Lego Boost discontinued

Lego Boost discontinued 2023 – What will replace Lego Mindstorms?

Is Lego Boost discontinued? Lego is a very famous brand known for producing tech-related toys for children. Lego Mindstorms was a product that came out in 1998 after a collaboration between Lego and the Massachusetts Institute of technology. It has now been announced that Lego will discontinue all its products under the mind storm category. All those people who have already purchased toys or robot kids from this brand will receive app-related support for the next two years.

Lego has been providing its mind storms, robotic kids, for over 24 years in the market. It came with different parts of an un- assembled robot along with a lot of other gears as well. The concept became popular among young boys who enjoyed De is Hitech toys. In 2006 they launched the following generation variant, which was popularly known as NXT and was known for its Hitech features better than the variant already available in the market.

But recently, the brand announced that it would discontinue its products under the mind storm category by the end of the year. The brand has said that they want to focus on the other parts of its business and expand the areas that may grow more in the future.

Is Lego boost being discontinued?

Yes, the company has officially decided to discontinue its range of Mindstorm robotic kids. This was one of the first products launched by the brand and became excessively popular among children. It was a very innovative way of pulling children towards science through the help of intriguing and fascinating assembling of robots. It was an educational toy that was way ahead of its time.

At the time when it was launched in the market, it was one of the few products of its kind. Later, many products like Lego were released in the market, increasing its competitiveness. It also affected the product’s sales as other manufacturers offered similar robotic kids at a lower price. This is why the brand had to watch a decline in the sales of its popular mechanical kits.

The conventional Lego boost kids have lost their charm in the market. This is why the company has concluded discontinuity production of this gate. This means that these Lego boosts might become a rare sight by next year. Only the people who have bought them will be able to preserve them in good condition.

Model of Lego Boost Mindstorm

Lego Boost discontinued 2023

The Lego boost mind storm was available in the market for US$35.99. There were five different variants available in the market. This includes a four-legged walker and a bipedal wheeled robot. For many years the product was top-rated in the market. In fact, in 2013, they also added new product features. A spokesperson from Lego has said that currently, they want to focus on more critical aspects of their brand. They have still maintained and retained the trademark for Lego Mindstorm. 

The company’s chances of returning to the market are high. The app launched to support their robotic kids will remain live until 2024. The brand will continue to update the customers so they can use the newly purchased kits for at least two years. If you have recently bought this kit, you should be reassured about future usage as the brand has made responsible decisions. 


Lego Boost has decided to discontinue the production of its mind storm series, which remained so popular for around two decades. Now the brand has decided to focus on the more critical aspects of the business that can generate revenues and remain relevant in the coming years.

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