Is Isuzu Still In Business

Is Isuzu Still In Business in 2024?

Is Isuzu Still In Business? Isuzu, a well-known automaker, has navigated through changes in the automotive landscape. Isuzu is still in business but has not produced cars in the United States since 2008. It is an active and thriving business, focusing on its core strengths. It specializes in manufacturing reliable trucks and renowned diesel engines. Isuzu continues to play a significant role in the global automotive market. 

This blog will delve into Isuzu’s journey. Here, we’re exploring why it exited the U.S. car market and how it maintains a strong presence through strategic partnerships and innovations. Let’s explore the enduring story of Isuzu and its ongoing impact.

Isuzu Motors, a Japanese automaker, used to sell cars in the United States. Although they no longer sell new vehicles, you might still come across used models. Isuzu was known for making trucks and SUVs. It is competing with other Japanese brands like Toyota and Suzuki. Isuzu is one of the smaller automakers. They introduced models such as the Ascender SUV and the i-series midsize pickup truck line.

What Is The Story Of Isuzu?

The story of Isuzu in the U.S. spans almost three decades. 1986 was a successful year, selling 127,630 cars and trucks. This surpassed well-known brands like Audi, Hummer, Infiniti, Land Rover, Porsche, and Saab. However, things have changed over the years.

By 2007, Isuzu faced a decline, managing to sell only 11,300 vehicles. This was a significant drop from the 103,937 cars sold in 1999. Out of these, only 7,000 were passenger vehicles, including 4,000 pickup trucks and 3,000 Ascender units, according to Ward’s Automotive Reports.

Isuzu played a pioneering role by introducing SUVs to the American market at the right time. The Rodeo, a popular midsize SUV import, had impressive sales figures in the early ’90s. For instance, it sold 45,257 units in 1992 and 48,903 in 1993. Despite continuous growth throughout the ’90s, Isuzu faced challenges in the 2000s due to increased competition from other Japanese brands offering light trucks in specific segments.

Isuzu contributed to the U.S. automotive landscape by building the Honda Passport, a version of the Rodeo. It sold from 1994 to 2002. It marked Honda’s entry into the U.S. truck market. Additionally, Isuzu manufactured the SLX, a luxury SUV for Acura, from 1996 to 1999, modelling it after the Isuzu Trooper. Despite these contributions, Isuzu eventually stopped selling cars in the U.S.

This leads to a shift in their focus to trucks and collaborations with other companies.

Why Did Isuzu Stop Making Cars In The United States in 2008?

Isuzu stopped making cars in the United States in 2008 because few people were buying them. Also, they wanted to focus more on making big trucks and special engines. 

They decided to sell and help with parts but said goodbye to selling cars here on January 31, 2009. The main reason was that more people needed to buy Isuzu cars.

However, they still make some diesel engines in the U.S.

Why Did Isuzu Leave The U.S. Market in 2009? 

Their longtime partner, General Motors, was having money problems and going bankrupt. Isuzu had to stop making the Ascender SUV and its small pickup trucks based on Chevy’s Trailblazer.

Before that, Isuzu shared a plant with Subaru in Indiana until money troubles ended. Isuzu then depended on GM vehicles that they rebranded as their own. In the late ’90s, Isuzu had money issues, too. They needed help finding good cars to replace the ones they were losing from GM.

Foreign car companies like Suzuki and Daihatsu also left the U.S. market around the same time.

In December 2019, Volvo, a Swedish car company, said they would sell their Japan-based UD Trucks to Isuzu Motors for $2.3 billion. They made a deal to share new technology for electric and self-driving trucks. This helped both companies save money when developing these new technologies.

With electric cars and self-driving technology becoming popular, car companies teamed up like this is common. The deal helped Volvo because the truck market in Japan was tough, and they could use the money. Isuzu got access to Volvo’s electric truck technology, which is already used in trucks for delivery and sanitation.

Isuzu focused on smaller trucks. They also had UD Trucks, which made heavier trucks and medium-sized pickups. The Isuzu-Volvo deal ended in 2020.

Who Owns Isuzu?

In 2006, Itochu Corporation became a big owner of Isuzu after GM sold all its shares. Mitsubishi took the lead as the largest shareholder that year. Toyota also joined in by buying almost 6% of Isuzu shares in 2006, selling them later, and buying them again in 2021.

