Are Just Born Jelly Beans Discontinued in 2023

Are Just Born Jelly Beans Discontinued in 2023? The leading producer of marshmallow candies in the U.S. is called Just Born, Inc. Marshmallow Peeps and this company both produce marshmallow bunnies. It is the top non-chocolate Easter candy in the country. The company manufactures many well-known candy brands. This includes Mike & Ike, Hot Tamales, and marshmallow candy. The firm’s corporate office and production facilities are in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Just Born Jelly Beans are packed with flavors for a wonderful experience. For Easter 2023, Just Born jelly beans will no longer be available. This is what an online search revealed. In this article, let’s analyze this product.

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History of Just Born

The brand name “Just Born” may sound like it relates to the Marshmallow Peeps’ new chicks hatching out of the marshmallow. But Samuel Born was the one who gave the name to the business. Born in Russia, he immigrated to America in 1910. His first major contribution to American culture was the 1916 development of the Born Sucker Machine. It is a device that automatically fits sticks into lollipops.

Born established a small candy store in Brooklyn, New York, in 1923. Here, he produced his candy and offered it for sale. He put some of the day’s bounty on display with a sign stating, “Just Born.” It’s because he made new candy every day.

In its first ten years, Just Born developed and grew. Just Born did well even after the 1929 stock market crash, which started the Great Depression. But soon, its New York headquarters were outgrown. The business started looking for potential new locations. In the end, it chose Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Just Born shifted its focus and paid more attention to marketing in 1985. The company released new, more colorful boxes for Mike & Ikes, Jolly Joes, and Hot Tamales in 1988.

The business identified the fruit candy market in the United States as growing. New fruit flavors were created for Mike and Ike, and they were successful. By making marshmallow candy for Christmas and Halloween, Just Born also tried to break its focus on Easter as its main source of sales. They featured Christmas trees, snowmen, pumpkins, eerie cats, and marshmallow ghosts. In the late 1980s, the firm planned to put in new machinery at $5 million. It was because it believed it could double its output.

Just Born settles a legal dispute for $3.3 million

Are Just Born Jelly Beans Discontinued in 2023

A 2020 class action lawsuit alleges that the packaging of Mike & Ike boxes misled consumers. It’s due to too much space and too little candy in a pack. A settlement for free candy was achieved in a class action lawsuit against the Just Born firm. The Peeps-producing firm has been charged with restricting consumers from two other well-liked candies. Also, buyers can seek refunds of $3.3 million or claim their missing candy.

The settlement concludes a class-action complaint. Just Born rejects the claims. Even so, they provided refunds. A refund of up to $8 per person was given. If users keep their receipts, they can use the honor system to get up to eight boxes of free candy. In either case, one may submit a claim for a part of the settlement.

What happened to the Just Born business?

Today, marshmallow peeps and bunnies are the most popular non-chocolate Easter treats in the U.S. This is according to Just Born, the country’s leading manufacturer of marshmallow confections. All age groups enjoyed year-round demand for Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales.

Just Born Quality Confections is a family-owned business in its third generation. It has expanded to become the tenth-largest candy manufacturer in the U.S. Some of the most recognizable trademarks in America are created by Just Born. This includes Peeps, Mike and Ike, Hot Tamales, and Goldenberg’s peanut chews.

Normally, Peeps Marshmallow Candies, Mike & Ike, and Hot Tamales would come in unique shapes and packing sizes for the Halloween and holiday months. Sadly, this was not the case until 2021. It’s because they temporarily halted candy brand production to protect the employees’ health and safety. This is due to the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. After completing significant factory modifications that protect the employees’ safety, they started limited production again in early May.

Easter candy list for 2023

The Easter holiday is quickly approaching, and we have everything a bunny could want. For Easter 2023, Just Born announced that jelly beans would no longer be available.

Just be aware that there are limited quantities available, and once they are gone, we cannot order more. A shortage of starch, a byproduct of wheat, made 2023 a special year for jelly beans. This is due to a national shortage brought on by the war in Ukraine. Thus, numbers are extremely limited. Once our initial shipment is finished, we won’t be able to place more orders with manufacturers. We must try to have enough jelly beans for everyone because Easter wouldn’t be complete without them.


For more than 75 years, the Easter Bunny has depended on Blair Candy to supply Easter baskets for children nationwide. He was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough jelly beans. It’s because so many children and adults have been requesting them.

After witnessing an unexpected situation, their staff went into full action to look into the bunny’s claim. It appears that he was correct. Frankly, Just Born, the company that makes the number-one selling jelly bean, is running out of the popular Easter treat.

They described the Easter Bunny’s worries about the shortage of jelly beans with tears in their eyes. They got some wonderful news as they were gathered in a top-secret chamber in the corner of their facility. It is very near where they create marshmallow Peeps! Just Born allowed them to pack some delicious fruit-flavored jelly beans in 4.5-pound bulk packs.

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