Is Tupperware Going Out Of Business in 2024?

Is Tupperware going out of business? It is sad to announce that one of your favorite container and kitchenware brands, “Tupperware,” is going out of Business as the company declared it may go out of Business by April 2023. 

Tupperware Brands Corp. is an American company established in South Grafton, Massachusetts, in 1946 and founded by Earl Tupper. Tupperware Company is headquartered in Kissimmee, Florida. This company deals with various home products, including serving products, containers, Kitchen gadgets, and many more. But it mainly focuses on manufacturing kitchens and other home appliances. It is famous for its line of plastic food containers. 

Initially, the founder Tupper sold the Tupperware Company to Rexall at 16 million US dollars in 1958. Later, in 2005, Tupperware Corp. replaced its name with Tupperware Brands Corporation to gain popularity and increase its product sales.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, the company was dealing with serious issues, and the direct marketing company’s shares fell by 50 percent after the securities filing to 1.22 US dollars. This year the stock has been down to 70 percent.

The company also said, “cash constraints caused by higher interest costs.” this statement indicates that Tupperware will likely renege on some of its debt.

To get more details about Tupperware, go through this blog post. In this blog, we will share everything about its closure, reason, and availability. If you want to gather more relevant information about it, you are at the right place, where we have covered you as much as possible!

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Is Tupperware Going Out Of Business?

Yes, This time, Tupperware Business has been sealed, and the company has already warned that Tupperware is going out of Business. The company’s stock is believed to have already shut down by almost 49 percent a few days back, and it could go out of Business. People and employees may have noted that its “going concern warning” about its closure is less than half the year.

Tupperware has been serving for over 80 years, and now this brand needs help with numerous problems, such as low performance, debt issues, low sales, etc. Tupperware is facing all these and trying to maintain its relevance against rivals.

The company focuses on attracting customers after making various changes to its products. Initially, they were responsible for manufacturing different types of containers. Later, they expanded and included cooking gadgets in their products list to pull customers towards it after their latest reinvention.

One representative said, “Tupperware was once a hotbed of innovation with various kitchen gadgets, but the company has lost its edge and is declining sharply.”

To sell its stock in hopes of surviving, Tupperware partnered with Target for its brand reinvention. Tupperware’s reinvention plan was executed to maintain the business scale that was falling down. 

To grow its Business, the company advertised through several retail channels. It put all reinvented products in front of older and younger consumers who have never been part of the Tupperware business. 

Unluckily this plan was not successful and failed to work; at that time, the company’s shares had fallen down almost 90 percent in recent years. The time has come, and the company announced to shut down its doors.

This “going concern” is the central reason for its closure. Further in this blog, you will find various reasons for the closure of this 80-year-old Tupperware company.

Why Is Tupperware Going Out Of Business?

The company said, we are broke and need more cash to regulate our company and its operations if it doesn’t secure money. They also added that we are laying off and reviewing the real estate portfolio of our company for money so that we can fund our company and operate all its operations.

Tupperware’s future looks murky, and that’s why it has been sealed now after warning of its closure because 50 percent of the company’s shares fell. 

One of the representatives said, “We have doubts that we will be able to continue our business of making containers.” and it’s working with financial advisors to sort out financing problems.

According to recent New York Stock Exchange reports, Tupperware has warned that now its stock could go out of Business for not mentioning its required annual stock report to them. 

Later, Miguel Fernandez, the company’s CEO, stated in a press release, “Tupperware is now on a mission to turn around all our operations, and today marks a critical step in addressing our capital and liquidity position.” Also added, “Our company is taking all immediate action to seek additional financing and address our financial position, and we are doing everything in the hope of the company’s better future.” 

To attract younger customers with its newer and trendier products, Tupperware shook hands with Target and Amazon last year to sell the pre-existing stock. 

There are several factors for its closure, and one of its significant reasons is its sharp decline in sales.

The retail analyst and managing director stated, “The company is struggling with a sharp decline in the employees, number of sellers, its younger consumers. To overcome the issue, a brand reinvented its products to fully connect with younger consumers.”

And continued to say, “Tupperware is in a precarious position financially and dealing with growing sales, and because it’s asset-light, it doesn’t have much capacity to raise money.”

After sorting customer issues, the company struggles with a massive amount of long-term debt, i.e., 700 million US dollars. 

Is Tupperware Still Being Sold?

After its closure, Tupperware is still being sold, as the company is expanding its Business with the latest reinvention to get more new customers. If you love to shop with Tupperware products, then it may be a good piece of news that Tupperware is still being sold.

You can easily find all its products at Target and Amazon online. As the company’s CEO, Miguel Fernandez, cleared, “The company is reinventing itself and manufacturing its latest developments in retail through stores sales and online at the Target stores and at Amazon also across the country.

Is Tupperware Still Selling Good Quality Products? 

Yes, Tupperware is still selling good-quality products. As we all know, Tupperware uses plastic to manufacture its products, but not all plastic is the same. Plastics of good quality are also available that can easily be recycled and are more eco-friendly. 

Tupperware always uses suitable quality plastics to manufacture its products through world-class manufacturing processes that use only 100 percent Virgin Plastic. The product made with this type of plastic is of superior quality and gives the final product a lustrous and pleasing appearance.

Who Are Tupperware Main Competitors?

Several companies are in the race to compete with the famous brand Tupperware and the list of top main competitors is as follows:

  • Lifetime Brands Inc,
  • Amcon Distributing Co.
  • USANA Health Sciences Inc.
  • Newell Brands Inc.

Other websites that compete with are as follows:

  • with 161.9 Million visits in February 2023
  • with less than 5K visits in February 2023
  • with 6.7K trips in February 2023
  • with 13.1 Million visits in February 2023
  • with 15.2 Million trips in February 2023

Why Is Tupperware Stock Declining In 2024?

The Tupperware Stock is declining in 2023 because of its revenues which have been affected by its low performance since 2019 in various countries such as China and Europe. Along with its adversely impacted revenues, the company has less demand and customers because of its price hike in the market.

Who Is The Founder Of The Tupperware Company?

Mr. Earl Tupper is the founder of the Tupperware Company, and its CEO is Miguel Fernandez. Because of Earl’s innovative ideas and skill, Tupperware’s foundation is firm and started in 1946 with a never to end revolution. This company is responsible for making durable and good products made with 100 percent virgin plastic. Tupperware debuted several decades ago, i.e., approximately 80 years, and now serving worldwide.


Tupperware earned 22.6 million US dollars for the second quarter of 2021. Wall Street was expecting around 6 million US dollars in profit by the end of December 31st, 2021. Sales were down by 20 percent to 313.7 million US dollars.

The company warned it may go out of Business, and now they are offering its products again in the market but at selected retail stores and websites. The market strategy of Tupperware is to promote the products through direct selling salesforce. This way, they get good performance from their products. The representative also stated, “We offer our users advice and tips on food preparation, storage, and organization.” This market strategy helped to get optimal performance. Hoping for a bright future!

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