Jackson Vanilla Wafers Discontinued

Is Jackson Vanilla Wafers Discontinued – It’s products that shortage in market

Is Jackson Vanilla Wafers discontinued? Jackson’s Vanilla Wafers were the cookies that came in clear bags with the red, white, and blue logo. It had been a part of our life since the company began. They were always there to make banana pudding or a crust for everyone’s favorite pie.

Have you ever had a favorite childhood snack suddenly disappear from the shelves? But now, those crispy cookies are gone from store shelves forever. Yes, you read that right! In December 2022, Murray Foods, Jackon’s parent company since 2004, stopped making them. 

The bags you saw in stores last year were the very last ones. Murray Foods confirmed that the cookies won’t be coming back. They even suggested using Nabisco vanilla sandwich cookies in recipes. It could be the best alternative to Jackson Vanilla Wafers. Besides, Nabisco has also discontinued its famous wafer cookies. It has discontinued its chocolate wafers that fans used for summer treats.

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Jackson’s Vanilla Wafers Discontinued

Yes! Jackson Vanilla Wafers have been discontinued. On December 18, 2022, an Arkansas food writer named Kat Robinson shared some sad news. She said that Jackson’s Vanilla Wafers were no longer being made. Ferrero Rocher, the company that made them, had already made and sent out the last batch of these cookies. 

This news made many people online very sad, and lots of them found it hard to believe. Even before this, the cookies were getting scarce in stores. This announcement just added to people’s disappointment.

The Jackson Cookie Company started in North Little Rock in 1933. They made different cookies like: 

  • Chocolate chips
  • Peanut butter
  • Oatmeal
  • Chocolate fudge
  • Jackson Jumbles (a popular lemon cookie)
  • Vanilla wafers

Their sweet smells filled the downtown area until their plant closed in January 2004. In 2004, Kellogg’s Family of Brands took over Jackson’s cookies. Over time, they made fewer Jackson cookies. Later, the favorite Jackson Jumbles was discontinued around 2013. Then, in the summer of 2019, Ferrero Rocher bought Kellogg’s cookie and snack lines.

The Jackson Cookie Company started in 1933 during the Great Depression. It was founded by Joseph Conlee “J. C.” Jackson, C. R. Jackson, and W. A. Jackson. Their first location was on Seventh Street in North Little Rock. Later moved to 113 South Olive Street in North Little Rock.

In 1941, a lawsuit was filed against them by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). It happened due to unfair labor practices. Former employees claimed they were trying to form a union. But the owners threatened to close the company. They also alleged that management questioned workers about union membership. They also told them not to unionize. The NLRB ordered the company to rehire these workers with back pay.

In 2004, Murray Foods, a Kellogg’s subsidiary, bought the Jackson brand. Then, the availability of their products started to decline. The popular Jackson Jumbles disappeared.

In 2019, Ferrero Rocher, a Luxembourg-based company, acquired Kellogg’s cookie lines. Alongside, it also acquired the fruit snack lines. They also purchased Keebler and Famous Amos. This way, it strengthened Ferrero Rocher’s presence in North America.

Reasons for Discontinuation 

Jackson’s Vanilla Wafers were first produced at a North Little Rock baking facility in 1933. They became popular over the years. They were a necessary component of banana pudding for many Arkansas cooks. However, these cookies had been discontinued by Murray Foods in December 2022. 

Ferrero Rocher decided to discontinue the cookies. Despite requests to continue the product or sell the recipe to another company, the decision is final.

The discontinuation of Jackson’s Vanilla Wafers has left many Arkansas cooks heartbroken as they were an integral part of their recipes and cherished childhood memories. The cookies were known for their crispness and size. Its crispness and size allowed them to stand up in consistency and absorb the flavors of the pudding. They were also used in many pie crust recipes.

Unfortunately, We couldn’t find any official statements from Ferrero Rocher on the discontinuation of Jackson’s Vanilla Wafers. Moreover, the company has not disclosed any reason behind its discontinuation. However, several news articles have covered the story behind it. They have also highlighted the sentiments of Arkansas cooks who are upset with the loss of these iconic cookies.

Impact on Consumers To The Discontinuation

Little Rock native Elizabeth Scott loved those wafers and said they can’t be replaced. She said Jackson’s Vanilla Wafers were the only choice when making banana pudding. Because they blend perfectly without losing quality. Losing them means losing a key ingredient in a Southern dish.

Ferrero Rocher confirmed they stopped making them in December. Even though people asked them to keep making the cookies, if not, then they asked to share the recipe, they wouldn’t change their decision.

Many people were sad about this, including Jessica Liles O’Baugh. Her mom worked at Jackson’s Cookie Company. She remembered having these cookies at home and even getting fresh ones from the factory. She was calling for their return.

