LG Phones Discontinued

Did LG Phones Discontinued In The U.S.?

Did L.G. Phones Discontinue? Yes! L.G. discontinued its several phone models. L.G. cell phones and all other products manufactured by the company to make life good for people in the future. Even though L.G. discontinued it, several models stay updated in the market. 

If you want to know more about discontinued L.G. phones, you’ve come to the right place where we’ve got you covered!

When Were LG Phones Discontinued?

L.G. is a Korean Company. In 2021, the company announced that L.G. smartphones are no more. On April 5, 2021, it shut down its mobile phone business.

It was not an immediate action, as the company disappeared its cell phones from the store’s shelves globally. 

At that time, they reduced the supply of mobile phones instead of replacing those products with other ones. The existence of L.G. phones varies from region to region.

L.G. indeed discontinued its cell phones, but the company committed to offering the standard limited warranties on its phones and tablets. 

Customers can repair their phones if any damage occurs during the warranty period.

In the United States, L.G. planned to honor standard limited warranties and extended warranties for their customers.

Why Did L.G. Phones Discontinue?

On April 05, 2021, the L.G. company announced it quit the cell phone market worldwide. Later, after three months (On July 31, 2021) of the announcement, the entire smartphone business was shut down.

It was not an immediate decision of the company, as they had been preparing their customers for some time, after 12 years of being in the industry of Android OEM. L.G. decided to close up shop on the smartphone business.

It was believed that in 2014, the company profited, but later, all were disturbed. In January 2020, the company’s CEO switched to a brand new CEO named Kwon Bong-Seok and promised that maybe the year 2021 would be profitable.

As they had 23 one-after-the-other money-losing quarters after so many years of loss, 2014 was proven to be a good year.

Later in January 2021, L.G. alerted the public that it would have to decide on the future of the mobile division, which might upset all the customers. 

It was believed that L.G. was exploring its mobile division worldwide but needed help finding a buyer.

It was unclear, and still, it is not clear what happened to L.G.’s latest smartphone production, i.e., L.G. Rollable. In 2021, it was about to discontinue, and no one knew why!! 

The sales became very low because the company needed to disclose what happened to the Rollable. 

When the company L.G. and Samsung discovered the identical smartphone model, L.G. could not convince the public, “Why to buy L.G. Smartphones over Samsung?” Due to this, the company had low sales and a massive loss. 

When people choose an L.G. phone, at the same time, they do not find any superior quality and some claim that the company produces defective products. 

The quality was inferior, so customers’ interest was lost in L.G. smartphones. 

So many problems were claimed by the customers, such as motherboard failures that led to poor phone memory and phones not having the boot capacity.

In a nutshell, “L.G. was not successful in the industry of innovative technologies as the value of its products decreased. It was like, no focussed strategy the company had.”

L.G. Phones Discontinued List

You can find the full list of Discontinued L.G. Phones below:

  • LG K22 (UScellular)
  • LG K22 (Boost Mobile)
  • LG K31 Rebel (TracFone)
  • LG K92 5G (U.S. Cellular)
  • LG WING 5G (T-Mobile)
  • LG WING 5G (AT&T)
  • LG K92 5G (Cricket Wireless)
  • LG K92 5G (AT&T)
  • LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen
  • LG Q70
  • LG Stylo 6
  • LG K51
  • LG K31
  • LG Stylo 6 (U.S. Cellular)
  • LG WING 5G (Verizon)
  • L.G. Stylo 5
  • LG Dual Screen LG VELVET 5G (AT&T)
  • LG Xpression Plus 3 (AT&T)
  • LG VELVET 5G (T-Mobile)
  • L.G. Stylo 6 (Xfinity Mobile)
  • L.G. Stylo 6 (Regional Carriers)
  • LG VELVET 5G U.W. (Verizon)
  • LG VELVET 5G (T-Mobile)
  • L.G. Stylo 6 (Spectrum Mobile)
  • L.G. Stylo 6 (Spectrum Mobile)
  • LG K31 (Regional Carriers)
  • L.G. Stylo 6 (Verizon)
  • LG K31 (Spectrum Mobile)
  • LG Aristo 5 (Metro by T-Mobile)
  • L.G. Tribute Monarch (Boost Mobile)
  • LG Aristo 5 (T-Mobile)
  • LG K51 (Spectrum Mobile)
  • LG K51 (Xfinity Mobile)
  • L.G. Aristo 5 (Sprint)
  • LG K8X (U.S. Cellular)
  • LG Harmony 4 (Cricket Wireless)
  • L.G. Reflect (TracFone)
  • LG Stylo 6 (Metro by T-Mobile)
  • LG Risio 4 (Cricket Wireless)
  • L.G. Phoenix 5 (AT&T)
  • L.G. Fortune 3 (Cricket Wireless)
  • LG K51 (Verizon)
  • L.G. Stylo 6 (Cricket Wireless)
  • LG K51 (Regional Carriers)
  • LG V60 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen (Sprint)
  • LG V60 ThinQ 5G (Sprint)
  • LG K51 (T-Mobile)
  • LG Stylo 6 (T-Mobile)
  • LG K51 (Metro by T-Mobile)
  • L.G. Stylo 6 (Boost Mobile)
  • LG Q70 (Spectrum Mobile)
  • L.G. Stylo 6 (Sprint)

There are more than 800 smartphones that L.G. launched, But in 2021, the entire business of smartphones disappeared. We can’t mention all of them in a blog post. 

