Mamaroo Swing Recall 2023

Mamaroo Swing Recall 2023 – What happened to 4moms now?

Mamaroo swing is a brand of baby swings from the United States of America. This brand manufactures swings for babies with different motion control features. Stop with the help of your buttons. You can decide the rocking and the moment you can give to your baby. Recently there has been a massive recall of different brands of swings for babies. Mamaroo is one of the brands which has been recalled. 

Only some of the swings from this brand had been recalled. The models that use a three-point harness have been recalled. This includes versions 1.0 and 2.0 (model number 4M-005), version 3.0 (model number 1026), and version 4.0 (model number 1037). There is another variant from this brand that uses a five-point harness. It has yet to be recalled, so if you are interested in buying that particular product, you can go on and buy it without hesitation. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Thorley Industries have recalled all these swings. Around 2 million swings from this brand had been recalled recently.

All of this is done because of the death of an infant from the rocking swing. It has been found that these rocking swings have some manufacturing defects, which can lead to unfortunate events with babies. As a result, hundreds of swing manufacturing companies have to face recalls. 

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Mamaroo Swing Recall 2023

Recently there has been a massive swing recall in the baby swing manufacturing industry. Mamaroo witnessed the recall of almost 2,000,000 of its products from the market. People have yet to understand the reason behind this recall, but it’s pretty straightforward. The swings are manufactured to keep the baby in motion, which helps it in sleeping. 

You can set the pace and direction of motion as well. To secure the baby and please, there are bells that you can tie. Recently there has been a death of an infant due to the use of these swings. This swing has belts to secure the baby in place, but these belts lead to strangulation and entanglement. When no one is often around, babies try to escape the swing, and in doing so, they get entangled in the belts. This can lead to strangulation and death due to asphyxiation. 

Another case has come out in which a 10-month baby tried to escape the swing. The baby ended up getting a lot of bruises on its neck. This is why the government is on alert and all such products which are in the market or being recalled. The safety of infants is paramount because they cannot help themselves and ask for help.

Mamaroo swing replacement 

Mamaroo Swing Recall 2023

Due to the ongoing replacement and recall of Mamaroo swings, all the people who have this product are requested to visit the nearby stores to get their products fixed or replaced. A strap Fastener has to be included in the model, after which it will be safe for us. This is why all the parents are requested to get this problem fixed and by then not use the product. Even if they’re unable to do it and it might take some time for them to reach the store, they are requested to keep the swing out of the reach of their infants. Using the swing or crawler can be highly harmful to your baby’s life. 

Two tragic incidents have been reported because of which the government has become really attentive. All mothers who were regular users of this product can look for alternative products until they cannot get their Mamaroo swing replaced. A product by Graco offers similar facilities like the swing, with all the safety and security benefits. You must always prioritize your baby’s safety, which is the biggest concern.

You can also stick to your traditional swing that has to be robbed manually. It is the safest way of putting your baby to sleep. New safety hazards or the threat of choking are associated with those swings. The latest technology has eased our lives, but at the same time, there are a lot of loopholes to it. Since products made by man are not perfect, they can lead to favorable circumstances if used with care.

Wil MamaRoo makes a comeback in the market?

Mamara products have been discontinued because of a potential choking threat. Two cases from the United States of America had been reported by families in which their babies were negatively influenced by these swings. One of the two babies died because of strangulation from the safety belt. 

As a result, the government has told Mammaro to recall around 2 million of its products from the market. The crawlers have also been recalled. Many other brands have also become a part of this recall because of a similar problem. No complaint has been issued against these other brands, but for security, these brands have been told to take their products out of the market. All these brands are currently working on their products and their defect. Soon after solving the problem, these products will return to the market. 

But till then, you have to be really careful and avoid using the swings at all costs. It can become a life-and-death situation for your infant. They can also end up hurting themselves by falling from the surface. Children of such a young age cannot ask for help, which is why everything has to be done from the products and the adult’s end. 


Mamara is a very famous brand of swings. The brand has been manufacturing swings for a long time and has gained a lot of popularity. Recently there was a recall of 2 million products from this brand. It was found that a particular variant was not at all safe For use by babies. 

A case of death was reported in which the baby was strangled and ended up dying because of strangulation by the belts meant to secure the baby on the swing. Since then, the brand has been working on its product defect. You also have a replacement opportunity in which you can get the necessary changes done to your product. Till then, parents have been advised to not use the swing. You can either get your product replaced or stop using it at all.

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