Is Rick’s Restoration Still In Business 2024?

Is Rick’s Restoration Still In Business? No, Rick’s Restoration is not in business today. The sudden collapse of the show also shut the doors of Rick’s shop. The show aired on The History Channel and featured Rick Dale at his Las Vegas-based business, Rick’s Restorations. Rick had a remarkable talent for restoring everything from classic cars to vending machines, breathing new life into old and falling-apart items. His restoration skills and the show’s focus on his work amassed millions of viewers worldwide. However, the show was abruptly canceled in 2016 after six successful years. Fans were left wondering what happened to the original cast of American Restoration.

Since the show’s end, Rick Dale has moved on from the soda machine and vintage car restoration business. He now runs a laser cut and embroidery business called “My Best Font Forward Creations.” Additionally, Rick has authored a book titled “Classic Soda Machines,” which is available on Amazon. 

As for the original location of Rick’s Restorations, it is currently closed, but there are hints of a new area being announced soon. Rick’s son, Tyler Dale, has also evolved his woodworking, welding, and metalwork skills, although his current activities and personal life still need clarification. Brettly Otterman, Rick’s stepson, has successfully started his mobile media blasting business in Las Vegas and lives with his wife and three children. Despite the show’s closure, the cast members have found their paths, enjoying their “retired TV show” lives.

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What’s “American Restoration” all about?

American Restoration is a TV show where they fix up old stuff like cars and jukeboxes. The first six seasons were about Rick and his shop in Las Vegas called Rick’s Restorations. They showed how Rick and his team fixed up cool old things; sometimes, Rick’s son Tyler helped.

Then, in season 7, they changed things up. Instead of focusing on Rick’s shop, they followed five different shops all over America. Each shop had its crew fixing up old stuff.

In the first six seasons, Rick worked you’d on vending machines and motorcycles. He had many people helping him, like his brother Ron and Kowboy, who polished metal. There was also Tyler, Rick’s son, who started working in the shop when he was young.

But in season 7, they showed other shops and their owners. Bodie was in California, Dale was in North Carolina, Andy was in Michigan, Steve was in New York, and Bob was in Georgia. Each fixed up things in their shops, like cars or old signs.

The show was a spin-off of another show called Pawn Stars, where Rick from Rick’s Restorations would sometimes go to fix things for the pawn shop. Famous people like musicians and NASCAR drivers even showed up on American Restoration.

American Restoration is all about fixing up old stuff and making it look cool again, whether in Rick’s shop or other shops around the country.

Who Is Rick Dale?

Rick Dale is a guy who loves fixing old stuff like cars and vending machines. He was born in California but moved to Nevada when he was 13. His dad was also into fixing things, so Rick learned a lot from him.

When Rick was just 9, his dad gave him a broken bike to fix. That’s when he got hooked on fixing things. He went to school in Boulder City and worked as a mechanic in his dad’s garage.

Rick got famous when he started fixing stuff on a TV show called Pawn Stars. People loved watching him work, so he got his show, American Restoration. He and his team fixed up all kinds of cool stuff for six seasons.

But then, something unexpected happened. Rick and his team got kicked off the show! Nobody knows exactly why, but some say fewer people were watching. Even though fans wanted them back, it didn’t happen.

Rick’s shop in Las Vegas is closed now, but there might reopen elsewhere. Rick is still doing his thing, sharing updates on social media and making cool stuff. Even though his TV show is over, he’s still busy and having fun!

What Are The Guys From “American Restoration” Up To Now?

Tyler, Rick’s son from the show, was learning to fix things, too. He’s still doing restoration work but has not shared much about it lately. Last we heard, he was single and might be helping out with charities.

Then there’s Brettly, Rick’s stepson. He’s doing great with his own “Clean Works Mobile Media Blasting” business in Las Vegas. He’s married with three kids and seems happy with his work.

What’s Up with the Other American Restoration Crew Now?

