Is Redfin going out of business

Is Redfin going out of business? – Is it a reputable company?

Redfin is a US-based real estate company that operates 95 different markets across the United States of America and Canada. It is based in Seattle. The whole business is based on the idea of charging a commission of 2.5% of the total cost of a house from the customer who wants to sell their property. They also provide many rebates to customers who want to purchase the property if they are willing to take their services. By 2021 they had a market share of 1.17% in the United States of America market. Is Redfin going out of business?

The company was established in 2004 and was one of the pioneers in bringing this business model into the market. Before that, real estate agency was more based on a primitive way of operating rather than what this business model focused on. It was a revolutionary idea that helped real estate companies make a lot of profit.

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Is redfin out of business?

There have been rumors that redfin has been planning to shut off its business for a very long period. Very recently, it was reported that redfin would fire 13% of its workforce to cut costs and reduce debt. This means that around 862 employees will be fired from their positions.

Is redfin going out of business?

The company has said that they are trying to focus more on the core of the business, which is why they have decided to wind up the business and make it much more compact. This will also help them cut capital costs that have grown exponentially in recent years.

The company said people are not interested in buying or selling the property due to high inflation. The market is mundane, which is why real estate has been facing a lot of losses. They have invested their money in properties that were expensive before the inflation. Now, these properties are going out for only half the price they purchased.

Establishment of the company 

This company was founded by multiple partners: David Eraker, Michael Dougherty, and David Selinger. All of them were from a pretty decent academic background. David had dropped out of the University of Washington, where he was pursuing a degree in software engineering. Michael had completed his degree in engineering and international studies from Yale university. Selinger had previously worked at Amazon and was an experienced professional in the company’s software and management field.

All these three came together to form the company and distributed the mapping work in analyzing. The website has also developed, which was a crucial aspect of the success of this company. In January 2024, redfin raised US$1.4 million from round A funding. During round B funding, they were able to raise US$8 million.

Performance through the years

Is Redfin going out of business

Redfin was fined US$50,000 in May 2007 due to a lawsuit by Northwest Multiple Listing Service. As a result, they were forced to shut down their reviews about many housing services and other properties available for sale.

Redfin raised a separate funding of US$12 million from Draper Fisher Jurvetson in July 2007.

Redfin was also awarded as the best startup in 2010. But since 2012, it has been facing a lot of acquisitions regarding displaying false information on its website. The information was said to be baseless and fake, lacking credibility and reliance. In 2013 redfin raised US$50 million and US$96 million separately from different fundraising rounds.

In December 2014, redfin raised US$70.9 billion of an accumulated amount from different companies such as Wellington Management, Glynn Capital Management, Brothers Brook, Annex Capital Management, and previous investors Tiger Global Management and T. Rowe Price.

New phase

It was in 2017 that the company started buying and selling homes and other properties under its name directly. This means that if you wanted to purchase a property from redfin, you are directly dealing with the company itself and not any intimidator. The company stopped acting as the catalyst between buyer and seller and directly became the service provider. This was almost like buying soap from a soap website.

In 2017 redfin also decided to offer its initial public offerings in the market, which led them to raise an amount of US$138 million. In 2018 customers also could list their properties for sale without buying their customer service pack. This helps them save the cost of premium membership, which makes many customers hesitant. Eventually, they also partnered with open door, a real estate company. On the redfin website, you can also request to buy or look for a property at the open door.


In 2020, redfin faced a major lawsuit from fair housing. Under the fair housing act, they were accused of not providing enough opportunities and options for people from the minority segment to buy and purchase properties. They were accused of being profit-centric, due to which they provided fewer opportunities to people who had less than people who had more and were willing to spend more.

They had to pay US$4 million due to the lawsuit, which was settled. It also made all the necessary changes to become a conscious brand that looked after the needs of all sections of society.


Redfin has said that it feels really bad deciding on laying off its workforce, but it is certainly the best decision it can take for its organization. A lot of other real estate companies have been facing the same situation. The market for buying and selling properties has been down for quite a while now. People do not want to invest their liquid money into stagnant properties. 

At the same time, people who have invested their money in buying expensive properties are still waiting to sell them for a lower cost. This has stopped business transactions for all the real estate companies as they need help finding potential buyers and sellers. The situation is suspected to last as long as inflation lasts. It is assumed that all these measures taken by redfin will help them temporarily, but the future is uncertain.

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