Is Kenmore Still In Business

Is Kenmore Still In Business in 2024?

Is Kenmore Still In Business? Kenmore is an American brand of household appliances that has been a trusted name in the industry for over a century. Sears Holdings Corporation, a Transform Holdco LLC subsidiary, owns it. Kenmore offers various products, including refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers. Is Kenmore still doing its thing? Well, let’s dig in to find out! 

As of December 2023, Kenmore is still in business. It continues to provide high-quality products to millions of households. So, yes, Kenmore is still here! They make things for homes, like fridges and washing machines, even though they had money problems and closed some stores—still, lots of people like Kenmore.

You can get Kenmore stuff on Amazon, Sears, and Kmart. Kenmore also collaborates with companies such as Whirlpool and LG to make some of their things.

People like Kenmore because they’ve been making good stuff for a long time. Even with some troubles, Kenmore is still here, making things people enjoy using.

What’s The History Of Kenmore Appliances Under Transformco? 

Kenmore is a brand that makes many things for homes, like appliances, cookware, and more. It belongs to a company called Transformco. Before, it was part of Sears Holdings. But later, that changed in 2018 when Sears had money problems, and Transformco took over in 2019.

Different companies like Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, and more make Kenmore. 

The history of Kenmore goes way back to 1913, when they started with sewing machines. They added washing machines in 1927 and vacuum cleaners in 1932. Over time, they expanded to fridges, air conditioners, and even TVs.

Sears started selling Kenmore on Amazon in 2017. They tried to make Kenmore work with Amazon Alexa. In 2018, Sears wanted to sell Kenmore to get money. But then Sears had money troubles, and the future of Kenmore became uncertain.

Whirlpool used to make a lot of Kenmore things. However, their partnership ended in 2017 because of some disagreements. Kenmore also gets things made by other companies like LG and Panasonic.

Is Kenmore Still Thriving Despite Sears’ Financial Struggles? 

Sears Holdings Company, the parent of Kenmore, had some big problems. They had to close many of their stores because of money troubles. In 2018, they declared bankruptcy, and another company called Transform Holdco LLC took over.

In September 2021, Kenmore used to make home appliances, even though Sears Holdings Company faced difficulties. It’s essential to remember that things might change for Sears Holdings Company and Kenmore.

Despite the money issues, Kenmore is a strong brand, making things for homes like fridges and washing machines.

Who Manufactures Kenmore Appliances, And Where Can You Find Them? 

Have you ever wondered where Kenmore appliances come from and who makes them? Or where can you find them?

Here’s the surprise: Kenmore only makes some of their things. Kenmore is a brand that thinks up and advertises its products, but other companies do the actual making.

So, who are these companies? Some big ones are LG, Daewoo Electronics, Whirlpool, and Panasonic. They are turning Kenmore’s ideas into real products you can buy.

Now, let’s talk about the owner of Kenmore. The company that owns Kenmore is called Transformco. It was formed in 2019 after buying up the parts of Sears Holdings Corporation. But it went bankrupt in 2018. Transformco also owns other brands like Kmart, Craftsman, and DieHard.

Transform sells Kenmore stuff in different ways. They have stores like Sears and Kmart and sell online on places like Amazon, eBay, and Lowe’s. 

But here’s the interesting part: Transformco needs its factories to make Kenmore things. They rely on other companies, called OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), to do the making. These OEMs have agreements with Transformco. This way, they create Kenmore products based on the specifications and quality standards set by Kenmore.

Kenmore gets its things made by different companies, and one big company that makes a lot for them is Whirlpool. Whirlpool has been helping Kenmore since 1947, when they made the first washer together.

Whirlpool is a big company worth about $6.24 billion. It makes Kenmore washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, and dryers. Whirlpool has locations in many countries, but most of the stuff for Kenmore is made in the United States.

Kenmore also gets things made by companies like LG, Electrolux, Panasonic, Daewoo Electronics, Amana, and Cleva North America. Each of these companies makes different stuff for Kenmore.

You can check the model number if you want to know who made your Kenmore thing. For example, if your Kenmore starts with 106, 110, or 111, it means Whirlpool made it.