Kowboy, the grumpy but talented guy from “American Restoration,” seems to have disappeared from the spotlight. He didn’t like being famous, so he’s enjoying a quiet life somewhere, on a farm.

Ron Dale, Rick’s brother, used to find cool stuff for the show. Now, he’s into building excellent custom bicycles in his garage and loving it!

Rick’s wife, Kelly Dale, played a significant role behind the scenes. She’s now a successful realtor and businesswoman, selling houses and hosting car shows sometimes. She’s also on the board of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Future Prospects for Rick’s Restoration: What Comes Next?

Rick’s Restoration is not expected to reopen. After the show American Restoration was canceled in 2016, Rick Dale and his team moved on to other ventures. Rick operates a laser cut and embroidery business called “My Best Font Forward Creations.” While the original location of Rick’s Restorations appears to be closed, there are hints of a new area being announced soon. Despite the show’s closure, the cast members have found their paths, embracing their “retired TV show” lives. It seems unlikely that Rick’s Restoration will reopen shortly.

Can You Still Watch Rick’s Restoration?

Yes, you can watch Rick’s Restoration through the following platforms:

Hulu: Stream all episodes of American Restoration on Hulu. The show features Rick Dale and his crew at Rick’s Restorations in Las Vegas, Nevada, transforming rusty, beat-up items into their original glory.

JustWatch: Check out American Restoration on JustWatch. Stream it on HISTORY Vault, Amazon Prime Video, Hoopla, and Hulu. Some options may include ads.

Rick’s Restorations Website: Although the original shop is no longer operational, you can still see Rick Dale occasionally on Pawn Stars, restoring Rick Harrison’s “crap.”

Remember, even though the shop isn’t open, the legacy of Rick’s restoration work lives on!

The Bottom Line

No, Rick’s Restoration isn’t open anymore. The show ended suddenly, and so did Rick’s shop. But don’t worry; Rick and his team are still busy with other cool projects. Rick’s running a new business making neat stuff with lasers and embroidery; he even wrote a book! Tyler, his son, is still fixing things, and Brettly, his stepson, has his own blasting business. Even though the show is over, everyone’s doing okay and finding new adventures. So, while Rick’s Restoration might be closed, Rick and his crew are still making waves.


 Is Rick’s Restoration still open for business?

No, Rick’s Restoration is no longer in operation. The business featured on the show has closed its doors.

 Why did Rick’s Restoration shut down?

 The show ended abruptly, leading to the closure of Rick’s shop. However, Rick Dale and his team have moved on to other ventures.

 What happened to Rick Dale after the show ended?

 Rick Dale has been busy with various projects. He opened a laser cut and embroidery business called “My Best Font Forward Creations” and authored a book titled “Classic Soda Machines.”

 Is there any chance of Rick’s Restoration reopening?

 While the restoration business might be closed for a while, there are plans for an update with a new location. However, Rick will not be leading it.

 Can I still visit Rick’s Restoration shop in Las Vegas?

 Unfortunately, the original shop featured on the show is no longer operational. However, you can explore other restoration businesses in the area.

 Did Rick Dale retire from restoration work completely?

 Rick Dale has shifted his focus to other ventures but remains connected to the restoration community. His expertise and passion continue to inspire others.

 Are there any spin-offs or related shows featuring Rick Dale?

 Currently, there are no spin-offs or direct follow-ups featuring Rick Dale. However, fans can still enjoy reruns of “American Restoration.”

 What legacy did Rick’s Restoration leave behind?

Rick’s Restoration became well-known for its unique restoration projects and craftsmanship. It left a lasting impact on the world of antique Restoration.

 Can I purchase memorabilia related to Rick’s Restoration?

While the shop is closed, fans can find memorabilia related to the show online or explore Rick Dale’s other creative endeavors.

How can I stay updated on Rick Dale’s current projects?

Follow Rick Dale on social media or check out his website for updates on his latest ventures and restoration work.