Now, let’s talk about who runs Isuzu. Masanori Katayama is the boss as the President and Representative Director. The Isuzu Board of Directors includes people like:

  • Mitsuyoshi Shibata
  • Kozue Nakayama
  • Masayuki Fujimori
  • Kenji Miyazaki
  • Koichi Seto
  • Shinichi Takahashi
  • Shinsuke Minami
  • Tetsuya Ikemoto
  • Shun Fujimori

Now, who makes Isuzu trucks and engines? Well, Isuzu does it themselves! They’ve worked with companies like GM, Honda, and Nissan. But now, Isuzu runs its factories worldwide.

Here are a few of the companies that own the most Isuzu shares:

  • Mitsubishi Corporation – 8.18%
  • ITOCHU Corporation – 6.81%
  • Toyota Motor Corporation – 5.02%
  • Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd. – 4.81%
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management Co., Ltd – 2.61%
  • Nikko Asset Management Co., Ltd. – 2.22%
  • Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. – 2.05%
  • The Vanguard Group, Inc – 1.83%
  • Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd. – 1.76%
  • Templeton Global Advisors Ltd. – 1.67%

What Is Isuzu Famous For?

Isuzu is famous for making really good diesel engines used in many different things. They’ve been doing it for a long time – more than 80 years! People call them the ‘king of diesel’ because they’re good at it.

But other companies, like Cummins, Caterpillar, and Detroit Diesel, are also really good at making diesel engines. They all have a good reputation for creating strong and reliable machines.

So, you have many good choices if you need a diesel engine. It depends on what you need it for and how much you want to spend. Isuzu is one of the best, but it’s good to consider all the options before deciding.

Is Isuzu A Reliable Brand?

Isuzu is a really old car brand from Japan that’s been around for more than 100 years. They say their cars have this special ‘Truck DNA,’ meaning they’re super tough, dependable, and don’t use too much gas.

They’re famous for making diesel engines, which are like the hearts of their trucks. Isuzu tests and works on these engines to ensure they run great, don’t give you trouble, and use only a little fuel.

Isuzu’s trucks are also known for being good with gas – they don’t use it quickly. They use cool technology in the engine, turbocharger, and shape of the truck to ensure it doesn’t waste fuel.

Isuzu has dealerships all over the country, more than 47 of them! They even have this cool thing called ‘Mobile Medic’ that helps you if your truck breaks down. The people who fix these trucks are some of the best in the world, winning awards from Isuzu in Japan. They’re like car doctors for Isuzu trucks.

Where Can You Buy Isuzu Truck?

If you want to buy an Isuzu truck, you can go to the official Isuzu website. Also, you can use their dealer finder tool to discover the closest Isuzu dealership in your area. 

Another way is to check online places to find Isuzu dealerships near you. You can visit these websites:

  • Truck Junction
  • CarDekho
  • Tractor Junction 

These websites have all the information, like addresses and contact details, of the best Isuzu dealers in your city. You can also get help by calling Isuzu’s customer service number at 1800 419 9188 (toll-free).

Choosing Between Isuzu, Ford, and Toyota

It depends on what you need when picking between Isuzu, Ford, and Toyota. Isuzu makes tough and durable vehicles, like the D-Max pickup. It is known for off-road adventures with low running costs. 

Ford focuses on fun and good performance. Its Ranger pickup is powerful and comfy, especially the XLT Fully Loaded. 

Toyota is reliable and practical, with the Hilux pickup being durable and versatile. It claims lower fuel consumption than Isuzu and Ford. Your choice should consider things like: 

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Towing capacity
  • Off-road abilities
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Price is based on your specific needs and preferences.

Who Are The Major Competitors Of Isuzu?

Volkswagen AG:

  • Based in Germany
  • About 650,951 people work there.
  • They make around $293.6 billion.
  • It’s a public company.

Toyota Motor Corp:

  • Based in Japan
  • About 375,235 people work there.
  • They make around $274.5 billion.
  • It’s a public company.

Mercedes-Benz Group AG:

  • Based in Germany
  • About 167,397 people work there.
  • They make around $157.7 billion.
  • It’s a public company.

Honda Motor Co Ltd:

  • Based in Japan
  • About 197,039 people work there.
  • They make around $124.9 billion.
  • It’s a public company.

Wrap Up

Isuzu is still in business but no longer makes cars in the United States. The decision to exit the U.S. market in 2009 was influenced by financial challenges and the termination of partnerships, particularly with General Motors. 

Isuzu shifted its focus to commercial vehicles and diesel engines, aligning with its core strengths. Despite ceasing car production in the U.S., the company continues to operate globally. Recent positive developments include a strategic alliance with Volvo, marking a $2.3 billion deal for Japan-based UD Trucks. This partnership aims to share advanced technology for electric and self-driving trucks, fostering competitiveness in the evolving automotive landscape.