Louis Vuitton Graceful MM Discontinued – Where to Find?

Is Louis Vuitton Graceful MM discontinued? Umm, There is no clear-cut answer to this question of whether Louis Vuitton’s Graceful MM was discontinued or is still around. But the fact is, customers, comment that they cannot get this brand’s style anywhere!!

A month ago, One of the users on Reddit posted, “I reside in the United Kingdom; I’m unable to get Louis Vuitton’s Graceful Damier Azur at any store or online as well. Has anyone found the same or at least heard anything about it? Then, I called customer service, and a woman said this item was supposed to be discontinued.

Louis Vuitton’s Graceful MM was introduced years back, but still, this bag has always been the talk of the entire town due to its different shapes and styles.

As we all know, Louis Vuitton has been one of the best-selling and most desired brands serving for several decades. This luxury brand always comes at the top: bags, shoes, or clothes. LV is well known for its creativity and new collections. 

People always expect to see the latest collection every other alternative day; no brand can beat LV regarding its creativity. 

If we talk about LV’s Graceful MM size is 16.1 L X 12.6 H X 8.7 W inches, and the Graceful PM size is 19.7 L X 14.1 H X 9.8 W inches.

When did Louis Vuitton’s Graceful MM come out? Is it safe to buy luxury bags online? What are the most popular Louis Vuitton Bags of all time? Several questions could arise in your mind. But no worries anymore because we’ve shared the status of Louis Vuitton’s Graceful MM. 

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When Did Louis Vuitton Graceful Come Out?

Louis Vuitton introduced its Graceful MM bag in 2017’s Fall Winter collection. It was designed because the creative director of the company decided to connect it with several other trendy bag designs to make history in the house. LV’s Travel Heritage inspired LV’s Graceful MM bag. 

It is designed to give it a quite classy look and for practical usage. Along with Graceful MM size, this Graceful Hobo comes in PM size. 

The Monogram Canvas is one of the classic bags in the Louis Vuitton collection. This Graceful MM has been recognized as an iconic item around the world. Those who are obsessed with LV bags or don’t know anything about fashion will love this iconic pattern. Initially, it came with a print that looked like leather. Later, a new shade of iconic tan and brown with its classic monogram pattern was released. 

Why Louis Vuitton Graceful MM Discontinued

In 2021, People heard about the rumors of Louis Vuitton Graceful discontinuation or found Graceful Azur nowhere, so they started to write on social media to confirm that point of discontinuation. Have a look at their comments:

One stated, “I found Graceful Azur nowhere. Is it really being discontinued or just marked “out of stock” right now? Is it true? Does anyone else hear about the same? Or if they know about any other sizes or prints also being phased out? I am thinking of adding this one to my handbag collection, but now it’s not going to be possible. Please let me know if any other sizes are also going out, so I’ll have to add other Graceful sizes as soon as possible before they are also phased out.”

Another wrote, “It is disappointing; I liked that Graceful Azur handbag because it was cheaper than any other branded handbag. Although new handbags are coming up, they are too costly. If I frankly speak then, that Graceful Azur was not too expensive and overwhelming. “

We cannot mention all of the comments and people’s responses here yet. Because there are numerous posts, it may be impossible to add them all. But you’ve anticipated how people reacted, and maybe this was not a rumor.

The Most Popular Louis Vuitton Bags Of All Time

Here we’ve shared a list of the most popular Louis Vuitton Bags. If you are all set to get a timeless French brand, we support your decision and help you pick the best among the most popular LV bags list. To discover more about it, you must read on…

  • Louis Vuitton Speedy

Green Sprouse Speedy30

2018 Pre-Owned Speedy 25 Holdall

2004 Pre-Owned Speedy 30 Bag

  • Louis Vuitton Alma 

2020 Pre-Owned Alma BB 2way Bag

2013 Pre-Owned Alma BB 2way Bag

Epi Alma Bb Black

  • Louis Vuitton Neverfull

2011 Pre-Owned Neverfull MM Tote Bag

2008 Pre-Owned Neverfull Bag

2021 Pre-Owned Neverfull MM Tote Bag

  • Louis Vuitton Twist 

Epi Twist Shoulder Bag Mm Coquelicot

Epi Twist Shoulder Bag Mm Black

Pre-Owned Twist bag

  • Louis Vuitton Petite Boite Chapeau 

2021 Pre-Owned Boite Chapeau Crossbody Bag

Reverse Monogram Mini Boite Chapeau

Monogram Petite Boite Chapeau

  • Louis Vuitton Looping Bag

Looping Gm Monogram Bag

Looping Handbag

Pre-Owned Monogram Loop Shoulder Bag

  • Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires Bag 

Pochette Accessoires Monogram Canvas

Monogram Pochette Accessories

Monogram Canvas Pochette Accessoires

  • Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag 

Capucines Bag Leather Mm

Taurillon Capucines Bb Rubis

Capucines Handbag

2019 Pre-Owned Capucines MM 2way Bag

  • Louis Vuitton Noé Bag 

2020 Pre-Owned NéoNoé Handbag 

Monogram Canvas Noé

Monogram Noé

2020 Pre-Owned Noé Shoulder Bag

Monogram Petite Malle Black

Reverse Monogram Trunk Clutch

Petite Malle

Is It Safe To Buy Luxury Bags Online?

We recommend not buying luxury or expensive items online as they can be risky. How can one buy luxury bags or any other item without having a look at it in person? No, we do not support this. If you want to buy them, then you must prefer to shop at stores.

The Bottom Line On The Louis Vuitton Graceful MM Discontinued

Louis Vuitton is one of the pickiest and most desired luxury brands. No other brand can beat LV’s creativity, whether it is clothes, bags, or shoes. LV has always been the talk of the town. 

We’ve not found any official statement on LV’s Graceful MM discontinuation. Still, its Damier Azur style could be at stake because people claimed this item was nowhere to be found.