued, it’s doubtful that we can find Maruchan ramen at your local shop. However, given that there isn’t currently a total shortage, it’s likely that these noodles can still be found at some other stores.

Due to poor demand compared to other flavors, Maruchan Company also decided to stop selling a handful of its ramen noodle flavors. This includes tomato flavor, instant wonton flavor, and oriental flavor. As a result, though less frequently than before, we can still find several flavors of Maruchan ramen noodles.

Despite the supply problem, certain renowned American retailers continue to carry and sell Maruchan ramen. We can buy these Maruchan ramens offline or online, just as with any other product.

When shopping at physical stores, we can visit renowned supermarkets as listed below:

  • Circle K
  • Safeway
  • Albertsons
  • Bashas
  • Walgreens
  • Target
  • Asian supermarkets

Even better, Target says that this ramen will be available in various flavors in the super six pack and soup cup. But we should remember that their supply varies due to scarcity and rising demand.

Therefore, it’s not 100% assured that we will always be able to find this ramen. It’s because more clients are buying at a higher rate every day. The best course of action is to purchase it right away. To make things even simpler for fans of Maruchan ramen, we can use their website to find out which stores carry it.


In summary, the stores could be more promising that we will find Maruchan ramen there. They are a few of our top options when shopping for a store. Therefore, the best action is to check the internet to see which businesses are nearby and have it.

All fans of simple-to-prepare foods might consider Maruchan noodles. But many other individuals also enjoy this ramen, driving up demand above supply. As a result, there will probably be other shortages shortly. Therefore, it is wise to explore alternative possibilities while awaiting the Maruchan company to keep its word and bring its ramen back to all locations.

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