is kfc going out of business

Is KFC going out of business in 2024?

Is KFC going out of business? The American fast-food restaurant business is known as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). It specializes in fried chicken and is famous worldwide for its original recipe. For nearly five decades, this business has been a part of American culture. Over 20 billion pieces of fried chicken are thought to have been served because of its great popularity! Aside from online rumors, KFC is not going out of business.

In order to simplify options for customers, Kentucky Fried Chicken is cutting down its menu. They are removing five well-known favorites. But one fan favorite will gloriously make a comeback.

With 22622 locations and branches in nearly 150 countries, KFC ranks as the fourth-largest fast-food restaurant globally. One of the first American fast-food chains to go worldwide was this one. As of 2020, it had revenues of roughly USD 27.9 billion. This article will explore KFC and how it grew to be such a well-known brand.

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History Of KFC

Colonel Harland Sanders, who experimented with different jobs in the early 1930s, developed KFC.. 5 billion individuals have reportedly visited a KFC restaurant. On any given day, 8% of all people on Earth will do the same. But it didn’t take place overnight. With some thoughtful planning, KFC was able to rise from its modest origins as a little restaurant. It started with just $100 in capital and became an international force.

Colonel Sanders created a new fried chicken recipe for his restaurant in 1936. This item produced extra crispy chicken, which he dubbed his “eureka moment.” People enjoyed the novel recipe, and no other restaurants in the area served anything similar. So this find was wonderful for his business.

But after being attacked during World War II, Colonel Sanders’ house was destroyed, and he lost all he had. In 1952, Colonel Sanders made his second major fried chicken attempt when he began franchising his restaurant formula. In 1952, the first KFC location opened in Salt Lake City, Utah. The establishment’s owner, Pete Harman, who already owned many other eateries in the area, saw a 75% boost in sales in the first year.

Rodney L. Anderson, who came to coin the phrase “Kentucky Fried Chicken,” was also a good friend of Harman’s. By 1963, KFC had established itself as the largest fast-food chain in the United States. It was largely a result of its success in making chicken a common fast food item and a hamburger substitute.

In 1964, Sanders sold KFC to Harman, Thomas, and a select group of businessmen and financiers. Early in the 1970s, KFC was sold to spirits wholesaler Heublein. It was later acquired by the food and tobacco behemoth R. J. Reynolds. To pay off debt, R. J. Reynolds sold KFC to PepsiCo in 1986 for $850 million. It was also thought that PepsiCo’s advertising know-how would benefit the restaurant business.

To concentrate on its primary beverage and snack businesses, Pepsi decided to spin out its restaurant company as Tricon Global Restaurants in 1997. Yum! Brands was the new name for the division after it merged with Yorkshire Global Restaurants (now A&W Restaurants). Today, Yum! Brands is still the business owner of KFC.

KFC discontinues its popcorn chicken in 2024

Almost everyone has an opinion about fried chicken outlets. However, there is no doubt that KFC is at least one of the top restaurants in the group.

Whatever your mood may be, KFC often offers something to quench your chicken craving. Sadly, we will have to say goodbye to one beloved menu item in 2023: KFC’s popcorn chicken. Chicken nuggets will take the place of popcorn chicken at KFC starting in 2022, according to a post on Mashed. Since chicken nuggets are available everywhere, why are they choosing to do this?

Popcorn chicken is the ideal addition to mashed potato bowls for those of us who consume or have previously eaten them. You can still grab a bite of nearly anything on your spoon because they aren’t overly huge. Additionally, they are bite-sized, which makes them very convenient to eat on the go.

Fans are more puzzled than anything else, in all honesty, about why KFC will remove popcorn chicken from its menu in 2023. On the other hand, they might have a moment like Taco Bell did and decide to put it back a few months later owing to support from the public. Whatever the case, KFC dropping popcorn chicken from its menu is disappointing.

Five menu items at KFC discontinued

As the fast food giant strives to simplify choices for customers, Kentucky Fried Chicken is trimming its menu. They are removing five well-known favorites that USA Today published in March 2023. Starting in November, KFC menus across the nation will stop offering

  • popcorn chicken,
  • Kentucky fried chicken wings,
  • Nashville spicy sauce,
  • strawberry lemonade, and
  • chocolate chip cookies.

Customers should find it simpler to purchase now, KFC US director Brittany Wilson told USA Today in an interview. “Customers now have fewer alternatives, making it simpler for them to choose what to get. We’re also concentrating on the menu items that we do well,” she said.

According to a report from Fox Business, the updated menus are being offered across the country. Thus, it will give the historic fast food giant room for fresh concepts.

Wilson told Fox, “We looked carefully at the menu mix to figure out where consolidation would make sense. We sent out new menu boards in November 2022. Even though we’re getting rid of a few things, it will free up space for some fresh, intriguing menu additions for 2023.

She did not mention any of the recent additions to the fast food chain, but there have been a few. KFC announced on February 6 that Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps would be available across the country.

Following a trial run in Atlanta, the wraps were reportedly cited over 42,000 times on social media. This is according to the company’s press release.

According to US Chief Marketing Officer Nick Chavez, “Wraps fans have been pleading for fried chicken wraps to come back. We’re addressing the call with our fresh, finger-lickin’ good KFC wraps.” “It’s a deal to get two KFC wraps for $5. We have anything you’re craving, whether it’s a traditional chicken wrap or spicy slaw to ratchet up the heat.”

It may take some time for some social media users to get used to the smaller menu, though. One user tweeted, “Why not remove the boring items and keep the most popular ones?”

After almost ten years, KFC is bringing back a customer favourite!

After nearly a decade, Kentucky Fried Chicken has welcomed a legend back. As of March 6, the “KFC Double Down” will be available again for a short period. The instantly recognizable item employs two fried chicken filets as the bun in place of the standard sandwich’s bread. A pair of slices of cheese, bacon, and either mayo or spice sauce have been placed between them.

2010 saw the launch of the Double Down, which went on to sell over 10 million sandwiches. Even still, the chain claimed at the time that sandwich sales were trivial. Also, analysts reported that Double Down sales fell short of forecasts. Contrarily, the Double Down “produced more buzz than any test market item in KFC history,” according to the statement.

Before vanishing off the brand’s menus, it briefly made a comeback in 2014. Yet, according to KFC, customers have been “clamoring for the comeback” of the sandwich. So, the restaurant company is “answering the call” by introducing it back.

Additionally, KFC will be introducing a more traditional menu item for patrons “who are not so sure about enjoying the ‘no bun’ life.” It is a chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese that is served on a brioche bun. To make room for these new upgrades, KFC recently deleted a few menu staples.

Yum Brands’ KFC is continuously competing with its rivals to win over fast-food patrons. Chick-fil-A has begun testing its first sandwich made of plants, replacing the chicken with cauliflower. The McCrispy is the new moniker for the existing line of crispy chicken sandwiches at McDonald’s.


Since 1930, KFC has been a mainstay in the fast food and restaurant sectors. It has successfully grown to become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The business has maintained its success by sticking to its original formula and ignoring requests to do otherwise. Customers adore the original recipe, which also served as the basis for KFC’s initial fame.

Since last year, nearly 20 billion pieces of this chicken have been served because so many people adore it. That’s a lot of chicken! Time will tell, but for the time being, KFC is not set to go out of business.