Is Walgreens going out of business? | why Walgreens are closing?

Is Walgreens going out of business? – Closing Stores in 2023

Is Walgreens going out of business? Why Walgreens are closing? Walgreens is only one of the merchants reducing their number of physical stores, but that is only partially. This year, news stories about store closings have dominated the news cycle as more and more companies close down their sites or cease operations permanently. Unexpected. Walgreens acknowledged the closure of 200 locations. These commitments from both pharmacies have been kept, and they have now specified which locations would close next.

Also moving forward is Walgreens. The pharmacy chain only recently announced several closures spanning five states. Including several shops in the Central New York region. There is no specific closing date for North Syracuse, Canastota, Auburn, and Pulaski establishments. The Walgreens in Cobleskill will close on November 15. While the one in Dunkirk will close on November 14.

Before the end of November, four stores will also close in the Louisville, Kentucky, area, along with a few others in Craig, Colorado, Tampa, and Boston.

Walgreens gave comparable justifications for each of the New York closures. In particular, describing the choices as “tough” and noting that “a variety of considerations” were taken into account.

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Why Walgreens will be closing even more stores?

Is Walgreens going out of business? | why Walgreens are closing?

Another Walgreens is closing in New York, this time in Rochester. The store at Thurston Road and Brooks Avenue intersection will permanently close on November 7. According to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

The outlet stated that this would result in the creation of a “pharmacy desert .”A term used to describe low-income areas without a pharmacy within half a mile to serve those without vehicles. After Monday, residents must travel two miles to the nearest Walgreens. Which one resident called “devastating” for those who walk to get their prescriptions and other necessities.

Next month, several more locations of this well-known Walgreens chain will close.

According to information from ScrapeHero. Walgreens is a well-known brand with over 8,800 locations as of October 2022. However, that number has declined since the retailer announced in 2019 that it would close 200 stores. Many pharmacies will close their doors to New Yorkers just in time for the holiday season.

Four Walgreens in Central New York will be closed in November. Including ones in North Syracuse, Canastota, Auburn, and Pulaski. According to WSYR-TV. According to Fraser Engerman. Senior director of external relations at Walgreens. The decision to close stores was “tough,” and “a variety of variables,” such as the characteristics of the local market and changing consumer purchasing patterns, were taken into account. The retailer would need to clarify whether any other nearby sites will also be closing.

Although official closure dates for sites in the central region have yet to be determined. A Walgreens in Dunkirk, New York, will close on November 14. The pharmacy chain informed WDOE News. Similar comments were made to the source by a Walgreens spokeswoman. Who once more cited changes in “purchasing habits” as the cause of the closure of the Western New York shop. According to ABC affiliate NEWS10, Cobleskill will also be losing a Walgreens on November 15; this time, it will happen a day after Dunkirk.


Is Walgreens going out of business? | why Walgreens are closing?

The massive chain of drugstores swept urban areas. In the 1990s and 2000s, major-city populations recovered despite opposition from independent retailers and historic preservationists. They weren’t simply drugstores. They appeared to be everywhere and open at all times and sold everything. They were a blessing for those without automobiles. They offered the same convenience of a corner store, but what they lacked in friendly felines, they more than made up for in size and affordability.

One such establishment was the enormous Walgreens that debuted in Center City, Philadelphia, in 2013. And provided Starbucks coffee and cut fruit over 26,000 square feet of well-lit space. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that it was promoted. As a “flagship for the pharmacy chain’s move into American metropolitan centers,” it convinced naysayers. In February, the business closed.

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