Is Soft Surroundings going out of business: Store closing in 2023

Is Soft Surroundings going out of business? Soft Surroundings is a fashion retail business. It focuses on offering women’s clothing and accessories that are trendy and comfy. With more than 150 sites across the country, the company was founded in 1999. It has developed into one of the most well-known retailers in the nation.

Nevertheless, due to financial issues, the business has had to close many outlets recently to stay afloat. The factors contributing to Soft Surroundings’ financial difficulties will be discussed in this article.

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About Soft Surroundings

Robin Sheldon inspires women to look out for themselves. Her women’s clothing and accessory store, Soft Surroundings, which was established in St. Louis and has now expanded nationwide, was founded on this concept.

Sheldon, a native of New York, relocated to St. Louis to launch Soft Surroundings. It started in 1999 as a shopping catalog. She had extensive knowledge of the women’s apparel and home industries. She is keenly aware of the requirements of female baby boomers. She had previously worked as an interior designer, cataloger, and vice president of merchandising for the women’s fashion shop Coldwater Creek. She decided to fill the void when she saw nothing available in the retail industry for this group. Grant Williams, a native of St. Louis, and Sheldon paired up to form Soft Surroundings.

Sheldon claims that Soft Surroundings seeks to offer each woman clothing, cosmetics, and bedroom accessories. These are all required to make her day as cozy and fashionable as possible. She adds that these strong, independent women want to exhibit their distinctive style regardless of their age.

In light of this, each store provides busy women a readily accessible, soothing break. Because of this, they shop for the products that best suit their unique daily requirements. Sheldon is careful to highlight that while success is sweet, the main goal is to improve women’s lives, not make money. “We are committed to persuading women that they must treat themselves well. In every manner we can, we wish to assist her.”

Who bought Soft Surroundings?

Soft Surroundings’ consumers are served via an omnichannel marketing and operational infrastructure. In August 2012, Soft Surroundings was acquired by Brentwood. After the sale, Brentwood has aided the management group of Soft Surroundings in altering its retail store strategy. This also included reworking the new shop prototype and enhancing site selection procedures.

As a result, the business has more than doubled the number of its retail locations. It continued to install a bold retail expansion strategy. Soft Surroundings expanded its direct-to-consumer business under Brentwood’s ownership. It was achieved by expanding its catalog distribution and introducing a new household goods catalog. The company’s e-commerce platform continues to be a huge source of growth as it is improved and optimized.

Is Soft Surroundings in financial trouble?

Recently, a consumer remarked that the store didn’t seem to have as much product as anticipated. She added that the workers seemed tired, and the shop appeared understaffed. She worried about the store’s future, saying she thought it would have to close shortly.

The company’s income had been declining steadily over the previous five years. This is according to an analysis of its financial reports. Due to consumers’ increased ability to shop online from their homes, this decline is linked to the growth of internet purchases. The data also showed that the business had been paying out more cash than it generated, resulting in a lower profit.

As an illustration, Walmart has taken cost-cutting measures. This includes employee reductions and the removal of specific products from their shops. They have also expanded their attention to internet sales and delivery services to stay competitive. Other retailers have used similar strategies to survive.

Employees at Soft Surroundings have been affected by the company’s financial difficulties. Due to the company’s declining profits, several stores had to close. This resulted in many employees losing their jobs. Moreover, those still working have been forced to take on more duties. This is to make up for the workforce shortage. Employee stress and dissatisfaction have increased. As a result, making it is challenging for them to work at their best.

Soft Surroundings Store closures

The catchphrase for soft surroundings is “my time. My place. Myself.” The business had its start in 1999 as a catalog business. In 2005, it began opening new stores.

The Soft Surroundings store in Orland Park at Orland Crossing announced that it would close its doors by the end of 2022. It caused much sadness for the customers. Due to the markdowns associated with store closings, the discounts are large, ranging from 70 to 90%.

In the St. Johns Town Center, the Soft Surroundings outlet is closed. Well before the holidays, the store launched around 2018 and hosted a clearance sale. Also, staff members announced that it was closing. Near Swarovski is the former Soft Surroundings rental space. It is still featured in the St. Johns Town Center store directory even though it is no longer available on the Soft Surroundings site.

The Missouri-based business’s media representatives have not returned emails. Ownership belongs to Simon Property Group. According to a 2018 building permit, Horizontal Retail Construction Inc. spent $527,556 to remodel the 4,500-square-foot store at 4790 River City Road.

By the end of 2018, 79 stores would be operational, according to a spokeswoman from Soft Surroundings in May 2018. It had locations in 33 states. Presently, 49 stores across 26 states are included on its website. The three Florida locations are in The Villages, Sarasota, and Estero.


Some Soft Surroundings stores have closed due to the business’s financial problems. The growth of internet shopping and the company’s failure to reduce expenses and boost income appear to be the main causes of such issues. Soft Surroundings should concentrate on increasing its web presence. They should provide new services and lower overhead costs to address this issue. The business should also ensure that its employees are helped during this trying time.