Misen going out of business

Is Misen going out of business in 2023: who owns it now?

Is Misen going out of business? After Omar Rada and Josh Moses introduced Misen as a Kickstarter project in 2015, it has evolved a little. Brooklyn, New York, in the United States, is the location of Misen. They now provide a wide variety of incredible knives, cookware, and prep items in addition to the original chef’s knife. Misen creates and offers high-quality cooking equipment that is necessary for successful cooking. The brand makes knives and cookware popular with experienced and new chefs. It is made by blending creative design, high-quality materials, and fair pricing. 

Chefs use the term “mise en place,” meaning “placing in place.” This is to refer to the act of arranging their stations before serving in a professional kitchen. The brand claims its cookware is made to help users cook better by setting up high-quality tools. Hence it was named Misen, a tribute to mise en place.

Misen stopped making their current carbon steel frying pan model. A brand representative said a newer model would be available, pre-seasoned, and offered in their online store by early 2023. It is now being developed. 

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Where is Misen Cookware Made?

Misen going out of business

Misen is a privately held business. To be more precise, a factory close to Shanghai produces Misen cookware. The specifications and manufacturing process are not disclosed. The beginner, fundamental, and full cookware sets from Misen are carefully designed in Shanghai, China.

Despite having its headquarters in New York City, Misen ships all its goods from China. Their production method has likewise kept a mystery. Cutting boards, nonstick pans, cookware sets, kitchen knives, and other Misen items are all imported from China. It has two offices spread out over two different nations.

The entire funding for Misen, LLC, is $7 million. Matthew Luckett and Vanterra Capital have signed an investment agreement with Misen. They have joined the competitive kitchenware sector, aiming for consumers with moderate budgets.

Chefs and cooking lovers may be inventive and versatile in the kitchen. Also, they make better-quality food. This is due to the firm’s Japanese-style kitchen knives and stainless steel skillets. The products are designed for even heat distribution and durability.

Misen designs its kitchenware on commercial-grade aluminum. Besides, they used a stainless steel layer sandwiched between three layers of aluminum at the core. Some features of the carbon steel cookware include:

  • Tall sides
  • 99:1 iron-to-carbon ratio
  • large cooking surface
  • Ergonomic steel handles

As a result, Misen cookware is exceptionally light.

Are Misen products reliable?

Misen has gained amazing client satisfaction. Their cookware set does have a 4.9 out of 5 user rating. Misen has established itself as a reputable brand for kitchen equipment. Cookware made by Misen has a five-year lifespan. Its nonstick cookware has a one- to five-year lifespan. The Misen cookware is constructed from a 3.0 mm-thick, 5-ply composite. As a result, Misen cookware offers the best heat retention and dispersion.

Misen offers cost-effective goods of top quality. These items will be less expensive than those made of stainless steel. In addition, they deal directly with customers to offer their goods.

We won’t have any trouble locating its products. Customers can purchase their goods online. In addition, Amazon permits Misen to conduct direct online sales of its goods to customers.

As a result, Misen products are available on:

  • Misen’s official website
  • Alibaba.com
  • Amazon

Misen attractive discount sales 2023

The factory sales for Misen were conducted in 2022. Customers had the opportunity to purchase top-notch cooking equipment at incredibly low costs. Misen constantly strives to balance performance and value while producing kitchen products.

Users might receive up to 50% discounts on products like cookware, utensil sets, pizza steels, and knives beginning in June 2022. It was one of Misen’s biggest sales, and it’s only available while supplies last. The company expects to sell out everything on that sale.

High-quality Misen cookware performs on par with All-Clad but is much cheaper. The Starting Cookware Set is aptly named. It’s because anybody who prepares food for more than two people will need larger pans for braising stews, boiling spaghetti water, or cooking soup. For a very short period in 2023, Misen offers up to 35% off customers’ favorite knives, fry pans, and more.

Misen discontinued carbon steel frying pan

Misen stopped making their current carbon steel frying pan model. Misen has improved a pan that has long been a staple in commercial kitchens. So that the average home cook may use it, although they still need some care and upkeep, they are incredibly durable and can get a remarkable “nonstick” coating. If anyone already loves carbon steel, they might not see the upgraded design’s benefits as much.

Although carbon steel pans are a staple in commercial kitchens, home cooks probably use them less frequently. People adore them because they can withstand extreme heat. Misen is a newcomer on the market, up against French firms producing carbon steel pans for more than a century.


The founders of Misen want to concentrate on creating only kitchen appliances and cookware. It’s because people grab it regularly. They also understood that by bypassing the retail middleman and selling directly online, they might offer their products at “honest prices.” As a result, they developed an ongoing line of traditional nonstick cookware. Its lower-priced chef’s knives and a carbon steel wok received over 17,000 pre-orders last year.