Is Johnson Paste Wax Discontinued - Alternative To this in 2023

Is Johnson Paste Wax Discontinued – Alternative To this in 2023

Is Johnson Paste Wax discontinued? Johnson’s paste wax is a wood care product in the United States. This 71-year-old product is found in a yellow metal tin with a red stripe and has been seen in household cabinets. It was discontinued by the end of 2021.

S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc. is a privately owned American multinational manufacturing company of domestic cleaning supplies and other consumer chemicals. The Johnson family owns the business. H. Fisk Johnson, chairman and CEO since 2004 is the fifth generation of the Johnson family to lead the business.

At the time, the firm’s main product was parquet flooring, which later expanded into other floor care products. It includes Johnson’s Prepared Wax, Johnson’s Dance Wax, and Johnson’s Wood Dye. Herbert Fisk Johnson Jr.’s 1935 voyage to Fortaleza, Brazil, to discover a direct, sustainable supply of wax was entailed by S. C. Johnson’s line of wax-reliant goods.

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SC Johnson paste wax discontinued

The company sponsored the Fibber McGee and Molly radio show, originally known as The Johnson Wax Program (from April 1935 to May 1950). In April 2018, the company changed its slogan from “A Family Company” to “A Family Company at Work for a Better World,” which it had used since 1998. As stated by the company, the revised tagline is a reminder that SC Johnson holds itself to a higher standard.

Is Johnson Paste Wax Discontinued - Alternative To this in 2023

Paste wax, also known as paste polish, has provided a seamless, painless finish to woodworking projects since at least the 16th century. Some people use finishing waxes to safeguard their tools and table saws. It provides a lovely sheen and protects finished woodwork for many others.

SC Johnson revealed a list of 368 potential skin allergens in its product lines in May 2017. Johnson’s Paste Wax is widespread, although the company has discontinued and no longer manufactures it. This product is simple to use and requires no maintenance.

This product is still excellent because it is simple and provides a smooth, consistent finish. This is the product to look for if we want an alternate solution to polish our tools and equipment. It also serves as an excellent alternative to a rust inhibitor.

The product provides better coverage and dries quickly. Thus, it allows us to apply a second coat faster than with other wood finishes without fear of the first coat not being completely dry.

Alternative to Johnson paste wax

Johnson’s Paste Wax contains the following product ingredients:

  • Synthetic wax
  • NYFD C.
  • Mineral spirits are odorless.
  • Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax

A film-forming substance made from natural sources, carnauba wax is also used in cosmetics and personal care items. On a surface, it produces a gloss or protective covering. The carnauba palm tree has the polish that accumulates on the leaves of the palm to shield them from the sun’s rays and prevent their moisture from evaporating. Johnson’s paste wax was one of this kind.

Briwax has been the go-to brand for furniture finishing supplies for over a century. This thick paste wax retains its firmness and is easy to apply. It should be considered an alternative to Johnson’s paste wax.

Minwax is also an excellent alternative to Johnson’s paste wax. Minwax can be used very quickly and does not leave a tacky surface. It is also an affordable and maintenance-free product.


Johnson’s paste wax is risky. This product is suspected of being carcinogenic in Category 2, which leads to cancer. Constant exposure (Category 1): causes organ damage because of prolonged or repeated exposure.

Johnson’s Paste Wax is not the longest-lasting product and could perform better when used outside. It does not provide UV radiation protection. Many users stated that the product melted and ran off the surface in liquid form in incredibly hot conditions. As a result, it makes things difficult to work with.

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