Kia Stinger Discontinued

Kia Stinger Discontinued | Is Kia making a 2024 Stinger?

Kia Stinger is a lift-back car by Kia assembled in Korea in 2017. Since then, it has been releasing its annual models after a gap of every year with some alterations in its previous models. The car remains the same, but some better features have been added. It is a middle-size car with five doors with one on the back for storage. 

The car was designed by Peter Schreyer[6] and Gregory Guillaume. The former Vice President of BMW, Albert Biermann, performed the car’s engineering. The car was first shown to the common public during the 2017 North American International Auto Show. Kiya claimed that the score exhilarated from 0 km/h speed to a hundred kilometer per hour speed in 7.7 seconds.

A new version of this car was released in 2020 in Korea. It was released in the third quarter with many changes made to the exterior, making it look more desirable and classy. Headlights, taillights, and wheels were modified. This model was released explicitly in Korea only. For the British market, a new version was released in 2021. 

In January, it was available for people to purchase. Similarly, in North America, the new version of this car was launched in March of 2021. During the same time, Kiya also changed its logo officially. The Kia Stinger was one of the first cars to create a new logo in 2021. In May of 2021, Kia released its brand new version of the Kia stinger for the Mexican public. This car also came with a brand-new logo of Kia, which changed its whole look.

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Has Kia stinger been discontinued?

For a long time, there have been rumors that Kia has decided to discontinue its Kia stinger car and will no longer be manufactured in the coming future. Some say this car was the best in the market with no present alternative available. It is being told that Kia has decided to bring a brand-new version of the Kia stinger, which is why they will discontinue the production of all the previous Kia stinger variants. 

Kia Stinger Discontinued

They are trying to increase the demand and hunger among the public for this car. By doing so, when they release their new variant, it will be highly successful among the masses. But people have yet to figure out the point of discontinuing the previous production as all the earlier variants of the Kia stinger were highly successful and profitable for the company. By doing so, they are stopping their profit generation. The new version from Kia is likely to be released by 2023. All the previous models of Kia will not be further produced.

 Kia has not officially extended any statement regarding the same. Right now, old news and notions about this theory are sheer assumptions. Kia Australia has said that they have new news or information regarding the same. Kia stinger has been a perfect performing car in Australia, so there is no point in discontinuing it. They need to get information regarding the discontinuation from headquarters. So a lot of people were also assuming that the news might be fake.

Is the Kia stinger a good car?

The Kia Stinger is undeniably a perfect car. It has been one of the best cars given to the public by Kia. It has an ideal cargo engine and is also very proficient in technology. It can be considered a luxury compact car. It has a lot of driver assistance options and many infotainment options. The price of this car is also very affordable. 

The 2022 variant also bought a better engine and better interior. The car is built to last, and if you’re planning to get a card that gives you options for luxury and a sports car, then this one’s for you. Some cons of this car are that it is not a good sport or luxury car. It is a mix of both of these, too, so if you are looking to buy a car that gives you an utterly sporty feel, you might not like this one. It has many shortcomings in how it has been designed, but it compensates for everything in terms of the facilities it offers.

Is the Kia stinger a reliable car?

Kia Stinger Discontinued

Yes, the Kia stinger is a reliable car with a reliability score of 80 out of 100. It has the option of two engines and a list of other facilities. The vehicle has an extended warranty period and can comfortably seat five people. The way this car has been designed offers a lot of cargo space that can be used for various purposes. You can buy this car if you are ready to compromise on several facilities and daily driver comfort. If you’re looking for a car that is a good combination of luxury and sport, then you can buy it as the price that it comes for is low as well. But if driving is your priority and you want a car that gives you a good ride, then you can choose BMW options.


The Kia stinger is a good car with many premium facilities provided by the company for a very affordable price. Kia has been planning to launch a new variant in 2023. Because of this, they have decided to discontinue the production of the previous variant. This is the most prominent narrative you will hear right now, but the truth and concreteness of this are yet to be questioned. 

No official quote from Kia has been released to the public. All we can do now is hope that this highly affordable and true-to-its-price car should continue.

 The car has yet to be able to perform well in some parts of the world because of stiff competition. There has been a lot of saturation in the automobile industry due to similar cars offering similar features. This confuses the public, and people buy the car that everyone has been buying without doing any research. This is why many vehicles that are competent and purchase-worthy are still able to perform well.

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