Is Kit Kat discontinued – recent update on it’s flavors

Is Kit Kat discontinued? The Kit Kat Bar is one of the world’s best-known candy bars. It is available on every continent and comes in various flavors, depending on your location. Customers feel anger after Kit-Kat confirms the discontinuation of a fan-favorite flavor. Peanut butter bits from the popular candy were pulled from the shelves, disappointing fans of the delicious treat.

In May 2020, a Twitter user tagged the business and inquired why he could never find the choice in stores. The treat was “delicious mini Kit Kat chocolate fingers of crispy wafer biscuit and peanut butter encased in smooth milk chocolate.” Despite the hype, KitKat informed a grieving user that the product was no longer available. The brand also discontinued some other choices. Let us look at it in depth in this article.

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History of Kit Kat

Rowntree’s, a candy firm based in York, England, invented the Kit Kat Bar. Rowntree registered Kit Cat and Kit Kat in 1911 before they began producing the chocolate. In the 1920s, the Rowntrees began using the moniker Kit Cat and Kit Kat for their box of chocolate crisps. Sadly, Kit-Cat Chocolates were discontinued shortly after they were released.

After the original sweet was withdrawn, a Rowntree employee suggested returning it. This chocolate bar was initially known as “Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp” and was introduced in 1935. Rowntree modified the candy brand name to Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp in 1937.

After its introduction in 1937 and effective advertising campaigns, the Kit Kat became one of England’s favorite candy bars. It grew so popular within three years. So, the Kit Kat was sold worldwide.

Kit Kat was supplied to Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland between 1940 and 1950. The candy would soon become successful in these markets as well. There was a milk shortage in the United Kingdom from 1944 to 1947 due to World War II. As a result, milk chocolate was prohibited throughout this period.

Nestle bought Rowntree’s for $4.6 billion in 1988, becoming the Kit Kat Bar’s patents owner. Except for the US, they held the rights to sell Kit Kat bars worldwide. Nestle would swiftly start building distribution facilities for the Kit Kat Bar in Malaysia, India, and China.

The Hershey Company initially resisted Nestle’s efforts to increase Kit Kat Bar distribution in the US. This resulted from the original agreement made between Hersey’s and Rowndtree’s, the proprietors of the first Kit Kat Bar.

Hershey’s was allowed to continue selling Kit Kat bars under the terms of the original agreement between the two. According to the clause, the deal would be upheld as long as Hershey’s wasn’t sold to another business.

The Hershey Company still manufactures and sells Kit Kat Bars in the US today. The flavor is noticeably different if you’ve consumed a Kit Kat bar in the US or another country.

Kit Kat flavors

According to Nestle’s calculations, over 1,500 distinct flavor combinations can be combined. But usually, only about 40 different varieties of Kit-Kat mini are offered at any given time.

In the US, Nestle and Hershey make an estimated 17 billion Kit Kat bars annually. In other words, two Kit Kat bars might be sent to everyone on the planet, with some remaining. These bars are sold in the US alone in quantities of about 200 million.

Is Nestle’s vegan Kitkat was discontinued?

In response to consumer demand, the Swiss business introduced the vegan KitKat. According to VeganFoodUK, Nestle has stopped producing its vegan KitKat chocolate bars.

The food account obtained this information from a member’s private conversation with KitKat. It was then publicized on its Instagram page. According to the Swiss firm, the vegan versions will be discontinued. They “weren’t as well-liked as the dairy ones.”

Ironically, the business made this decision after Head of Confectionery Alexander von Maillot said during the vegan Kitkat release as follows:

“One of the most prevalent requests we see on social media is for a vegan KitKat, so we’re thrilled to be able to help make that wish come true.”

Many unhappy supporters vented their frustrations on social media. Some people complained that they could never find the product. Others cited the price of the chocolate bar as another reason for their dislike.

Nestle contends that vegan chocolate is less popular than its non-vegan counterpart, But reports state that the vegan chocolate market is booming. The vegan chocolate market is projected to rise at a 12.3% CAGR to $1 billion by 2027, based on Research and market data.

Many well-known companies recently introduced vegan chocolate bars, including Hershey’s and Cadbury.

Other discontinued flavors

Since the Hershey Company began producing KitKats in the United States, many flavors have been available. Favorites include birthday cake, lemon, apple pie, dark chocolate, mint, white creme, and “Duos” of dark chocolate and mint.

Even though tastes change, one candy enthusiast couldn’t get enough of a specific KitKat flavor. The fan contacted the candy firm after seeing a Facebook post touting KitKat Bulky, an extra-thick version of the delicious bar.

The woman inquired, “What happened to the cookies and cream KitKat?” Unfortunately, the Hershey Company had bad news for treat lovers. “Hello Jennifer, we regret to inform you that we have discontinued KitKat Cookies & Cream. Have you tried our brand-new popcorn with chunky KitKat salted caramel?”

Another client asked, “Why was it discontinued, please? It’s the greatest, I think.” Fans of Cookies and Cream KitKats now have a little hope due to the company’s response. They said, “We’ll let our team know that you’d like to see this back, Odichinma!”

On Amazon, you may still find rare Japanese Cookies and Cream KitKats.

“Has Kit Kat Bites peanut butter been withdrawn?” inquired Kieran Brain. The reply from the account, which sealed his fate, read: “Hi Kieran, yes, the KitKat bites range has been withdrawn.”


The Kit Kat Bar has solidly established itself as one of the most well-liked candy bars in the world throughout its nearly 90-year history. Millions of Kit Kat Bar products are sold daily in more than 16 nations.