Is Kirkland Flushable Wipes Discontinued In 2023?

Is Kirkland Flushable Wipes Discontinued in 2023? We’ve done some digging, and the status of Kirkland Flushable Wipes is still being determined. According to our investigation, you can still buy them online as we are still deciding whether you will find them at your local store or not. But the important news is that the manufacturer has yet to discontinue them officially.

However, 2023 brought Kirkland Flushable Wipes into the spotlight due to the wrong reasons. A massive recall shook things up due to worries about whether these wipes genuinely live up to their “flushable” claim. This recall impacted many households. It sparked concerns about the reliability and safety of flushable wipes.

In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the details surrounding the discontinuation. Let’s uncover what exactly happened with these wipes and what you need to know about them.

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Who Makes Kirkland Flushable Wipes?

Many of our readers have been curious about the maker of Kirkland Flushable Wipes. So, here’s the answer. These wipes are manufactured in the United States by a company called Nice-Pak. 

Nice-Pak specializes in crafting innovative and eco-friendly sanitation solutions. Kirkland wipes are just one of the products they distribute to Costco stores across the USA.

While the name of the manufacturer might not associated with the wipes, Nice-Pak plays a vital role in producing high-quality sanitary wet wipes. The company partnered with Costco. It is globally recognized as one of the most successful sanitation companies. Nice-Pak and Costco have enjoyed a partnership for several years. 

Nice-Pak is committed to producing top-notch health products that benefit both parties. They ensure you get the best quality when you reach for Kirkland Flushable Wipes.

Are Kirkland Flushable Wipes Recalled in 2023?

The Kirkland Flushable Wipes recall kicked off because numerous complaints surfaced. People were encountering a troublesome issue. These wipes weren’t breaking down as promised when flushed. This problem went beyond inconvenience. It led to nasty clogs in household plumbing systems and even sewage backups.

These wipes were mentioned as “flushable,” but the reality was quite different. They failed to disintegrate as they should have. It caused a headache for homeowners. It has highlighted a significant problem with the product.

The Impact on Consumers

When the Kirkland Flushable Wipes recall hit in 2023. It impacted on consumers who relied on these products. For many households, the consequences were far from pleasant. Plumbing issues became an unwelcome guest in their homes. Besides the costs increased.

Some unfortunate homeowners found themselves dealing with sewage backups. A situation that not only creates health hazards but also demands a high price tag for cleanup. The impact on consumers was undeniably severe in terms of inconvenience and finances.

What Problems Does Flushable Wipes Cause Usually?

Flushable wipes are meant to be disposed of by flushing them down the toilet. But the problem is many of them need to be genuinely flushable. When you flush these wipes, it can lead to significant issues. The critical difference lies in how they break down in water.

Unlike toilet paper, which swiftly disintegrates in water. But the case is different for flushable wipes. As they often contain materials that don’t break down as quickly. This means they can linger in your plumbing system and cause clogs and backups that no one wants to deal with. So, even though they’re designed for flushing, not all flushable wipes live up to the claim.

What You Can Do?

Suppose you’re worried about the flush ability of your wipes. Then, there are other options available to explore. One of the best options is switching back to traditional toilet paper. It’s a tried-and-true choice that dissolves quickly, reducing the risk of plumbing problems.

Another modern option is using a bidet or a bidet attachment. These devices offer a hygienic and eco-friendly way to stay clean. The best thing is you do not need to rely on flushable wipes anymore. They’re efficient, easy to use, and help you do your part for a cleaner environment when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene. You’ve got many options to choose from beyond flushable wipes.

What Are Kirkland Flushable Wipes Made Of?

Kirkland Signature baby wipes contain a simple list of ingredients. They include: 

  • Water
  • Aloe barbadensis leaf juice
  • Tocopheryl acetate
  • Disodium cocoamphodiacetate
  • Citric acid, disodium phosphate
  • Disodium EDTA
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Sodium benzoate 

These components are carefully selected to provide a gentle and effective cleaning experience.

Scented Kirkland flushable wipes are made from a material known as Tencel. Tencel, also called lyocell, is a type of rayon. Tencel stands out because it doesn’t require bleaching during production.

Tencel utilizes a more environmentally friendly method. It is known as the N-methylmorpholine N-Oxide (NMMO) technology. This process is known to be fully ecological and environmentally friendly. It produces no effluents or gases harmful to the atmosphere. So, when it comes to the composition of these wipes, you can count on a thoughtful blend of ingredients and an eco-conscious approach.

What To Consider While Buying Baby Wipes?