Kenmore Elite products, like refrigerators and washers, are special. Different companies, such as Whirlpool, Electrolux, and LG make them. The best way to know who made yours is to check the model number or ask Kenmore directly.

Permasteel makes Kenmore grills in the United States. They started working together in 2011, and as of 2023, they are still making grills for Kenmore.

Whirlpool makes most Kenmore dryersBut some are made by companies like Samsung, LG, Electrolux, Panasonic, Cleva North America, and Winia Electronics. LG makes the fancier Kenmore Elite dryers.

Cleva, an American company, makes Kenmore vacuums. Before 2016, Panasonic used to make them, but now Cleva does.

You can buy Kenmore things at Sears and on their official website, Amazon, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Target, and more. Check the Kenmore website to see where you can get their stuff.

What’s New With Kenmore Appliances In 2024?

Kenmore has been a part of American families’ lives for over a hundred years. The CEO of Kenmore, Sri Solar, said, “They’re continuing this tradition by introducing new appliances that are innovative and accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter where they like to shop.”

The new range models have cool features like TurboBoil to cook food faster, Steam, and Self Clean for easier cleaning. Besides, it has Air Fry for healthier cooking. They also use True Convection technology, which quickly preheats and evenly cooks food with hot air.

The new built-in dishwasher models have a stainless-steel tub and door interior, even in the basic models. They use UltraWash, which sprays dishes from all angles with clean water. Some models have a third rack for big utensils like spoons and knives.

The fancier models have SmartWash, SmartDry, and UltraWash Filter System for better cleaning.

The ranges are gas or electric; the dishwashers come in white, black, or fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. You can buy them online at certain national stores.

New refrigerators are coming soon, and more cooking, dish, and refrigeration models will be available throughout 2024.

Are Kenmore Elite Appliances Worth Considering? 

Kenmore Elite appliances are super fancy, work well, and are worth considering. They look good and have cool features and smart technology to help you out. Kenmore is a famous brand that has been making appliances for over 100 years. They make awesome refrigerators in many sizes and styles, and the prices are good, too.

Kenmore has various appliances, from small fridges to big ones for restaurants. The prices of Kenmore products vary so that you can find something affordable or a bit fancier. If you buy a Kenmore fridge, they cover any issues or defects for a whole year from when you got it. If something’s wrong, they’ll fix it or give you a new one. Kenmore has some luxurious fridges with cool features like stainless steel and GeniusCool technology. They even have really big fridges for businesses that need a lot of space.

Who are Kenmore’s competitors in the appliance world? 

Kenmore has some competitors in the appliance world. Check them out:

  • Whirlpool Corporation: They make all kinds of home stuff like fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers.
  • GE Appliances: This is like the cool cousin of Kenmore. They are part of a big Chinese company called Haier, and they also make fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers.
  • LG Electronics: Straight out of South Korea, LG is into everything electronic, including fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers.
  • Samsung Electronics: Another South Korean player. Samsung does a bit of everything, including fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers.
  • Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch): These guys are from Germany, and they’re all about engineering and tech. They also make fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers.
  • KitchenAid: This one is like Kenmore’s buddy because Whirlpool owns it. They do the same stuff – fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers.
  • Maytag: Also part of the Whirlpool family, Maytag does home and commercial appliances, including fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers.
  • Frigidaire: An American brand owned by Electrolux. They are into fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers too.
  • Haier: From China, Haier makes many things, including fridges, washing machines, and dishwashers. They’re like the global squad of home appliances.

Final Thoughts

It is concluded that Kenmore is still in business! Despite its former owner, Sears, facing bankruptcy in 2018, Kenmore was acquired by Transformco in 2019. While the brand encountered challenges due to Sears’ bankruptcy, it continues to adapt and thrive in the competitive home appliance market. With a rich history dating back to 1913, Kenmore’s commitment to quality endures. Transformco, the current owner, ensures Kenmore’s presence in the market, maintaining its reputation for reliable products. So, if you’re considering Kenmore appliances, rest assured that the brand is alive, well, and committed to meeting the needs of consumers.