is longaberger still in business

Is Longaberger Still In Business in 2024?

Is Longaberger Still In Business? In 2018, during the busy Christmas season, people usually didn’t order baskets or pottery from their salesperson for Longaberger. The Longaberger Company, which began in 1973, closed down in 2018. It stopped making new products in the same year, so they are not in business anymore.

Once, a big company worth $1 billion with many workers and sales associates stopped working in May. Any hopes for it coming back were gone on October 26, 2018, when a court in Texas decided to change it from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This meant they would sell everything they had.

The end happened 20 years after the founder, Dave Longaberger, retired and gave the company to his daughter, Tami. First, in May, they said they were stopping. Then, in June, the bigger company they were part of filed for bankruptcy. Finally, in October, the court decided they had to sell everything.

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Why Isn’t Longaberger In Business Anymore?

The company’s shutdown has different explanations, and it’s mostly connected to events between 1998 and 2001.

In 1998, Dave Longaberger stepped back from running the company on a daily basis. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1999, which was also the year The Longaberger Golf Club and The Longaberger Homestead were introduced.

By 2000, Longaberger achieved its highest success, reaching $1 billion in sales and securing a place among the 500 largest private companies in the U.S.

Later, it became the eighth-largest manufacturer in Ohio, with 8,200 workers. Then, the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. An economic recession and a changed marketplace happened that year.

Many blame the end of the company on the founder’s daughters: 

Tami Longaberger, who was the CEO and president when Dave Longaberger passed away. Also, Rachel Longaberger Stukey held the position of president at The Longaberger Foundation. Overspending and bad management are the usual reasons given.

Some people don’t blame the company’s leaders for its closing. They say the world changed, and not many people wanted baskets anymore.

After the 9/11 attacks, the economy got bad, and during the Great Recession from 2007-2009, people started spending money differently.

The leader, Tami Longaberger, sold the company in 2013 to CVSL, which later became JRJR Networks. JRJR Networks bought a bunch of other companies, too, thinking it would help all of them do better.

Matthew Clark, who worked for the company, got laid off when they left their famous Basket Building in Newark in 2016. When he started, about 300 to 400 people were working there. But, there were big layoffs in 2014 and 2015. He said they lost so many people that the accounting department couldn’t do its job properly. Many long-time workers wanted to stay, but they didn’t like working for the new owners.

Dixie Rollison, who worked for Longaberger for 29 years, remembered the founder, Dave Longaberger, as someone who made work fun. “Dave always joked with us,” Rollison said. “It was a pleasant workplace that became serious when the situation required. Everyone in this town loved Dave. When he passed away, it was really tough for everyone.”

How Has Longaberger’s Closure Affected Employees?

Patty Marshall, who worked as a consultant for Longaberger for 26 years from Martinsville, Indiana, said 2018 has been tough.

“It feels like losing someone in my family because Longaberger was a big part of my life,” Marshall expressed. “This hurts. I think it was bad management. In the last few years, more money was taken out of the company than put back in.”

Despite the painful end of the company, Marshall and many others cherish the good memories of what used to be the eighth-largest manufacturer in Ohio.

“My time with Longaberger has been amazing,” Marshall said. “I can’t imagine the last 26 years without Longaberger because I’d have a big space in my life. I made more friends over the years.”

Longaberger left its seven-story, basket-shaped building in July 2016. The sale of the building helped settle $850,000 in overdue property taxes.

A developer from Canton, Steve Coon, and his business partner, Bobby George, bought the building in December 2017, saving it from foreclosure and decay. Coon planned to spend $6.6 million on repairs and improvements, then find someone to use the building.

Background Of Longaberger

Longaberger was an American manufacturer celebrated for its handcrafted maple wood baskets. The company has a diverse range of home and lifestyle products. It was established in 1973 by founder Dave Longaberger. It began with five weavers in a small Dresden shop. As it flourished, it became one of the primary employers in Dresden, Ohio, before relocating to Newark, Ohio, in 1997.

Longaberger used a special way of selling things called multi-level marketing, and they did really well. 

