Joico Ice Spiker Discontinued

Is Joico Ice Spiker Discontinued: Any alternative to this in 2023?

Is Joico Ice Spiker discontinued? The brand has discontinued Joico’s ice spikes. Users can choose to look for an alternative if the Joico Ice Spiker is their favorite. Customers could previously switch to Disorder while continuing to use the same brand. But that option has now been removed. While it was still in production, the spiker was among the best items available.

Sadly, we don’t know what might have caused Joico to discontinue producing it. Like many other skincare companies, Joico might have acted in its best interests. We are left in the dark to care for ourselves and hunt for a replacement.

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What happened to Joico’s ice spiker?

Joico Ice Spiker Discontinued

Joico places Joi at the center of all they create and do. After one usage and for every subsequent usage, Joico’s new varieties aim to restore hair to its healthiest, shiniest, and finest state. Their slogan, “The Joy of Healthy Hair,” conveys a sense of joy and unmatched science. It’s an assurance instead of a mere promise.

A hairstylist from Southern California started Joico in 1975. Joico started as a remedy for a single salon owner. The company and its ground-breaking research plan for haircare caught the attention of Americans and then the rest of the globe. Joico’s scientists discovered human hair keratin protein (HHKP), which can actually be used to regrow hair, in 1976. 

Joico started employing HHKP in all its products for the first time. This strengthens and restores hair instead of giving it a temporary or artificial feel.

A water-resistant styling gel called Joico Ice Spiker provides every type of hair with a firm grip and hold. It offers our hair a firm texture and distinction, retains the style, and allows us to mold it into any form. With a powerful hold, we may spike, bend, twist, or otherwise shape our hair as we desire.

Sadly, the ICE Spiker Water Resistant Styling Glue is no longer available. Currently, an alternative is also not available. A business only starts selling a product after conducting a thorough examination. This choice is only sometimes well-liked by everyone, as it is in most situations.

Where to buy a Joico ice spiker?

The official Joico online store was developed just for trained and certified stylists. We can find the products through their sells Joico Ice Spiker Colored Styling Glue, Red, 1.7 Oz. According to our research, the Joico ice spiker is currently unavailable on Amazon. 

Which company makes Joico ice spiker?

Henkel and Zotos International agreed in 2017. Moreover, Henkel completed the purchase of Shiseido’s North American professional hair division in December 2017. Many hair care companies, including Joico and Zotos Professional, are part of the deal. The agreement was reached shortly after Henkel acquired Nattura Laboratorios, the proprietor of PRAVANA. In recent years, Henkel has purchased Sexy Hair, Alterna, and Kenra Professional.

According to Henkel CEO Hans Van Bylen, this acquisition is part of their plan to strengthen their presence in attractive areas and sectors. The United States, the largest market for hair professionals worldwide, will benefit from this to an even greater extent. The high-performance and high-quality brands are a fantastic fit for their beauty care company.

In its most recent fiscal year, Zotos International Inc. recorded over 230 million dollars in sales and a workforce of about 700. The company’s headquarters in Darien, Connecticut, target the American market. There is a center for manufacturing, research, and development there. The company has operations in both Asia and Europe.

Joico ice spiker shortage

Learning that Joico ice spikes have been formally discontinued could be more enjoyable. We think Henkel bought Joico, which might make a comeback as a “rebrand.” This is the cause of this specific product’s shortage.


Using the best products from the top manufacturers is the key to having healthy hair. Joico is the only brand that immediately comes to mind while discussing it. The top Joico products reduce hair breakage and keep our hair looking shiny. We need to make sure that the hair looks amazing from top to bottom, regardless of whether users enjoy experimenting with various hairstyles or choose to keep it basic.

The well-known US company Joico produces top scalp and hair care products. The sophisticated hair care method used in Joico products restores damage and shields our hair. They also rebound the hair, stop hair loss, and put off premature graying.