Everyone’s preferences vary widely. But there’s a wipe for every taste. Do you want a thick, plush wipe or a lightweight, smooth one? Are you scented or unscented? Are you particular about plant-based ingredients, or is price your main concern? The convenience of finding your wipes at your favorite store matters the most.

We considered various features, drawing from our own experiences and common product characteristics. We examined measurable factors like: 

  • Cost: Buying baby wipes in bulk often pays off. As it can save you a few cents per wipe, especially if you’re stocking up. Comparing the price per wipe is helpful when comparing costs among different brands.
  • Wipe Size: Baby wipes should be small enough to dispense easily. But large enough to handle messy situations with confidence. Most brands aim for a standard size, although few mention it on their packaging.
  • Package Size: Many brands come in large packages, typically around 100 wipes, which reduces wasteful packaging. However, if you use a wipe dispenser, then you may need to transfer wipes from these packages to load them into the dispenser.
  • Natural Ingredients: Given a baby’s sensitive skin, irritation can occur quickly. Manufacturers must strike a balance between gentle, non-irritating ingredients and adequate cleaning power. Common ingredients in baby wipes include: 
  • Cleansers
  • Moisturizers
  • Preservatives
  • Fragrance
  • Thickeners
  • Special additives like aloe or vitamin E.
  • Wipe Materials: Baby wipes consist of nonwoven fabrics. 
  • Strength and Durability: Nobody wants a wipe to tear in the middle of a diaper change. None of us want to have wipes that break during use. Even though some tore or stretched when pulled from the package. It is better to do a “tug test” to assess their strength.
  • Intangibles: Softness, texture, and thickness are less quantifiable. But equally crucial qualities in baby wipes. Softness is expected in all wipes.
  • Scent and Moisture: Scent and moisture levels also play a significant role when choosing baby wipes. 

Is It Safe To Use Kirkland Flushable Wipes?

The company claims Kirkland flushable wipes are safe to use. Also, they are safe for well-maintained sewers and septic systems. 

These wipes undergo rigorous testing to ensure their flushability. When used as directed, flushing one wipe at a time, they pass through without causing any clogs or issues. So, if you’re following the instructions, you can trust these wipes to be safe for your plumbing.

Are Kirkland Flushable Wipes Truly Flushable?

Let’s clarify this. What we can strongly recommend is always referring to the manufacturer’s instructions first.

According to Costco’s description on their website, these wipes are deemed flushable. Because they’re made using EcoFlush technology from 100% plant-based materials. They claim to be safe for all well-maintained sewers and septic systems. The term “well maintained” is to be noted here.

Before you decide to flush these wipes, we recommend to consider factors like: 

  • The condition of your plumbing system 
  • Its age
  • Water pressure
  • Overall sewage maintenance

If you do opt to flush, it’s best to stick to washing one wipe at a time to reduce the risk of any plumbing issues.

What Wipes Are Comparable To Kirkland?

Suppose you’re on the hunt for flushable wipes comparable to Kirkland. Then you’ve got some great options to consider. Below, you can check them out:

  • Stall Mates Flushable Moist Wipes: Stall Mates offers convenient flushable wipes. These wipes are designed to keep you feeling fresh on the go.
  • Nice ‘N Clean Flushable Wipes: Excellent ‘N Clean presents flushable wipes that provide a reliable and refreshing clean.
  • Up&Up Flushable Toddler Wipes: Up&Up brand offers flushable toddler wipes, a gentle choice for your little one.
  • Dude Flushable Wipes: Dude Wipes are known for their versatility and effectiveness. These qualities make them a solid alternative.
  • Cottonelle Flushable Wet Wipes: Cottonelle’s flushable wet wipes offer a dependable and comfortable cleaning experience.
  • Charmin Flushable Wipes: Charmin provides flushable wipes designed for a soft and gentle touch.
  • Huggies Clean Unscented Baby Wipes: Huggies brings you unscented baby wipes that are gentle on delicate skin.
  • Parent’s Choice Wipes: Parent’s Choice offers an affordable and effective alternative for budget-conscious shoppers.
  • Pampers: Pampers, a trusted brand, offers various wipes designed for your baby’s needs.

When it comes to choosing the best flushable wipes, it is better to consider your specific preferences and needs. Each of these options offers its unique qualities. It will help you to cater to different tastes and situations.

Wrapping Up

Kirkland Flushable Wipes haven’t been discontinued. However, they are temporarily stopped/ recalled due to mounting concerns about their environmental impact. These wipes are marketed as a greener alternative but still pose risks to sewage systems and the environment.

For eco-conscious customers, there are alternative products available in the market. These options may offer both environmental friendliness and safety for sewage systems. It reminds us that making responsible choices can contribute to a cleaner or more sustainable future.