Is Rad Power Bikes Going Out Of Business

Is Rad Power Bikes Going Out Of Business in 2024?

What about Rad Power Bikes’ future? Recent news about layoffs and a halt in sales to the UK and EU might raise questions. The buzz suggests challenges, but fear not! Rad Power Bikes is not going out of business but is still strong. Is Rad Power Bikes going out of business?

In this dive, we’ll explore the details, including the company’s commitment to positive changes, focus on safety, and recent expansions. Let’s unravel the story behind the headlines and see if Rad Power Bikes is on the road to success or facing a bump in the journey.

Rad Power Bikes, a bike company from Seattle that makes electric bikes, has laid off some of its workers for the fifth time since April 2021, according to GeekWire. They’ve also said they will stop selling their bikes in the United Kingdom and European Union from 2024. Even though they’re stopping in Europe, they’re not closing down. They’re focusing more on North America, where people like their bikes the most. Around 40 workers will lose their jobs by the end of this year. The boss, Phil Molyneux, says they had to do this to keep the company going strong in the long run.

Molyneux says this change helps them keep being the best in electric bikes in North America, where they first started. They want to focus on making sure their bikes are safe and reliable and keep getting better. They aim to give the best bikes at prices people can afford, like returning to how they started.

This change is challenging for the company. Even though they’ve grown a lot in the past years, they faced some problems. The COVID-19 pandemic made more people buy bikes, especially electric ones. Rad Power Bikes got a lot of money from investors, about $329 million since they started in 2007. They have a ton of customers, over 600,000 worldwide. But lately, the company had to lay off some workers with the economy not doing so well. Since April 2021, they had to do this four times, with the most recent in April 2023. Right now, they have 424 people working for them.

Molyneux says they had to do these job cuts to ensure the company was the right size for how things were going. It was a tough decision, but they had to do it to ensure the business stayed on the right track.

About Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes, founded in 2007, has emerged as a powerhouse in the electric bike (e-bike) industry. It captures the market with its innovative designs and commitment to affordability. As a Seattle-based company, Rad Power Bikes started selling directly to consumers online in 2015, quickly gaining traction and becoming the leading e-bike seller in North America.

The essence of Rad Power Bikes lies in its commitment to making electric bikes accessible to a broader audience. They offer a diverse range of e-bikes designed for various purposes, from recreational rides to daily commutes. Their bikes often feature practical elements like fenders, lights, cargo space, and an emphasis on safety.

What Sets Rad Power Bikes Apart From Its Competitors?

Rad Power Bikes is set apart due to its direct-to-consumer sales model, eliminating the need for intermediaries and keeping costs lower than many competitors. This approach has contributed to their popularity, especially during the pandemic-induced surge in bicycle sales. In 2021 alone, Rad Power Bikes raised a substantial $304 million and achieved a valuation of $1.65 billion in October of the same year.

However, the company has faced recent challenges, including layoffs, legal issues, and a decision to withdraw from the European market. Despite these setbacks, Rad Power Bikes remains committed to providing high-quality e-bikes and services, with Phil Molyneux leading the company into the future after taking over from co-founder Mike Radenbaugh. 

Rad Power Bikes Closes Brooklyn Store

Rad Power Bikes is closing its store in Brooklyn, New York. They say they need to make more changes after letting some workers go recently. They didn’t say exactly when the store will close or how many workers will be affected.

The Brooklyn store opened in October 2022, but they’re closing it now, along with other changes. Rad Power Bikes has stores in different places like: 

Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, St. Petersburg, Fla., and California in Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Huntington Beach, and San Diego.

The company said they’re working hard to make sure they can keep going in a challenging market. They’ve had to make some tough choices in the past months. Now, they’re making more changes to be more efficient.

Besides closing the store, some people on LinkedIn talked about workers losing their jobs at Rad. The company didn’t say anything about this.

This store closure comes after Rad Power Bikes said they’re not selling bikes in Europe starting in 2024. They also said they’d let go of fewer than 40 workers then. It’s the fifth time they’ve cut jobs since April 2021.

Rad Power Bikes faced other problems, too, like a lawsuit for someone’s death, another for property damage, and recalling 30,000 bikes because of a safety issue. A person in Maryland got hurt in September when the front wheel came off.

Rad Power Bikes started in 2007 and became the top e-bike seller in North America. In 2021, they got $304 million and were valued at $1.65 billion in October 2021.

The leader of Rad is Phil Molyneux, who took over from co-founder Mike Radenbaugh. Radenbaugh is still the chairman. Despite all these changes, Rad Power Bikes says they’re still focused on giving good bikes and service to their riders.

Tough Times And Safety Challenges At Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes has had some tough times lately. First off, they had to let go of some workers, and on top of that, they faced other problems. They had a lawsuit for someone’s death, another one for property damage, and a safety recall for almost 30,000 bikes because the tires weren’t right.

This recall hurt Rad’s reputation. The company got 137 reports of tires having problems, and eight people got hurt. Some got cuts and bruises, and one person even broke their wrist or arm. There’s also a lawsuit from parents whose 12-year-old girl fell off one of Rad’s bikes and died. They’re saying it happened because Rad wasn’t careful enough.

There’s also been a big issue with batteries catching fire, especially in New York City. Rad says their bikes aren’t involved in any of these fires. The new CEO, Molyneux, admitted they made mistakes and promised to improve.

Now, they’re working to ensure their bikes meet high safety standards. They’re getting a certification that shows their bikes are safe. Even though it’s not required, they’re doing it anyway.

Right now, there aren’t many rules about how safe e-bikes should be. Some states have some, but not a lot. Molyneux thinks there should be more rules to make sure all bikes are good quality. He also wants more bike lanes and stuff to make biking safer.

Even though Rad Power Bikes has been around for a while and has had some ups and downs, Molyneux is optimistic they’ll come out on top. He says they care about bikes and want more people to use them, especially Rad Power Bikes.

Where Can I Buy Rad Power Bikes?

You can buy Rad Power Bikes from their official website. They have many electric bikes with cool features like fenders, lights, and space to carry things. There are different types of bikes for different needs, like going on rough trails, riding in the city, or carrying stuff with you.

If you want to see the bikes in person, you can use the store locator on their website to find a store near you. They also have particular RadRetail stores where you can check out the bikes, ask questions, and even take a test ride for free. It’s a great way to see if you like the bike before you buy it.

So, if you’re considering getting a new electric bike, Rad Power Bikes has many options for you. You can order online or visit a store to see them up close and try them out!

Future Outlook

Rad Power Bikes has been in the news because they had to let some workers go and stopped selling bikes in the United Kingdom and the European Union. But don’t worry, they’re still in business and haven’t said anything about closing down.

The boss of Rad Power Bikes, Phil Molyneux, sent out a big email in January 2023 saying they’re making changes to make the company even better. They want to focus more on safety, ensuring the bikes work well, and helping customers. 

Even though they faced some problems, Rad Power Bikes is still growing. They opened new stores in different places, and in February 2021, they got a tremendous amount of money, $150 million, to help them grow even more. So, despite the challenges, Rad Power Bikes is working hard to improve and stay strong. It shows that Rad Power Bikes’ future is bright!


In conclusion, while Rad Power Bikes faced challenges like employee layoffs and halting sales in the UK and EU, they are not going out of business. CEO Phil Molyneux’s commitment to safety and customer service and recent store expansions show their determination to overcome obstacles. 

Despite setbacks, Rad Power Bikes received significant funding in 2021, indicating their ongoing growth plans. So, rest assured, Rad Power Bikes is navigating challenges, adapting, and striving to remain a prominent player in the electric bike industry.