What You All Need To Know About Vanilla Wafers?

Understanding Vanilla Wafer Cookies

Vanilla wafer cookies, also called vanilla wafers or just wafers. They are sweet, light, and crispy cookies. They are made with flour, sugar, butter, and vanilla extract. People often use these cookies in desserts like banana pudding or icebox cakes. But they’re also great as standalone snacks.

Checking the Ingredients 

When picking vanilla wafer cookies, look at the ingredients. It’s best if they’re made with top-quality ingredients like: 

Pure vanilla extract, real butter, and unbleached flour. This ensures a rich, genuine flavor and a satisfying texture.

Choosing a Reliable Brand 

The brand matters, too. Go for a brand known for making excellent cookies. Use only the finest ingredients and have happy customers.

Understanding Nutrition

Vanilla wafer cookies are a treat, not a health food. So, check the nutrition facts on the label to know how many cookies you can enjoy without overdoing it.

Considering Packaging 

These cookies can break easily. So, make sure the brand uses strong, well-sealed packaging so that it can protect them during shipping and storage.

Taste Test 

If you’re unsure which brand to pick, try a few different ones. This helps you compare flavors and textures so you can choose your favorite.

Can You Still Buy Jackson Vanilla Wafers?

People in North Little Rock always smelled the cookies baking before the factory closed. Walter Rognrud says, “You could smell those cookies being baked. When you arrive at the I-30 bridge to North Little Rock. A sad story of their demise.”

The last cookies were given out in Arkansas last year. You might find a few bags in Walmart, Kroger, and Piggly Wiggly stores across the state.

Alternatives To Jackson Vanilla Wafers

All the cookies were made and sent out by December 18, 2022. Sadly, there are no plans to bring them back. If you need a replacement, you can try using its alternatives in recipes that used to call for the wafers. There are plenty of options to explore if you can’t find Jackson’s Vanilla Wafers. Let’s find out:

Similar Snacks to Try:

  • Graham crackers: These crackers are crunchy. They come in different flavors, like honey and cinnamon.
  • Animal crackers: They have a subtle sweetness and fun shapes, especially good with chocolate.
  • Chocolate chip cookies: Classic, crunchy, and easy to make at home with simple ingredients.

Homemade Alternatives

  • Shortbread cookies: These cookies work well in recipes. A good replacement for vanilla wafers.
  • Copycat Nilla Wafers: You can make your version of Nilla Wafers using a recipe you can find online.

These options can fill the gap left by the discontinued Jackson’s Vanilla Wafers in your recipes and snacks.

Best Vanilla Flavors Wafers In 2023

Here are some delicious vanilla wafer options:

Happy Belly Vanilla Wafers: 

A 12-ounce box with no high fructose corn syrup. Kosher, praised for taste and affordability, although some find them a bit sweeter.

Loacker Premium Vanilla Wafer Cookies: 

Crispy wafers filled with vanilla creme. It has no artificial additives and is loved for a less sweet taste.

Bauducco Chocolate & Vanilla Wafer Cookies: 

Convenient single-serve snacks with three layers of creamy goodness. With no artificial colors or flavors.

Nilla Wafers Mini Vanilla Wafer Cookies: 

Sweet vanilla-flavored mini cookies, ideal for snacks and desserts. Also, they are good to go for all ages.

Nilla Wafers Vanilla Wafer Cookies: 

Two 2 lb bags, ideal for desserts, thin, crispy, and kosher certified.

Ruger Natural Vanilla Austrian Wafers: 

America’s Best-Selling Wafers since 1987. It offers crisp and delicious, with an 18-month shelf life guarantee.

Pozuelo Yipy Wafers: 

Crunchy vanilla wafer cookies with cream and a chocolate coating. They are perfect for school or snacking.

Nabisco Nilla Wafers: 

Club pack with 2 packs, delicious natural and artificial flavor, convenient for sharing.

365 Organic Wafers by Whole Foods Market:

Delicately sweet, crispy, and organic. They are great for dessert recipes and free from unwanted ingredients.

Kinnikinnick Foods Gluten-Free Vanilla Wafers: 

Thin, crispy, sweet vanilla cookies. They are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, and GMO-free, certified Kosher.

The Wrap

Jackson’s Vanilla Wafers, those much-loved cookies from the Jackson Cookie Company, are no longer available. They’ve been stopped, and you can’t find them anymore. The reason behind its discontinuation is undisclosed so far. However, It’s a big change for this famous Arkansas company.

Even though fans of these crispy, vanilla cookies might be sad. Still, there are other options and homemade recipes to satisfy your cravings. This reminds us that things change in the world of food, and we sometimes miss the good old favorites.