Kotex Tampons discontinued

Kotex Tampons discontinued – What tampons are similar to this?

Why Kotex Tampons discontinued? As the moon passes, more and more women are experimenting with different products for their period of health care. Earlier, only sanitary pads were the alternative for women during their periods. But over time, many new products have been launched for this course. Two of the most popular products include tampons and menstrual cups. Many people vouch for these products and have started substituting tampons in menstrual cups with conventional sanitary pads. Not only are they good for the environment, but also they’re quite hassle-free.

 You do not have to worry about stains and ruining your clothes with the help of these products. Like many other brands, Kotex tampons is a brand of tampons that is very famous among women in the United States of America. It has an army of women who regularly buy products from this brand. Recently Kotex revealed that it would discontinue its line of security tampons. The public did not accept the news as they could not understand why the brands discontinued their tampons. The news was revealed to the public with the help of the official website of the cortex. The brand said they are incredibly apologetic for the same but have to inform Kotex tampons will no longer be available for sale. 

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Why are Kotex tampons being discontinued?

Kotex Tampons discontinued

Recently Kotex revealed that they would be discontinuing their line of security tampons. With the help of their website, they told the public that these tampons would no longer be available for sale. The brand, however, told the crowd that other lines of products, such as pads and panty liners, will still be open to the public.

The brand has not disclosed the reason. All the customers of this brand are agitated as they have been using his tampons for a very long time. Several users have commented on the website of Kotex, stating that it will become challenging for them to find another brand that suits them. Over the years, their body had become comfortable with this brand.

People assume that Kotex has come to this decision due to the latest controversy they were subjected to. A lawsuit of 6 million dollars was filed against this brand. It was also alleged that selling its products illegally to the public without complying with the government. 

Is Kotex discontinuing its tampon range?

Kotex recently revealed to the public that they would discontinue their tampon range. The brand will no longer sell its famous security tampons to the public. Despite being so popular, the brand has discontinued this particular product. Other products are still available, but people are distraught over this discontinuation. 

Many customers have commented and messaged the brand. In response, the brand has said they are incredibly apologetic for the discontinuation. But they have yet to reveal the reason behind the discontinuation. People are resuming that the discontinuation is because of a recent lawsuit that the brand has faced. To avoid legal trouble, the brand has thus decided to discontinue its whole range of tampons. 

This means you will no longer be able to buy Tampons officially from stores. The brand has formally stopped the production of these tampons. The other products related to period care are available from this brand, so that you can buy them. Customers have been trying to contact the brand, but a positive response has yet to be given from the opposite end.

Are Kotex tampons available in the market?

Yes, currently, these tampons are available on Amazon. So if you’re interested in buying tampons, hurry up and get some packs. The stocks are running out fastly, and in some time, they will not be available anywhere. All the websites and stores selling these temples have leftover stocks. This means that they have yet to import it from somewhere else, but it is their stock that they are trying to sell now. If anyone tries to sell these tampons above the market price, you must complain about it.

You can expect these tampons to become invisible from the market in the coming months. If you do not like any brand, it is suggested that you buy this in bulk by the time they are available in the market. 

This brand is only possible to return to the market for sale purposes. Once discontinued, it’s not going to make a comeback. The brand had been facing legal troubles with its line of tampons, so it decided to discontinue it permanently. So all those hoping this discontinuation is temporary must not have false hopes.


There are a lot of good brands of tampons that are available in the market. Over time, many brands with hundred percent natural materials have been introduced. Kotak tampons were known because of the appropriate size and comfort level they provided to women who used them. Similarly, you will find many other brands that lock up everything and prevent any leakage. 

Besides this, you will also get the opportunity to buy one hundred percent cotton tampons that are softer and more friendly to your skin. They also prevent bacterial infections and any odor. You can do your research, and chances are high that you will find a product that suits your requirements. 

The chances of cortex tampons returning or low, so it is advisable to start looking for a substitute for yourself. The brand was famous for providing tampons and had a loyal fan base. But now that it has been discontinued and there are no chances of it returning, people will have to accept the fact and move on. You can easily find a substitute for yourself and start using it. 

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