joann fabrics closing stores

Joann Fabrics closing stores 2023: Is they Shutting down?

Is Joann Fabrics closing stores? A major arts and crafts retailer’s several sites will begin closing their doors amid reports that the company is going out of business. Joann Fabric has been in operation since 1943 and has 842 sites as of this time.

However, the store will close two shops this week in Marion, Ohio, and Batavia, New York. According to reports, both closure dates are scheduled for January 15, Sunday.

On January 22, two more JOANN stores in Keene, New Hampshire, and Bridgeport, West Virginia, will also permanently close their doors. Eight stores would be closed over the following three months, JOANN revealed to Best Life in November. This article will look in depth at the JoAnn Fabrics store closures. 

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Is Joann fabrics Shutting down??

joann fabrics closing stores

A crafter’s paradise, Jo-Ann Fabrics, is now officially known as JOANN. The well-known retail business offers everything from yarn and thread to beads and stitching patterns. As a result, it serves as a one-stop shop for all of our new project needs. We could be shocked to find that JOANN will soon be closing several shops if we frequently rely on the local shop for goods. Find out which stores will be closing on January 22 by reading on.

According to the company, “in keeping with traditional brick and mortar business operations, JOANN occasionally shutters stores.” Also, the stores are concurrently investing in and establishing brand-new stores to serve their consumers best.

Supporters are worried that Joann’s will permanently disappear due to the closures. Although e-commerce will still be readily accessible to customers, the company tweeted that the shutdown is a result of its “regular business evaluation process.” Also, this process needs to reflect the business as a whole. According to Joann, there won’t be any mass store or business closures.

We should look into the liquidation sales to see if there are any areas where future store closures would be impacted. For example, the Marion Star stated that the store in the Center Mall was providing discounts on all of its goods that varied from 20% to 40% off.

Of course, Joann isn’t the only significant retailer shutting stores on its own. Due to falling sales and a lack of funding, Bed Bath & Beyond announced that 150 locations would be closing.

The home products firm may have to declare bankruptcy because of its roughly $1.2 billion debt. Bed Bath & Beyond might be comparable to Sears, which has already sought bankruptcy proceedings. Up to 115 Sears locations will close across the U.S. Also, the goods’ costs will drop by up to 40%.

Another is Macy’s, which intends to shut down 125 locations. According to Axios, at least four businesses are closing this year, and clearance sales will begin this month.

The retailers’ action is in keeping with the “retail disaster” trend of people shifting their purchasing behaviors online. This forced retailers to close 9,300 outlets in 2019, and the pandemic’s stay-at-home orders made it happen faster.

Joann fabrics stores closure in 2023

joann fabrics closing stores

Popular craft supply retailer Jo-Ann Fabric is continuing to operate. But once 2023 starts, eight of its stores will close throughout the country, according to sources. The action takes place at the same time as similar cuts at other businesses, such as Kohl’s and Big Lots, as well as at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

This month, the Joann fabric and craft store in Cockeysville will close. An Aldi grocery will take its place. According to Joann, the Church Lane Center on York Road near Cranbrook Road will close on January 15. In the meantime, Aldi supermarket approached the county in August regarding opening a new store at the Cockeysville site.

According to WDTV, a CBS station, a Joann store in Bridgeport, West Virginia, will close its doors on January 22, 2023. The business, situated in Meadowbrook Mall, is undergoing renovation to create room for a new tenant. According to a November 15 article by the Cafaro Company, the mall’s owner.

The mall’s 11 total apartments are being destroyed. Bridgeport Community Development Director Andrea Kerr states they “are spread from one side to the other.” This includes the Joann store, which has operated at Meadowbrook Mall for more than 30 years. Now it is likely to be retiring.

The Keene Sentinel reports that a Joann store in Keene, New Hampshire, will close on January 22. A liquidation sale for the business, situated in the West Street Shopping Center, begins the same day as the Bridgeport location.

The company’s lease expires at the end of January. One individual who worked there confirmed the closing date to The Keene Sentinel. The worker asked to remain anonymous. According to the site, they didn’t want to “endanger their job before the business closes,” according to the site.

There is no known connection between the Hobby Lobby opening and the closure of the Joann store. However, The Keene Sentinel drew attention to Hobby Lobby’s lease, which Cheshire County makes public online. 

The leased premises are only allowed to be utilized in the retail complex. According to the contract, it cannot be used to sell art supplies, craft supplies, textiles, or pictures. 

Frames, wall hangings, or wall decor. However, as long as they satisfy specific sales and square footage restrictions, retailers can sell goods.

The Marion store will close its doors in 2023, according to Shauntina Lilly, manager of public relations, diversity, and inclusion at Joann.

Lilly refused to justify the Marion store’s closure. She also withheld information regarding the number of staff members employed there. A Marion store worker politely declined to respond to questions, directing them to the corporate headquarters.

The employee claims that although the shutdown was announced to store employees six weeks ago, no explanation was given. They remarked, “It’s been hard; it was a surprise and a loss.”

There are no longer any Joann Fabrics stores in Batavia, New York; Marion, Ohio; Huntington Beach, California; or Cockeysville, Maryland, out of the 842 that the company now has. These store closings all become effective on January 15, Sunday. 

And those are just the first handful that the store is considering removing. The U.S. Sun received confirmation from a store employee that four additional sites will be closing this week. On January 22, all businesses in the following locations will shut down:

  • Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
  • Bridgeport, West Virginia
  • Brockton, Massachusetts
  • Keene, New Hampshire

The business confirmed to The U.S. Sun that it has no immediate plans to shut down any physical locations. Instead, it will “unveil new stores with upgraded features and products in 2023.”


Joann is one of many closing stores! However, renowned Texas-based retailer Asel Art Supply recently announced on Facebook that it would close all its stores by December 31.

Even businesses without physical locations have struggled.’s announcement evidenced that it will “no longer sell things.” The notice was posted on the store’s website, revealing that the nearly 30-year-old fabric retailer had closed its doors on October 20. The decision to decrease expenditures was made by Amazon, which purchased in 2008.

Before Joann stores are permanently closed, customers can save at a closing sale that is presently taking place at all six brick-and-mortar locations. Prices have been reduced by up to 50%. Fortunately, Joann is still operating, even though some of its locations may soon close.

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