Is There A Lettuce Shortage in 2023? – What to Know

Hey Folks!! How are you doing? Hope you all are doing well… Don’t you think that this year has proven to be an apocalypse as several food items bring out from the markets, and the shortage hit the entire nation… 

Similarly, something else is also at stake, and it is Lettuce. Have you noticed recently that no lettuce is available in the way the market used to be? If you’re the kind of person who loves to eat more greens, then you must have noticed the same… 

So, we are so sorry to announce that there is a lettuce shortage, and you’ve to plan to change your lifestyle, or at least you should switch to broccoli and zucchini. In late 2022, the entire nation was hit by the lettuce shortage, which is still ongoing in 2023. 

In all restaurants, grocery stores, and homes, there is a lettuce shortage and a shortage of eggs across the country. 

The rising demand and lettuce shortage led to a rise in Lettuce prices; it is very hard to find Lettuce than ever… The lettuce price is not decreasing and is expected to remain high, but this is a key ingredient in almost every food item, especially in a salad recipe. 

If you are still thinking about it and getting no answer to all your burning questions about lettuce shortage… then you’ve come to the right place where we’ve got you covered. 

In this captivating blog, we delve into lettuce shortages, including why there is a lettuce shortage, how people reacted to its shortage, how it is affecting lettuce prices and people are paying more, what predictions have been made for the lettuce availability, what best lettuce alternatives are there you can opt for, and several more. Hope we’ll answer all your questions in this blog and you won’t go anywhere else.

Continue reading this blog post to know about a lettuce shortage….

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Why Is There A Lettuce Shortage?

There is a lettuce shortage; if you’re thinking about which one, we would like to tell you that there is a shortage that includes romaine lettuce, leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce… Its shortage and rising demand have largely hit Central California across the US. It is happening because of the difficult crop season.

According to Yahoo! Life Reports, it is believed that more than half of the crops have been destroyed because of the insect-borne virus disease that spread all over the Salinas Valley.

Nick Cutsumpas, who is an urban farmer and also a plant coach, told, “An insect known as Houseplant pest (a thriving insect) carried the virus and spread the virus, i.e., Necrotic spot virus or INSV, we’re facing this issue for several years because there is no cure for this disease.

Due to this, farmers have lost more than half of crops while some have lost as much as 80 percent of their lettuce crops entirely.”

The crops are also facing the unpredicted environment, unseasonably extreme temperatures that shed the crops and played a major role in the shortage of Lettuce nationwide.

How It Is Affecting Lettuce Prices And People Are Forced To Pay More?

The shortage of food items has been increasing since the last year, which has caused a massive increase in their cost. Prices of Lettuce have increased more than ever for items we purchased for home cooking in early 2022; it is believed that they have risen prices by 11.4 percent from mid-2022 till now.

According to outlets, it is noted that there are prices spike from November 2022 by 0.3 percent. The prices for romaine lettuce have increased, while the increase in the cost per pound of romaine lettuce was below 0.3 percent that same year, but it rose after some time. From late 2022 till now, romaine lettuce observed higher prices, with an average price per pound jumping from 2.84 US dollars to 3.57 US dollars in August 2022 and December 2022, respectively.  

It is observed that there is an increase of more than 25 percent in prices for several important grocery items, including Lettuce, for which people have to pay more.

But, this can be good news for the green eaters that the shortage will end soon as it was expected to end sometime before, but the expectations proved to be wrong.

It is expected to ease up soon, but it is still going on this time, and we’ve to struggle with this until bad time passes. Some say that Romaine lettuce’s average price per pound has reduced to 14 percent or more than that… 3.57 US dollars per pound dropped to 3.06 US dollars.

Lettuce’s rising demand and prices have already put a pinch on restaurants and several food chains as the price for a box of Lettuce skyrocketed from 14 US dollars to 67 US dollars in just two years. After observing this, the fast-food chain restaurants have already swapped Lettuce and started using other alternatives such as Kale or spinach on their sandwiches. 

