Is Kobalt tools going out of business in 2023

Is Kobalt tools going out of business in 2023 – is it being discontinued?

Is Kobalt tools going out of business? Kobalt tools is a brand known internationally for its high-quality tools available in different countries. Offers mechanical and other tools you can use in your home for daily repair. It is an in-house brand and is owned by Lowes. Lowes is another big brand that deals in the selling market. Recently it came into the news that Lowes has abandoned Kobalt, and it is getting out of business.

But according to reports, it is being said that Lowes is not letting go of all the Kobalt products. It will keep the ones performing well in the market and let go of the other ones that are not very popular. It isn’t easy to make their tools business scalable and profitable. This is why Lowes and Kobalt are struggling with the ongoing inflation situation. 

There are different opinions as people are considering whether Kobalt is presently in business. The biggest concern is that people who have just recently bought expensive tools will no longer be able to avail themselves of the warranty and other associated benefits. There has been no official statement from the brand yet, and people are still left in the dark. 

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Is Kobalt tools going out of business?

Is Kobalt tools going out of business in 2023

For a very long time, Kobalt was the most famous brand in the market of machinery tools. Recently there has been news that cobalt has been abandoned by Lowes acquired it for the longest time. For those who don’t know, cobalt is not a brand itself. In fact, it is an in-house brand that needs to be more scalable. It was later acquired by another big company, which is how it became famous in the market. One of the biggest competitors of cobalt is a craftsman. 

These two companies have been in rivalry for years and years now. People have debated these two brands for years regarding which one is better. The kind of facilities both of these brands provides customers is quite different. They have various quality products, and the price range is also different from each other. 

Kobalt is known for offering tools that are run on batteries. On the other hand, artisans mix tools run by batteries and wired products. Yet these two had been the tool market’s major names for many years. We say speculation of cobalt going out of business, the craftsman will be able to make a lot more profits with the increased customer base. 

Why Kobalt products so popular?

The products from this company have been known for being high quality. The pricing was also within the range of everyone, so they were not overly expensive. They also advertise their products well and keep coming up with new features with each product launched in the market. The future of this company was promising as they had really ambitious goals and strategies.

Their tools were also long-lasting, which is why most people like buying them. For them, investing a particular amount of money into a device will last a lifetime. They also offered extra services such as maintenance and free repair after any purchase for a specific period. 

The company was liked by everyone, but suddenly there was news that it had been abandoned by Lowes. Although only some tools are left, it is still surprising news. People need help understanding what went wrong with Kobalt and why it was suddenly abandoned by its partner. No official statement has been released from both side, and there is a wave of confusion in public. 

Who manufactures Kobalt Tools?

Is Kobalt tools going out of business in 2023

People have this perception that Kobalt manufactures all its tools by itself. This is not true at all. Chevron has been manufacturing tools for cobalt for a very long period. They started this collaboration in 1993, and since then, Chevron has overtaken the manufacturing of cobalt tools. Chevron pays great attention to the quality of the tools that are manufactured for cobalt. The biggest USP of Kobalt tools is their quality; all the credit goes to Chevron.

They have had this partnership for the last three decades. With the latest news of cobalt tools being out of business and their manufacturing being stopped permanently, it is still being determined how both of these entities will function with each other from now on.

Why are Kobalt products cheaper than the other products available in the market?

Kobalt products are cheaper because they have a specific strategy to appeal to a particular market segment that cannot afford expensive mechanical tools. This is how they are improving and increasing their customer base and earning more profits by selling their tools to more customers. It is a very effective strategy and has worked for the brand for many years.

This brand, in particular, has an image of being affordable and at the same time, a long-lasting brand. This is why people swear by the quality of their products and recommend it to others as well.

Is kobalt discontinuing the production of its tools permanently?

As of now, there is yet to be any concrete information regarding the whole rumor. No one even knows if it’s true or not and whether cobalt is discontinuing the production of its tools or not. As of now, it has been forwarded that cobalt will no longer be in association with Lowes, who had taken up the responsibility of selling and marketing its tools for many years. This means that Kobalt’s career will end as it cannot sustain itself in the market on its own. But according to some sources, Lowes is not going to abandon all the cobalt tools but only some that are not performing well.


There has been news that Kobalt is going out of business, and all the tools will be discontinued permanently. A new official statement has been given from the side of cobalt. This means it will be too early to make assumptions based on the rumors derived from external sources. Let us hope that these good quality tools stay in the markets as they are affordable and long-lasting.

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