Is Kinko’s Still In Business in 2024? What happens to Kinkos?

So, is Kinko’s still in business? Nope, it officially closed down after turning into FedEx Office. It wasn’t just a name change; it changed everything – the way they do business, their values, and more.

Paul Orfalea, the person who started Kinko’s, is not happy with how things turned out. He doesn’t like that his once democratic and inclusive company turned into a regular corporate thing. Everything that made Kinko’s special – good customer service, easy to reach, and welcoming to everyone – got lost after Paul left in 2000.

Kinko’s used to be a bunch of stores where people could get things like printing, copying, and other office stuff done. It was like a second home for many people in the 1970s and 1980s. Writers, students, night owls, and business people all went to Kinko’s when they needed things printed, scanned, or faxed. It was a money-saver for college students.

But guess what? In 2023, Kinko’s isn’t around anymore. FedEx bought it and changed the name to FedEx Office. They also made big changes to what they do. So, Kinko’s still exists, but it’s called something else now. With all these changes, it’s not the same old office supplies place we loved.

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Background Of Kinko’s

Kinko’s used to be the go-to store for copying, printing, and other office stuff. It was started by a guy named Paul Orfalea in the 1970s and got really popular. Even though it was meant for offices, regular people liked it too.

In the 1980s, Kinko’s became a cool spot for all kinds of people who were into different ways of living. Poets, travelers, and others used Kinko’s to share their ideas. The stores were open 24/7, so anyone – small business owners, students, and professionals – could use them anytime. Kinko’s started doing more things like digital printing and graphic design as it grew.

Eventually, big companies noticed Kinko’s success, including the largest transportation company in the USA.

Why Did FedEx Take Over Kinko’s in 2004?

In 2004, FedEx took over Kinko’s, and there were lots of problems that led to that. The main issue was that Kinko’s business setup wasn’t working well.

Instead of having a regular way of running each store, Kinko’s had more of a loose arrangement with each store owner. Paul, the guy who started Kinko’s, used to focus on everyone having a say and sharing the success, but that didn’t work as Kinko’s got bigger.

At the peak, Kinko’s had about 126 partnerships. To make things more organized, Paul and a big investment company called Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CDR) changed the way the business worked. Even though it caused some problems, it worked out.

But it also made Paul less powerful. In 1997, he sold a big part of the company to CDR. Then, in 2000, he left Kinko’s because of a disagreement with the investment company.

So, after many years, the partnership ended. CDR talked to FedEx and sold Kinko’s to them. But why did FedEx want Kinko’s? Let’s figure that out.

Why Did FedEx Change Kinko’s To FedEx Office?

Believing in a strong fit between Kinko’s and FedEx, FedEx chose to acquire Kinko’s.

They thought it would be a smart move since Kinko handled a lot of the documents FedEx used for shipping.

But things changed quickly. Paper services were going down, and the profits FedEx expected didn’t happen. So, FedEx decided it was time for a big change.

They gave Kinko’s a new name: FedEx Office. It cost a lot, around $900 million, but they believed it was needed. See, people still thought of Kinko’s as just a place for printing and faxing. However, FedEx was doing much more, like shipping and digital work.

So, to show the bigger range of services, Kinko’s got a makeover and became FedEx Office. It sounded more professional and showed they did more than just printing.

After Kinko’s turned into FedEx Office, it kind of became a distant memory for people who knew it back in the 1970s and 1980s. The new name, FedEx Office, meant they were doing things in a whole different way.

They started helping out small businesses and people who work from home, which was a big change from the time when all kinds of people liked Kinko’s. Even with these big changes, FedEx Office made a good amount of money, around $2 billion. They have lots of places around the world, about 2,200 of them.

FedEx Office is still having a tough time against other stores like Office Depot, Staples, and the UPS Store.

Why Choose FedEx Office? Let’s Explore Their Handy Services!

FedEx Office can be a one-stop for all kinds of helpful services! Let’s find out!

Printing Services:

  • They help with designing and printing custom stuff, even for big orders.
  • You can quickly print your documents at their locations.
  • Need large prints for big projects? They’ve got you covered!


  • Do it yourself or let them handle it – single or multiple pages, color or black and white.

In-Store Goodies:

  • Get passport photos taken.
  • Use their computers, print stuff, and browse the internet.
  • Safely shred papers you don’t need.
  • Scan and save documents easily.
  • Send and receive faxes.
  • Enjoy free Wi-Fi if you’re on the move.

Online Services:

  • Expedited passports, renewals, and travel visas.
  • Notarize important documents online.
  • Combine physical mail with digital ads.
  • Design with Canva templates for quick printing.

Packing and Shipping:

Let the pros pack your items or do it yourself with their tools and tips.

Whether you’re in-store or online, FedEx Office has everything you need – people, products, and expertise!

How did FedEx Tackle Challenges and Bounce Back?

Last year, FedEx faced a challenge, losing around $7.68 billion in the company’s value as its shares dropped by nearly 11% during the holiday season. This happened because fewer people needed shipping services. Brie Carere, a top official at FedEx, explained that the company’s main part, FedEx Express, faced issues due to a smaller market and lower fuel and demand surcharges.

Even though FedEx made less money than before, it still managed to turn a profit. They did this by finding ways to spend less money on things like flights, employee benefits, and transportation. Their profit increased even though their overall revenue dropped by 3% to $22.17 billion.

To boost investor confidence, FedEx is also planning to buy back $1 billion of its stock. They hope these strategies will help them adjust their services to be both faster and more efficient.

The Bottom Line

Kinko’s, once a go-to for printing needs, bid farewell after being acquired by FedEx and rebranded as FedEx Office. Now, the quirky Kinko’s is a memory, and its services live on under the new name. Seeking alternatives? FedEx Office continues the legacy. Staples and Office Depot/OfficeMax offer similar services, with local print shops and online platforms like Vistaprint providing personalized options. While Kinko’s isn’t in business, its spirit endures through various alternatives, each with its unique strengths. Explore the possibilities and find the perfect fit for your printing and copying needs beyond the era of Kinko’s.