There is no wonder that restaurants and grocery stores across the country have made these tough decisions because the world is struggling with the massive destruction of lettuce crops.

What Predictions Have Been Made For The Lettuce Availability?

It was believed that many restaurants nationwide have already warned their customers that no lettuce would be served on the tacos or sandwiches.

Such as Chick-fil-A and Taco Bell have alerted them through their official website, which they mentioned: “Lettuce may not be available at the local restaurants.” Additionally, Subway stated some locations would not serve it anymore, and it can be a huge bummer because Lettuce is a key ingredient in many of our top food items, especially when it comes to sandwiches and salads.

These restaurants and Panera Bread announced we are working with our lettuce suppliers. Numerous restaurants already cut down Lettuce from their items’ ingredients. If a customer wants to do so, they can ask for it but should have to pay more to cover the spiked cost of Lettuce.

Insider outlets said, “There is hope; Lettuce can be ended soon in season in southern California and Arizona, where the virus-borne disease has destroyed crops. Once the supply of Lettuce increased so as the prices also dropped.

What Best Lettuce Alternatives Are There You Can Opt For Beating Shortages?

So, the shortages have hit the nation, and no ray of hope is there when this series will end, but till now, we can only anticipate that it will end soon this year. We’ve come up with the best lettuce alternatives that one can use while looking for Lettuce but found nowhere. That time you must consider alternative base greens or other veggies for your usual cooking recipes. 

Here, we’ve mentioned a few of the best lettuce alternatives that one can opt for!!

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Collard Greens
  • Chard
  • Bok Choy
  • Arugula

If you still want Lettuce but found nowhere, and no other alternative is going well with your recipe, then we suggest you grow on your own… Yes! You’ve read it right: people with a green thumb can perform this task easily, but you could also try growing Lettuce on your own in your garden or indoors and outdoors.

It can also be the best, most economical, and most convenient choice. Yeah! We know this process is gradual and not as quick as purchasing Lettuce from the market, but this way, you will be responsible for the input and output. Do you know? Most of the lettuce plants can be harvested within six to eight weeks of planting the Lettuce.

Lettuce Shortage Causes

This is how people have reacted to the shortages of Lettuce and begging for it to end. People started posting on Reddit and other online platforms to express their grief. Let’s find out a few of the posts that have been posted.

One said, “We went on Friday to eat out and found the shocking news that no lettuce is there. We’ve found a sign on the restaurant door that mentioned no lettuce would be served unless requested specially. We were like, what? Are they serious? What a sad salad that would have been if no lettuce had been there.

Moreover, Wendy’s also represented no lettuce sign, and I missed the crunch on my Jr Bacon Cheeseburger. I know the first world’s problem, but I’ve never seen a lettuce shortage, and I’m over 50. I hope it may end up very soon. Otherwise, it will be a massive loss.”.

Another chimed in, “It is stupidly expensive; never seen an issue like that before. But this time, there is a huge shortage of Lettuce; we know the virus-borne disease hit California very hard, which produces more than half of the total production of Lettuce across the United States. Water scarcity is also the cause that dries the perfect region of lettuce production. But I’m praying it comes to an end.”

The Bottom Line

We’ve concluded that Lettuce, including Romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, and leaf lettuce, is off the table for some time, or at least for now. It is believed that there is a shortage because of the virus-borne diseases, and the unfavorable climate led to the destruction of the massive crop production across the country.

Yeah! We know these leafy greens are packed with most of the important nutrients that keep us healthy, it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which maintain good health and prevent diseases by strengthing the body.

But you will be unable to buy them as they are unavailable right now; this lack of Lettuce did not happen overnight; it is gradual, so we should also expect that it will end gradually, not suddenly, until you can opt for the best alternatives to Lettuce to beat the issue of the shortage. For that, we have also shared a good list of options that can replace Lettuce in your cooking.