Is Ubisoft going out of business in 2023 – are they in financial trouble?

Is Ubisoft going out of business? Ubisoft is a legendary gaming company whose name is known by every kid around the block. The Guillemot brothers established this French video game and decided to publish a company that is well known for its numerous games from 1986. The firm has been well recognized for creating various games with wild gameplay, like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Far Cry, and Assassin’s Creed. Ubisoft has over 18,000 workers having its head offices and offices over the territories of 40 different countries, becoming one of the best gaming companies. The firm is renowned for its creative approach to game production, one of Ubisoft’s core beliefs that work toward making an excellent game. Ubisoft is dedicated to creating vivid and engaging gameplay that requires experience, which has the right to test the users and push the limits of the genre beyond what was expected. This emphasis on inventiveness has not only helped the business build a following of satisfied and loyal customers who wanted a competitive advantage in the market.

Ubisoft’s success over the years is due to its name in the gaming industry, ascribed to its capacity to change and shift market trends. The business has moved into the mobile gaming industry due to the zeal of moving into and adapting to the changing environment. Therefore, adopting a cutting-edge platform and technology that influences virtual and augmented reality creates a new and vivid gaming experience. Moreover, Ubisoft has made a significant impact in the gaming industry, which has been taken to new heights, and has been a star in the e-sports sector by holding several competitions and events to give them an acknowledgeable title.

Is Ubisoft in financial trouble?

Ubisoft has always been perfect in terms of its work culture; however, recently, it has encountered various difficulties that have questioned its workplace culture and employee misconduct. The company was accused of generating a hostile work environment in 2020 after many senior workers accused co-workers of sexual harassment and misbehavior. Since then, Ubisoft has committed to enhancing its workplace culture and has implemented several adjustments to deal with these problems. These improvements include appointing a new Chief People Officer and creating a new code of conduct.

The company has impressed its shareholders with a strong portfolio of well-known franchises and chain companies with a loyal and devoted fan following. Despite these difficulties, the company Ubisoft has become a leading and primary player in the video game business. In these businesses, gamers position the company to achieve future success because of its dedication to creativity and innovation to adapt to the shifting market trends. Ubisoft is currently working on several much-awaited titles, including Far Cry 6, which is scheduled to debut, along with the Assassin’s Creed game, which is projected to debut in 2022.

Ubisoft has emphasized developing immersive and captivating gaming experiences that enhance workplace culture, indicating that the business has been positioned well for future success. If you need clarification regarding Ubisoft’s downfall, the following article might greatly help. 

Reasons as to why Ubisoft is closing down?

If you belong to the 90% category and are4 worried about the production of Ubisoft, then the following points might be of great help. In simple words, certain factors, in reality, affect the firm’s growth to some great extent. If you can figure out the elements, it will be easier for you to deal with the sudden downfall and also let you figure out when to expect it back. 

  • Firstly, the primary reason why Ubisoft has dealt with this employee misconduct accusation in the workplace culture. The senior workers of the company, who has been working for the firm for an extended period, were accused of sexual harassment and misbehavior, which prompted numerous investigations and internal adjustments of the business. Since then, Ubisoft has committed to enhancing the company’s structure and its workplace scenario, where they have adopted a new code of conduct while hiring a new Chief People Officer. It was never necessary to implement new policies to deter and resolve misbehavior and harassment on the work front.
  • Secondly, the COVID-19 epidemic has taken a toll upon businesses, whether in the virtual sector or in any other, which has affected the video game industry as a whole. Here, they have presented Ubisoft with another difficulty. The transition between providing remote employment and closing physical offices has made producing games and other virtual realities more challenging, delaying multiple release dates. Covid has caused many problems in the business sectors; however, it cannot be said that it didn’t impact the gaming sector.
  • Thirdly, Ubisoft has come under the brunt of the authorities for the fire it has caused for its methods of game creation, notably those involving loot boxes and microtransactions from the gamer’s end. Several fans have criticized the corporation’s business tactics and some games, as well, as they believe the company has put the profits before the player experience. Ubisoft has also addressed these issues to alter how it has been used to loot boxes and take part in micro-transactions by highlighting or enlightening the significance of the participation of its customers and the varieties of choice in choosing from the games.


Ubisoft has made a place for itself as a significant player in the video game industry that continues to create and release titles. The organization commits to enhancing the working environment and has made considerable adjustments to address workplace misconduct and sexual assaults. The COVID-19 epidemic, greater industry competition, and shifting consumer preferences have impacted the company so much that it has decided to shut itself down. To overcome these obstacles, the company has to prioritize innovation and creativity while expanding into new areas and targeting a more significant market while investing in creating new games. It is essential to establish a secure and healthy work environment that Ubisoft is dedicated to enhancing its workplace culture and dealing with employee misconduct.

Suppose you have been expecting Ubisoft to be back in the industry with the same amount of production, fan base, and fame game. In that case, you might have to wait for a specific span for adequate results in the industry due to excessive competitiveness.