Is Twilio Laying Off Employees? what is next in 2024?

Is Twilio Laying Off Employees? Twilio is a company that helps people communicate. Now, it will reduce its workforce by about 5%, which means around 300 people might lose their jobs. The CEO, Jeff Lawson, explained, “Twilio did well in one part of its business called Communications. But another part called Data & Applications didn’t do as well. They want to make the part that didn’t do well work better, so they’re making some changes.” The CEO added, “They’ll focus on making one Flex product better. Also, they are adjusting how they invest in another product called Segment. These are tools Twilio offers for digital engagement and customer data.”

Twilio is facing another round of job cuts, marking the third instance recently. In February, approximately 1,400 people were laid off, constituting 17% of their workforce. CEO Jeff Lawson also reduced his salary by nearly half. In the prior September, around 900 employees, or about 11% of the workforce, were laid off, with the company attributing it to rapid growth.

This pattern is not unique to Twilio, as other companies like Exabeam, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and VMware also need to reduce their workforce. On LinkedIn, users shared that they lost their jobs at Twilio. The affected roles were:

  • Flex AE (account executive)
  • Segment developer advocate
  • Segment enterprise business developer
  • A level three technical support engineer

The layoffs are a response to challenges in the business world, such as inflation and changes in how customers make technology purchases.

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What Do You Mean By Twilio?

Twilio is a versatile platform in the cloud that provides tools (APIs) for developers. These tools allow developers to create messaging, voice, and video applications. The best part is that developers can add communication features to their apps without building a complex background. Over 10 million developers worldwide and over 300,000 businesses use Twilio’s APIs. It is commonly used to create unique and personalized experiences for their customers.

What Can You Do With Twilio?

You can do a lot of things with the help of Twilio:

Send and Receive Messages:

  • You can send and get SMS (text messages), MMS (multimedia messages), and OTT texts globally.

Phone Calls and Video:

  • Make and receive phone calls from anywhere in the world.

Use video to connect with your customers.

Emails and Chatbots:

  • Send and receive emails.
  • Build chatbots (computer programs that chat like humans) and interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

Security and Automation:

  • Verify user identities with two-factor authentication (an extra layer of security).
  • Create custom workflows and automate business processes.

Twilio’s tools are user-friendly and can be easily added to your software applications. They have many features to help you create unique and personalized customer experiences. If you want to know more about Twilio, check out their official website.

Twilio Is Making Changes to Boost Growth Amid Challenges

Twilio is making some changes, and a spokesperson said it won’t affect their way of working with partners. Partners are essential to Twilio’s success, and we want to keep supporting them.

The CEO, Jeff Lawson, mentioned that one of their products, Twilio Segment, didn’t grow as much as they wanted despite investing in it. Because of this, they realized they were spending too much money. So, they’re making some tough choices, like cutting specific roles in the marketing and finance areas of two of their products, Flex and Segment.

The CEO explained that these decisions were hard, but they believe it’s the best thing for their customers and the future of their business. At the same time, they’re opening up new roles for account executives in another part of their business called Communications. They encourage those affected by the changes to apply for these new positions.

Twilio is spending some money, around $25 million to $35 million, on these changes, and most of it will happen towards the end of 2023. Despite these changes, Twilio expects to do well in the overall year, and its stock price has remained unchanged.

What Is The Twilio Layoff Package?

The most recent round of job cuts at Twilio was announced on December 4, 2023, affecting approximately 5% of Twilio’s total employees.

For those employees facing job cuts, Twilio is offering a severance package. This package includes 12 weeks of their regular pay, with an additional week each year they’ve worked at the company. Health coverage will continue for them, and Twilio provides resources to support their career transition. 

Offering a severance package is ordinary in companies when they must let go of employees. It’s intended to help the affected employees find new job opportunities and provide financial assistance during this period of change.

Layoff Impact On Twilio’s Business

Recent news shows Twilio is making significant changes by reducing its workforce by 5%, marking the third round of significant job cuts in the past year. This move is part of a broader overhaul to streamline operations for profitable growth. The layoffs will affect around 295 jobs or 5% of its employees by the first quarter.

Layoffs can have notable effects on a company. They may decrease employee morale and lower productivity, potentially negatively impacting the company’s reputation. However, on the positive side, layoffs can help companies cut costs and become more efficient, contributing to long-term growth.

In the long run, the actual impact of these layoffs on Twilio’s business remains uncertain. Nevertheless, the company’s decision to streamline operations for profitable growth suggests a strategic move to ensure its success.

Who Is Twilio Owned By?

Twilio is a publicly traded company that its shareholders own. Its initial public offering (IPO) took place in 2016, with the company raising over $150 million from the sale of its shares. As of 2023, the largest institutional shareholders of Twilio include The Vanguard Group, BlackRock, and Fidelity Management & Research Company. Twilio’s co-founder and CEO, Jeff Lawson, also holds a significant stake in the company.

According to a 2021 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Lawson beneficially owns over 4.3 million Twilio shares worth over $1 billion.

Is Twilio A Good Company To Work?

According to Twilio’s website, the company culture runs on creativity, diversity, and positivity. They cultivate an inclusive space where all feel welcome and celebrated and contribute meaningfully as they build great things together. The Great Place to Work Institute has also recognized Twilio as a Great Place to Work.

According to employee reviews on Glassdoor, 68% of Twilio employees would recommend working there. Employees also rated Twilio 4.2 out of 5 for work-life balance, 3.9 for culture and values, and 3.5 for career opportunities.

It is important to note that each employee’s experience may vary, and what works for one person may not work for another. It seems that Twilio is a company that values its employees and strives to create a positive work environment.

Twilio’s Future

Twilio is making some changes to its products, and the CEO, Jeff Lawson, thinks one of their products, Segment, has a lot of potential. They want to simplify things for customers. So they’re combining how they sell another product, Flex, with their Communications segment.

Flex’s roles will change, and account executives will sell Flex and other contact center products. They’re also moving the research and development part of Flex into Communications. Twilio will now report Flex’s revenue as part of the Communications segment.

Additionally, Twilio is stopping a Programmable Video product because it’s a small part of what they do. They believe working with other video industry leaders is a better way to improve customer outcomes. This decision will help Communications focus better on its main products – Messaging, Voice, and Email.

Some investors wanted Twilio to sell the whole company or eliminate the Communications unit. But Twilio decided not to do that. In their recent earnings report, they shared that they made about $1 billion in revenue in a quarter, 5% more than last year. The CEO mentioned they had improvements in their financials and are looking for a new leader for the unit related to the changes.

Who Are Twilio’s Listed Competitors?

In the cloud communication industry, Twilio faces competition from several other companies:


Offers various communication APIs and software development kits (SDKs) for voice, video, messaging, and more.

Amazon Web Services (AWS):

Provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based communication services encompassing voice, messaging, and video.


Delivers a cloud communications platform that empowers businesses to interact with customers through SMS, voice, and chat.


Specializes in a cloud-based platform designed specifically for voice and messaging applications.


Supplies communication APIs and SDKs catering to voice, messaging, and emergency services.

These are just a handful of companies competing with Twilio in the cloud communication sector. It’s essential to recognize that each company possesses its strengths and weaknesses. The optimal choice for a business would hinge on its specific requirements and intended use cases.

Twilio Layoffs – The Wrap

Twilio recently announced a 5% reduction in its workforce for operational efficiency. This marks the third round of layoffs within a year. The affected employees will receive a severance package, financial support and health coverage. Layoffs, while challenging, aim to streamline operations and ensure long-term success. The impact on Twilio’s future remains to be seen. However, the company emphasizes a commitment to profitable growth.