Or else, it will consume the entire post, and we will not be able to mention more information about L.G. Discontinued phones here. We recommend you check several more discontinued L.G. phones in the link given below.

Are L.G. Phones Still Being Made?

No, L.G. does not make L.G. phones as the company switched its focus to manufacturing innovative home appliances. 

In April 2021, L.G. announced to cease its smartphone manufacturing. According to outlets, it was reported that, on May 31, 2021, the company manufactured its last L.G. phones and tablets. After that, no production of L.G. phones and tablets occurred.

L.G. Phones US Market Models List

We have shared a complete list of LG US Market Cell Phone Models. You can check the following:

US Market Models:

  • U.S. Cellular CDMA models
  • L.G. 4NE1
  • LG Genesis (US760)

C.B. series:

  • LG CB630

CE series:

  • LG CE110
  • LG CE100

CF series:

  • LG CF360

CG series:

  • LG CG325
  • LG CG225
  • LG CG300

CU series

  • LG CU500
  • LG CU500v
  • LG CU515
  • LG CU400
  • LG CU575 (Trax)
  • LG CU720 (Shine)
  • LG CU915/CU920 (Vu)
  • LG CU405

LG series:

  • LG LG501C TracFone.
  • LG LG840G TracFone.
  • LG LG500G (product page) TracFone

LX series:

  • LG LX5550 (Without camera)
  • LG LX5350
  • LG LX140

Optimus series:

  • LG VM670 Optimus V
  • LG P509 Optimus T
  • LG US670 Optimus U
  • LG VS660 Vortex
  • Verizon CDMA models
  • LG LS670 Optimus S
  • LG MS690 Optimus M

VS series:

  • LG VS880 (LG G Vista™)
  • LG VS920 (Spectrum)
  • LG VS930 (Spectrum 2)
  • LG VS700 (Enlighten)
  • LG VS740 (Ally)
  • LG VS660 (Vortex)

VX series:

  • LG VX3100
  • LG VX3200
  • LG VX3300
  • LG VX3400
  • LG VX4400
  • LG VX4500
  • LG VX8500 (Chocolate)
  • LG VX8550 (Chocolate)
  • LG VX8560 (Chocolate)
  • LG VX8575 (Chocolate Touch)
  • LG VX4650
  • LG VX7000
  • LG VX8000 (2004)
  • LG VX8100
  • LG VX8300
  • LG VX8350
  • LG VX8360
  • LG VX8600
  • LG VX8700
  • LG VX5200
  • LG VX5300
  • LG VX2000
  • LG VX8800 (Venus)
  • LG VX9100 (enV2)
  • LG VX9200 (enV3)
  • LG VX9400
  • LG VX9600 (Versa)
  • LG VX9700 (Dare)
  • LG VX9800 (The V)
  • LG VX9900 (enV)
  • LG VX10000 (Voyager)
  • LG VX11000 (enV Touch)
  • LG VX5400
  • LG VX5500
  • LG VX5600 (Accolade)
  • LG VX6000
  • LG VX6100
  • LG VX10
  • LG VX1000 (Migo)

L.G. Phones Discontinued 2023

A couple of years ago, one of the users posted on Reddit, “L.G. was so innovative. It is so disappointing to let it go. I am using G6 and also used G2. I did not face any problem.”

Another user said, “I’m so sad, I was about to buy another L.G. flagship, but they are going away. I had my G7 and G8; they both were amazing.”

One said, “ No, please, don’t do so! L.G. was always so innovative. Now it is disappearing; it sucks.”

On the contrary, one Reddit post says, “L.G.’s era is now on end.”

There are L.G. lovers and haters who posted on social media when the company announced it was disappearing its smartphone business.

Summing Up

We’ve concluded that L.G. discontinued its entire smartphone business several years ago.

Later, the company decided to join other smartphone companies such as Essential, Amazon, Mozilla, Microsoft, Palm, Toshiba, HP, Nextbit, Dell, Gigabyte, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, Ericsson, Panasonic, Acer, LeEco, and several other companies were there which was piled up with L.G.

It was noted that, at the same time, the company L.G. released a sizeable void in the market in the United States, which was reported to have accounted for more than 10 percent market share across the country. But the opportunity was grabbed by other Android companies such as Chinese OEM or Samsung.

L.G.’s most successful device came out through the Nexus program when it collaborated with Google. 

On the contrary, so many phones died an early death because of the poor quality system. The premature death of the L.G. smartphones was reported due to a boot loop fiasco and other inferior workmanship problems.

L.G. collaborated with Google and got co-branding on the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and Nexus 5X in 2012, 2013, and 2015 respectively.