Is Jessica McClintock’s Perfume Discontinued – Where to Buy?

Is Jessica McClintock’s perfume discontinued? Jessica McClintock is an American brand that offers fragrance, eyewear, fashion jewelry, fashion accessories, handbags, and home products.

Let us read this blog post because, in this blog, we will walk you through everything about Jessica McClintock’s discontinuation and will also recommend you some of the other alternatives you can opt for!

We know it is extremely sad that the most popular perfume brand is going away, even though you must go through this blog post to know further details. This blog might contain some useful information for you!

So, without giving it much thought, let’s explore it further!

Is Jessica McClintock’s Perfume Discontinued?

Yes, Jessica McClintock Perfume is discontinued, as Jessica McClintock Perfume is one of the famous perfume brands, and its fragrance makes it special. Its name, Jessica McClintock, came from the designer’s name, and it was founded in 1987. It has a mild scent, feminine and floral. That is a perfect fit for the brides and to wear on formal and informal occasions. The fragrance is as romantic as the bridal dresses.  

It has a pleasant fragrance with soft white rose, lemon, and basil notes. The white jasmine gives a sweet and unforgettable texture.

Jessica McClintock doesn’t mean you can only wear it on special or formal occasions. If you are thinking then, you are wrong, because of this fragrance you can wear it every day without thinking twice.

Why Jessica McClintock Is Perfume Discontinued?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question, “Why this particular brand Jessica McClintock discontinued its perfume?” the reason is not explained by the company, so we can only anticipate what could be the possible reasons behind it.

One of the major reasons for the perfume’s discontinuation and shortages from the market is the shortage of the key ingredients, or they have completely run out from the markets.

Another reason is that the manufacturing process can no longer be replicated to sell that perfume.

Other possible reasons can be low performance and inability to meet the company’s target.

What People Review on Jessica McClintock Discontinued Perfumes?

As the saying goes, All the good things come to an end! Similarly, this James McClintock is going away as the stores have no empty shelves today.

Let’s have a look at one or two Customer reviews:

“I love this fragrance. I have been wearing this perfume for more than 30 years. It is part of my daily wardrobe. It is part of who I am. People always tell me how good I smell, and I tell them it is Jessica McClintock. The stores have stopped carrying it, so I must get it online now. Please do not stop keeping it in stock. I am a Jessica customer for life.”

“This is one of my favorite fragrances. It smells like gardenia, which I love. However, this did not last very long on my skin. I think it must be a knock-off perfume of Jessica McClintock. However, I use several sprays of this during the day.”

What Other Alternatives Can You Choose To The Jessica McClintock?

We’ve compiled various brands’ perfumes and put them together to make a good list for those who were in love with Jessica McClintock but could not find it anymore.

  • Muguet des Bois by Coty
  • Stars by Moschino 
  • Éclat de Vert by Aerin Lauder
  • Diorissimo by Dior
  • Ralph Lauren Blue by Ralph Lauren 
  • Curious by Britney Spears
  • Sheer by Calvin Klein
  • Luna Blossom by Nina Ricci
  • Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel
  • Daisy by Marc Jacobs 

Is Jessica McClintock Still Producing Perfumes?

“Is Jessica McClintock Still Producing Perfumes” The answer to this question is YES! You get a sigh of relief after reaching this section of the blog. Well, it is common if you are the craziest fan of this Jessica McClintock perfume.

You can buy your favorite bottle of perfume online from various websites, including Walmart, Amazon, and several other websites are also there.

However, this brand’s founder died, but before her death, she transferred all her business and perfume line rights to a designer. This means the CEO has been changed behind the screens.

Who Is The Owner Of Jessica McClintock?

Jessica McClintock Inc. is an American Brand known for its world’s no. 1 perfumes founded by Jessica McClintock. This brand of perfumes is well known for formal wear gowns and, more especially, for its beautiful bride attire. 

It was released in 1988, and the brand became one of the best-selling brands after its release and got a hall of fame ever since.

What Is The Smell Of Jessica McClintock?

After release, Jessica McClintock got instant fame and earned a popular name that made history in terms of perfumes. Although the online rating for this brand is 4.7 out of 5, people loved it; you can illustrate for yourself after looking at its rating and excellent reviews of how it is and smells. 

Believe us! Its fragrance is ultimate, more than one can imagine. Due to various notes in this perfume, it has a white floral note that gives a royal touch with a vintage vibe. Because of its white jasmine floral note, this perfume looks like it belongs to an ancient period and came out in today’s generation.

Where To Buy Jessica McClintock Perfumes?

As Jessica McClintock’s perfumes have yet to be removed from the shelves of the stores completely, they can be easily found at your local stores and online, including Target, Walmart, and Kmart.

People are curiously searching for this item, and this scent is one of the most versatile scents ever, which you can use for daily and formal wear. This ultimate scent can be used for hot summer, spring, autumn, or winter. It has a mild scent with a long-lasting fragrance. 

Wrapping Up

Jesicca McClintock perfumes have not been eliminated from the stores completely, as the manufacturing for these particular items has been reduced, but it doesn’t means that it does not exist. 

If You are obsessed with these Jessica McClintock perfumes, you can go for them online at various websites, which we have already mentioned in this post above!