L3Harris Layoffs 2024: reason behind why they cut jobs

Is there L3Harris Technologies Layoffs in 2024? The recent trend of mass Layoffs in the Tech Industry throughout the United States is a case in point. However, for the rapid pace of change. The US tech industry is renowned, due to which the company is laying off employees. 

Big tech companies such as Amazon, Meta, Google, Alphabet, Microsoft, and many more have announced mass layoffs in their history. They have laid off hundreds or even thousands of workers from their companies. L3Harris Technologies is one of them. When the news of the most extensive layoffs was spreading… it left many employees from L3Harris baffled and fearful, what if their company would be next.

It is normal to worry for yourself when people’s livelihoods are at stake. L3Harris employees’ fear was justified as the company has also announced layoffs. 

So are you prepared for the layoff that is trickling into L3Harris? Layoffs are happening in almost every tech industry in the US or even across the globe. No industry is left unscathed. So, it is necessary to stay updated and educated to prepare for the upcoming layoffs.

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About L3Harris Technologies

L3Harris Technologies is an American company that was previously known as L3 Technologies. L3Harris Technologies was established on June 29, 2019, when L3 Technologies and Harris Corporation merged.

The company specializes in making, selling, and designing… communications, reconnaissance(C3ISR) systems, surveillance, command, and control. The company offers products and services, including ocean, avionics, instrumentation, space, training, and navigation products.

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Is L3Harris Laying Off Employees In 2023?

If we talk about layoffs, then… it is reported that there were around 15.4 million layoffs last year in the United States. According to sources… around 28 percent of the employees were Americans who were laid off in the past couple of years alone.

L3Harris Greenville announced the layoffs already. The company said it would cut around 100 employees in the layoff round by August. According to reports, L3Harris laid off its workforce on August 03, 2023.

Let’s put light on Reddit posts that employees posted:

One said, “The company often lays off hundreds of employees without any prior warnings.”

Another said, “It usually happens so, for me it is not a big shock. It happens pretty often.”

Most posts show that the company is best to work in terms of money, the environment, and almost everything except layoffs, as the company conducts layoffs frequently. 

L3Harris Layoffs 2019

It is not the first time that the company is laying off employees. It conducts layoffs frequently. In 2019, when L3 Technologies and Florida-based Harris Corp. merged, rumors spread that L3Harris in Greenville and Rockwall conducted layoffs. But this was not the case; the company did not anticipate any layoffs then.

A spokesperson said… “We do not focus on reducing headcounts… instead expecting to expand our business. However, the Texas workforce is reducing its headcount as a result of the merger. Only four positions will be affected… from among our local Texas workforce of 8,400 full-time employees.”

He continued, “However, we are eliminating a few of job roles from our Texas region. At the same time, we continue to expect to expand our workforce in the same region. To do so, we are hiring new employees and transferring a few to other areas.”

As of 2019… the company’s official website had around 154 and 23 available positions at the Greenville and Rockwall location, respectively… In which a majority of job roles were opened for engineers. At that time, the company represented that… it neither had facility plans nor cutting staff in the future.

Moreover, at that time… L3Harris’ aviation system division required many engineers. The division president said, “We need more engineers for our department. Finding them needs effort as they are not easy to find. But we have opened more job roles for people. We would rather be in North Texas, and it seems a perfect place to find people.”

According to reports… L3 and Harris merged, and the merger could join forces to become the sixth-largest provider of equipment and technology… used by defense departments globally.

All in all, in 2019, no layoffs were planned after the merger, according to L3Harris.

What Does L3Harris Do?

The company, L3Harris, is well known when it comes to defense organizations globally. It values perspective, experiences, diverse ideas, lifestyles, and backgrounds.

L3Harris is a leading aerospace and defense technology innovator… it provides customers with advanced and integrated mission solutions. To do so… the company scale and possesses the ability to offer world-class systems… and drive cost savings. 

Besides, the industry-leading R&D investment that is affordable, innovative solutions… offered with flawless precision, speed, and agility make… the company customers’ first choice for mission solutions.

L3Harris is committed to the value of Integrity, Respect, and Excellence. It focuses on continuous improvement with consistent enterprise-wide systems, policies, processes… and fact-based decision-making.

