Is Nutrisystem Going Out Of Business in 2023? – why they close

Is Nutrisystem Going Out Of Business? No, Nutrisystem is not going out of business after serving more than 40 years and helping thousands of people. This product proved to help lose weight. 

Do you want more about this weight management system? Let’s get rolling!!

The Nutrisystem program provides prepackaged meals containing healthy ingredients with a small number of calories and portions that help the consumer take fewer calories than they used to have.

This perfect guide is just right for you if you need to learn about the status of Nutrisystem. In this blog, we’ll share all the necessary details, such as what happened to Nutrisystem, whether it is still in business, how it works, and its meal plans, and almost everything covered here. 

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What Happened To Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem is a company that provides weight loss products and services nationwide. It is headquartered in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, and its initial product was established in 1972. 

It was initially produced in a liquid protein diet, but later, Nutrisystem changed its offering after the production of Slim-Fast in the market. The company provided products and services such as weight loss counseling in the stores. In 1999, they started to sell their products and services to the direct-to-consumer business model through the telephone or the Internet.

Later, in 2010 Nutrisystem introduced its online platform, i.e., WebDiet, Inc. In 2014, some rumors spread that justified Nutrisystem had stolen a Silicon Valley Startup as they alleged them to steal their technology, but Silicon Valley Startup’s case failed.

It was believed that, In 2015, the company acquired the South Beach Diet brand. But in 2018, it was noted that Tivity Health had acquired the Nutrisystem brand. Not only this but Tivity Health was also acquired by Kainos Capital on October 19, 2020.

When Kainos Capital took over the control of the company, the managing partner of Kainos stated, “We’ve acquired the Nutrisystem, and now we’re so excited to make this company an independent one that is reentered the market to provide a significant portion to the consumers across the United States, users that want to be healthier, but struggling with overweight and wants to control it.”

He added, “For those struggling with being overweight and at risk for a range of severe conditions, Nutrisystem can prove to be helpful for those adults.

To provide a healthy lifestyle, Nutrisystem has been designed, and for people who want to improve their lives and decide to switch to something that helps them, then Nutrisystem can be the best option. 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, when people were suffering from various health issues, Nutrisystem became a valuable partner to its users that provide access to affordable and healthy meals to its customers.”

It was believed that, In 2014, Kainos Capital didn’t acquire Nutrisystem; they had previously invested in acquiring SlimFast from Unilever PLC. But in 2018, it sold to Glanbia PLC. SlimFast became one of the fastest-growing weight management brands for three years when Kainos acquired it.

Bob Sperry, one of the representatives of Kainos, stated, “We’re looking forward to working with the best weight management system, i.e., Nutrisystem so that our team gets full access to this amazing brand which is similar to SlimFast.”

Kainos Capital invested in acquiring various companies along with Nutrisystem, including Whisps, Florida Food Products, Pinnacle Foods Group LLC, Kettle Cuisine, Premier Foods, Ghirardelli Chocolate, and Earthbound Farm Organic.

Nutrisystem was known for its products and services and celebrity marketing. It was believed that Marie Osmond was in an advertisement nationwide.

Does Nutrisystem Still In Business?

Yes, Nutrisystem is still around. No worry, they are not going out of business. The products and services are still around.

As we’ve mentioned above in this blog post, a private firm Kainos Capital agreed to acquire Nutrisytem Inc. for 575 million US dollars from Tivity Health Inc. Tivity Health also acquired Nutrisystem in 2018 for 1.3 billion US dollars.

The products of the company include entrees, snacks, and shakes. All these products and services are offered under the Nutrisystem and the South Beach Diet, which directly provides calories and portion-limited foods to consumers.

Key Points:

  • Type: Subsidiary
  • Founded: 1972
  • Founder: Harold Katz
  • Area Served: US and Canada
  • Headquartered In: Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, US
  • Key People: Stephen Mikulak
  • Products: Weight Loss, Weight Management, Nutrition
  • Parent Company: Kainos Capital 
  • Website:

How Does The Nutrisystem Diet Work?

Nutrisystem provides portion control that helps people to lose weight by offering balanced nutrition. It provides its customers the four well-diet plans according to users’ needs, including plans for men, women, people with diabetes, and vegetarians.  

All you need to do is sign up for Nutrisystem, choose the chef’s choice option, and select your meal plan according to your preferences (there are more than 50 options).

Once you sign up completely, you can get your diet plan. The program offers protein and high-fiber meals with fewer calories than the average diet.

When your plan starts, in the first week of Nutrisystem, one should have to eat only. The program offers breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners. Besides, they provide four servings of nonstarchy vegetables for everyday meals.

In the second week, flex meals would be provided, and these weekly meals contain vegetables, lean proteins (PowerFuels), and carbohydrates (SmartCarbs). Users can also make their own flex meals by using the tastier ingredients in the recipes provided by Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem Top Competitors/ Alternatives

Several companies compete with Nutrisystem and provide weight loss products and services. Nutrisystem’s top competitors include:

  • Jenny Craig
  • Your Superfoods
  • Orgain
  • NOW Foods
  • Neurohacker Collective
  • The Nue Co.
  • Bulletproof
  • Beachbody
  • WebMD
  • Bistro MD
  • South Beach Diet
  • Diet-to-Go
  • Weight Watchers
  • Medifast Eating Program

Jenny Craig, BeachBody, and WebMD are the top three competitors of Nutrisystem.


When it comes to losing weight, one should always take care of what they are putting into their body. To maintain a healthy weight, one should understand the procedure of a good diet, i.e., a balanced diet includes vegetables, dairy products, lean proteins, and whole grains; these all help maintain a healthy weight.

This Nutrisystem could prove to be the best product when it comes to taking a balanced diet and losing weight. One can maintain weight and a healthy lifestyle by taking supplements with essential minerals and vitamins.

This may be far from the good news that the other company has acquired the company, but no worries, they are still providing the same products and services directly to their users. 

So, you can also choose alternatives to Nutrisystem mentioned above in this blog. We hope you find the best similar option to this product that can go according to your taste and preferences.