Is Jeep Cherokee Discontinued in 2023?

Is Jeep Cherokee Discontinued in 2023?

Is Jeep Cherokee discontinued? For more than 40 years, adventure seekers have favored the Jeep Cherokee. Since its first release in 1974, the small SUV has undergone several changes. However, fans of the legendary car have reacted differently to Jeep’s recent decision to abandon the Cherokee. In this article, we’ll look at the factors that led to the Jeep Cherokee’s discontinuation and what it means for the future of the SUV market.

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The Evolution of Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee has advanced significantly since its debut in 1974. A minor variation of the Jeep Wagoneer, the Cherokee is a first-generation two-door SUV. In 1984, the Cherokee was updated and given the Jeep Cherokee XJ name. Because it was more aerodynamic and gas-efficient than its predecessor, customers immediately fell in love with this Cherokee model.

The third-generation Cherokee KL was introduced in 2014, one of several changes the Jeep Cherokee has experienced.

 Compared to earlier models, this Cherokee was bigger, more abundant, and equipped with cutting-edge technology and safety features.

The Reasons for Discontinuation

Is Jeep Cherokee Discontinued in 2023?

Jeep Cherokee has encountered several obstacles, despite its appeal among off-road enthusiasts. The shifting market conditions are one of the primary reasons for the Cherokee’s demise. Consumer taste has shifted significantly in recent years towards bigger SUVs and crossovers. The small SUV class, to which the Cherokee belongs, is declining, and several manufacturers are discontinuing vehicles in this area.

Another element that led to the death of the Cherokee was increased competition in the SUV market. Alternatives to the Cherokee that are still in demand include the Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4, and Honda CR-V. These vehicles are more tempting to purchasers since they have more amenities, higher fuel efficiency, and cheaper pricing.

Moreover, the COVID-19 epidemic has contributed to the Cherokee’s discontinuance. Semiconductors, which are crucial parts of modern cars, were in low supply worldwide due to the epidemic. Due to the need to reduce production, automakers abandoned several models, like the Cherokee, in order to concentrate on those that were more well-liked and lucrative.

The Impact of Discontinuation on The Market

Significant changes were brought about by the Cherokee’s removal from the market. The Cherokee’s exit has created a hole as one of North America’s most well-liked small SUVs. Even if customers decide against the Cherokee model, they can still select another Jeep model, such as the Grand Cherokee or Wrangler.

The expulsion of the Cherokee likewise impacted the trade-in vehicle market. Since the production of the Cherokee ceased, its value has increased due to its popularity. Those looking to purchase a used Cherokee can expect to pay more, while Cherokee owners can anticipate a higher resale value.

The impact of COVID-19 on the Automotive Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the global automobile industry. The scourge has caused supply lines to be upset, assembling to be obstructed, and interest in new vehicles to fall. Consequently, several manufacturers have been forced to make difficult decisions regarding the product lines they produce.

COVID-19 affected Jeep Cherokee as well. The epidemic caused a drop in sales, and Cherokee manufacturing was briefly suspended. The uncertainty generated by the pandemic made it difficult for Jeep to justify investing in creating a new Cherokee model.

What Does the Future Hold for Jeep and the SUV Market?

Jeep is recognized for its legendary SUVs and off-road vehicles, and the Cherokee’s withdrawal does not spell the brand’s end. Jeep continues to make several more models, including the well-known Wrangler and Grand Cherokee.

SUV sales have promising futures. Notwithstanding the problems with the Cherokee, automakers are spending a lot of money on creating new SUV models. SUVs are popular because of their versatility, space, and safety features. Families and adventure seekers frequently choose them.


The cessation of the Jeep Cherokee denotes a critical change in the car business, reflecting changing shopper inclinations and market requests. While it was a hard choice for Jeep, staying cutthroat in the SUV market and spotlighting additional productive models was essential.

The discontinuation of the Cherokee left a void in the compact SUV market, which was felt across the market. Nonetheless, purchasers can, in any case, browse other Jeep models which are more prominent and more famous, like the Fantastic Cherokee and the Wrangler. Additionally, the Cherokee’s discontinuation has raised its resale value in the used car market, which is advantageous to current and potential owners.

Jeep is still a strong and profitable brand with devoted customers looking to the future. The company will introduce several new models, including an electric Wrangler, a compact SUV with three rows, and a three-row SUV in the coming years. Jeep’s commitment to innovation and adapting to shifting market demands are reflected in these new models.

In addition, Jeep’s investment in emerging technologies like electrification and autonomous driving demonstrates the company’s ability to foresee future automotive trends. Jeep will be in a better position to remain competitive and continue producing high-quality and durable vehicles that meet its customers’ changing needs by staying ahead of the curve and embracing new technologies.

The Jeep Cherokee’s demise is a significant development for the automobile industry. It mirrors the continuous change in buyer inclinations and market requests toward more extensive and flexible SUVs. Although it may be a bittersweet experience for Cherokee enthusiasts, Jeep must take this action to remain competitive and adapt to the shifting market. Jeep is well-positioned to continue its legacy as one of the most recognizable American automotive brands thanks to its devoted customer base and commitment to innovation.