An inclusive and diversified work environment with broad career opportunities contributes to a high-performance culture. It is committed to supporting and sustaining the community, and the rewards are aligned with… contributions and performances. It possesses a solid financial outlook, robust cash flow, disciplined stewards of capital, and returns to shareholders.

Is L3Harris A Large Defense Company?

L3Harris is a prominent defense technology innovator and agile global aerospace company committed to speed and excellence. It focuses on:

  • Customer quality and on-time delivery
  • Fact-based decision making
  • Continuous improvement as a way of life

It delivers end-to-end solutions to satisfy its customers’ mission-critical requirements. The company generated annual revenue of around 18 billion US dollars… and has approximately 48,000 employees. Besides, the company has customers in more than 100 countries. L3Harris delivers advanced and commercial defense technologies… across land, sea, cyber domains, space, and air.

L3Harris is one of the largest defense companies in the world. It has more than 350 locations in 30 countries. That focuses on four mission-aligned segments globally, which include:

Integrated Mission Systems

It comprises ISR, Maritime, and Electro-Optical systems… that generated nearly 5.5 billion US dollars in annual revenue in 2020.

Space And Airborne Systems

It comprises Intel & Cyber, Space, Avionics, and Electronic Warfare systems, generating around 4.9 billion US dollars in annual revenue in 2020.

Communications Systems

It comprises Tactical Communications, Broadband Communications, Public Safety, and Integrated Vision Systems.. which generated nearly 4.4 billion US dollars in annual revenue in 2020.

Aviation Systems

It comprises Defense Aviation Products, Commercial Aviation Products, Commercial & Military Training, and Mission Networks systems that generated around 3.4 billion US dollars in annual revenue in 2020.

According to the company’s CEO, Bill Brown L3Harris set a goal to meet its customers’ critical mission requirements. The company has capabilities, resources, and scale to offer its customers innovative, affordable, and rapidly fielded solutions.”

The company’s President and COO – Chris Kubasik said. “In order to fulfill our customer needs… we are moving fast and decided to push technology boundaries. So that, L3Harris will shift its focus on its resources… where the company will have the biggest impact for our customers.”

Who Are The Top Competitors Of L3Harris?

L3Harris Technologies is one of the best aerospace and defense technology products, systems, and services providing companies… that was founded in 1895.

Even though several other companies are there that compete with the company. L3Harris’s top competitors or similar companies include… Boeing, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, and many more. Let’s have a look at L3Harris’s top competitors:

  • General Dynamics

General Dynamics (GD) is also an aerospace and defense company, among others… that was founded in 1952. It delivers the best products and services related to… combat systems, marine, aviation, and other related technology fields.

  • Boeing

Another aerospace company… offers a portfolio of products and services related to… commercial airplanes, space systems, and defense products. Boeing was founded in 1916.

  • Northrop Grumman

It is a company founded in 1939. It delivers an expanded range of products and services, including… autonomous systems, strike, logistics, space, cyber, C4ISR (such as Communications, Computers, Reconnaissance, Control, Command and Intelligence), and modernization solutions. 

  • Thales

It is the company/ provider of tech solutions. It offers aeronautics, digital identity, space, and security markets solutions. It was founded in 1893.

  • Raytheon Technologies

An Aerospace and defense company offering a portfolio of systems and services for government, commercial, and military customers. The company was established in 2020.

  • Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions was founded in 1928. It is one of the world’s leading data communications… and telecommunications equipment providers.

  • Lockheed Martin

It is a security and aerospace company… that delivers products and services involved in the development, design, research, integration, manufacture, and sustainment of technology… The company was founded in 1995.

  • BAE Systems

It is also one of the best companies, established in 1999. The company is involved in manufacturing, designing, developing, and supporting aerospace and defense systems.


In conclusion, The reality of Layoffs in today’s tech world is inevitable. The trend of the most extensive layoffs in the US tech industry is becoming increasingly common. Even the mass layoff trend is becoming increasingly common in the entire world. L3Harris Technologies also announced layoffs with this recent spike in layoffs. 

However, the situation in different countries is different. For instance, Europe’s situation is different and much more typical due to its labor protections. So, be prepared and remain updated and educated about this layoff trend.