Is Tonal going out of business

Is Tonal going out of business in 2023? – What is happening?

Is Tonal going out of business? Tonal declared it would close operations at its original Los Angeles studio. The company states this after deciding to reduce its workforce. Los Angeles-based coaches are being fired in addition to the closure.

Tonal has been making significant changes to drive the business toward profitability, much like many other connected fitness firms like Peloton and iFIT. Tonal had a challenging year in 2022, which included firing more than 35% of its staff and closing its original studio and trainers. Although all of this has been worrying, similar businesses like Peloton have been similarly experiencing post-pandemic symptoms.

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What is happening with Tonal?

With a value of almost $1.6 billion, Tonal is one of the leading companies in the networked fitness sector. Several renowned athletes, including Maria Sharapova, Mike Tyson, and Drew Brees, support its $3,000 strength training program. But the lessons could have been more impressive when The Verge first examined the gadget in 2020. Strength training benefits from the repetition of similar activities. Therefore, there was no live content, and the class library was small. Tonal Live’s business debut in September was engaging in this context.

The business created Tonal Live in response to the escalating demand for live lessons. This idea was also one of Peloton’s main selling points. Peloton’s developing difficulties have prompted concerns about the business of managing a successful connected exercise brand. Thus, Tonel’s extending it even further is a strong statement.

CEO Aly Orady posted the following on the Tonal Facebook group:

“We will be shutting down our LA studio and focusing on launching our new facility in New York in light of the recent events.”In June 2022, the new Tonal studio in New York was announced. Five additional coaches were hired then to expand the number of live sessions available to East Coast residents.

“The truth is that we have complicated relationships with our coaches,” Orady said. Some of the coaches work full-time, while others are contractors. Also, it has taken the company a few weeks to figure out how to move ahead. They aim to provide the finest members with a unique experience. Unfortunately, the company will only be able to continue working with the LA-based instructors part-time.

However, several recent events distinguish Tonal’s condition. The most concerning is a new lawsuit that Tonal’s leading supplier, Foxconn, has brought against them. Tonal saw rapid expansion during the pandemic. It vastly underestimated the likelihood that this growth would continue once things started to get closer to normal. This is related to Peloton. In addition to reducing its employment by 35%, Tonal had to close its initial studio and fire all of its coaches.

Tonal layoffs

Is Tonal going out of business

Tonal has decided to reduce its staff by 35% in response to slow demand and the expectation of a potential downturn. This comes after Peloton recently decided to export all of its manufacturing, which resulted in the loss of 570 more positions for nearly 3,000 in 2022. Today, almost seven times as many individuals are employed by Tonal as there were before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Aly Orady, the CEO of Tonal, highlights the necessity of profitability, particularly in light of the business’s intention to go public. Since its founding in 2015, Tonal has never had financial success. Orady is confident that the company will become profitable soon due to the job reduction.

Orady stated that “it’s essential that we establish a business that’s here for the long run as we move into a downturn, and many of us think we’re going into a downturn.” We’re transitioning from a hyper-growth business to one with more steady growth.

Orady indicated that Tonal would be concentrating on reducing the costs. The costs are associated with acquiring customers by cutting back on advertising. When hypergrowth affects revenue, the public markets no longer support it. According to Orady, private market investors are making fewer investments or acting less vigorously to help enterprises’ hypergrowth.

Any slowdown in Tonal’s sales over the previous days is, according to Orady, the result of Tonal cutting back on marketing. It would be challenging to argue that additional causes contributed to the slowdown. Almost all linked fitness companies have been hit by the summer travel season, an increase in people returning to the gym, and inflation reducing customer spending power.

The cost of Tonal’s equipment has recently increased by $500, from $2,995 to $3,495.Employees at Tonal who are affected by these job losses will continue to be paid for a minimum of eight weeks. The business added that they would continue to get health coverage through the end of September.

Tonal also announced in a note to its staff that it will provide longer stock vesting for all workers who become shareholders. This includes a longer four-year window for option holders to execute their stock options and faster stock options vesting.

“To those departing, I am unfortunate,” Orady continued. The Tonal team is the finest on the planet, and I believed it every time I started it. This move is in no way an evaluation of the work or efforts.


Such layoffs are not always caused for alarm. Several tech organizations are currently experiencing large-scale layoffs similar to this. However, there are a lot of other things that jump out and are worrying.