In 2000, they reached their highest point, making $1 billion in sales. They didn’t only make baskets; they also started making other stuff like iron things, pottery, and wooden lids. The company had a headquarters in Ohio that looked like a big basket on State Route 16. It became famous and showed how much they loved making things. People around there knew it well.

In 2013, the company faced a turning point when CVSL, Inc. acquired it. 

Unfortunately, in 2018, Longaberger shut down its operations, marking the end of an era. The following year, Xcel Brands acquired the intellectual property. Also, it revived the brand, broadening its offerings to encompass furniture, food, jewelry, and various handcrafted products.

Even though Longaberger had some problems and had to close, it made a big impact on how things are made in America and how they’re sold. Even though the company isn’t around anymore, people still remember it fondly. The things Longaberger made are still in many homes today, reminding people of the good times they had with them.

Will Longaberger Be Back In Production?

There’s no official news about Longaberger starting to make baskets again. Even though the company’s history is a part of American craftsmanship, we’re not sure what will happen next. It’s like the company is taking a break, and we don’t know when it will start again.

How Can You Buy Longaberger Baskets Now?

If you want to buy Longaberger baskets, there are a few ways you can try:

Online Platforms: 

Look on websites like: 

  • Ruby Lane
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • 1stDIBS
  • Amazon

They often have old and special Longaberger baskets for sale. Check the Facebook group called “Longaberger Baskets for Sale.” It’s a place where people who love these baskets can sell, trade, or buy them.

Local Places: 

Visit flea markets, antique stores, and thrift shops in your area. You might find hidden treasures there.

Longaberger baskets are not just useful; they are also a part of American history. Whether you collect them or just like their beauty, happy hunting for your perfect basket! 

What Are Some Special Creations by Longaberger?

Longaberger has been making special baskets and home decorations for more than 50 years. They are known for their skill in crafting and creating unique designs that people really like. Here are some special creations by Longaberger; let’s take a look at them:

  • Handwoven Baskets: Longaberger is famous for making handwoven baskets that are classic and never go out of style. These baskets come in different shapes and sizes, and you can use them for keeping things, decorating your home, or giving them as gifts.
  • Market Baskets: They also made strong and useful Market Baskets that people used for shopping, picnics, or even as a stylish way to store things.
  • Collector’s Club Editions: Longaberger made special baskets just for their Collector’s Club members. These were limited editions with unique patterns, colors, and decorations.
  • Pottery and Stoneware: Besides baskets, Longaberger also started making things like dishes, serving bowls, and baking pans out of pottery and stoneware.
  • Home Decor Items: Longaberger went beyond baskets and created things to decorate homes, like sturdy iron stands, wooden shelves, and pretty fabric accessories. These went well with their baskets.
  • Seasonal Collections: For holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween, Longaberger made special collections. These included baskets, liners, and decorations, all themed for the occasion.

People loved to collect and pass Longaberger products down as family treasures. People really liked them because of the good quality and the care put into making each piece.

Similar Companies Like Longaberger

Here are some of the similar companies like Longaberger:

  • Alticor: Known for its diverse portfolio, Alticor operates in various sectors, including health, beauty, and home products.
  • Pampered Chef: A company specializing in kitchen tools, cookware, and food products, Pampered Chef offers a range of home goods.
  • Quaker Oats: Famous for its oat-based products, Quaker Oats has a long history and a wide product range.
  • Leggett & Platt: A manufacturer of diversified products, including furniture components, bedding, and flooring.
  • Shearer’s Foods: This company focuses on snack foods and related products.
  • Jo-Ann Stores: A retail chain specializing in fabrics, crafts, and home decor items.

These companies, like Longaberger, operate in various consumer goods and home-related markets. Each company has its unique offerings and business strategies.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Longaberger has had its share of good and tough times. The main company closed in 2018, but a new company, Xcel Brands, took over and now sells more home things. It’s a bit tricky to say if Longaberger is still doing the same kind of business. Even though the old way changed, Longaberger still exists through its products and the people who love it. They’re not just making baskets now; they’re also making new home things. Longaberger is making sure people remember its craft and new ideas, leaving a legacy of clever work and new designs.