is hardcore pawn still in business

Is Hardcore Pawn Still In Business in 2024? – Are they closed?

Is Hardcore Pawn still in business? Hardcore Pawn, a popular reality show centered around American Jewelry and Loan, ended its run in 2015 after nine seasons. While the show may have ended, questions about the pawnshop’s status linger. Let’s delve into whether Hardcore Pawn is still operating in business today. 

So, the answer is No! Hardcore Pawn is no longer in business. After the TV show Hardcore Pawn ended in 2015, Les Gold, who owns the American Jewelry and Loan pawn shop, has been expanding his business. He opened new shops in Southgate and Lincoln Park in 2021. He also helps with charity events in Detroit and keeps working on improving his family business. This provided jobs for about 200 people.

Seth Gold, Les’s son, is also involved in the pawn business. He and Les started a new online service called FastPawn in 2019. This service makes it easier for people to manage their pawn loans online. Seth helped expand the pawn business into Southgate and Lincoln Park, too.

Ashley Gold, Les’s daughter, left the pawnshop and started her own business.

Even though the TV show ended, American Jewelry and Loan is still doing well thanks to the hard work of the Gold family.

Hardcore Pawn Overview

Hardcore Pawn is a TV show about a family-run pawn shop called American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit. The show started in 2010 and became popular. It’s about the everyday things that happen at the pawn shop. Les Gold, the owner, comes from a family of pawnbrokers. The shop started in 1978 and moved to its current location in 1993.

Les has a son named Seth and a daughter named Ashley. Seth went to the University of Michigan and helped with marketing at the shop. Ashley studied business and knows a lot about diamonds. Both of them work at American Jewelry. Sometimes, they argue like typical siblings.

The show had many seasons, and each season had a bunch of episodes. The last season was aired in 2015. The attacks show different situations and exciting things at the pawn shop. It’s like a reality show about a family business.

Les also owns another pawn shop in Pontiac, featured in the show. Seth tried to sell it secretly in some episodes, causing drama in the family. The show gives a glimpse into the world of pawn shops and the exciting items people bring in to sell or Pawn.

What Happened to Rich Pyle From Hardcore Pawn?

The show finished in 2015, but people still watch it on TikTok. One person from the front, Rich Pyle, who used to work at the pawn shop, made headlines.

Rich was known for his spiky hair and arguments with Ashley (the co-owner). Later, he did not work at the pawn shop. The shop was still in operation but was run by Seth and Les (Ashley’s dad). Ashley left to start her own business.

A former employee named Bobby talked about what happened to Rich on TikTok. According to Bobby, Rich got in trouble, was put on probation, and then was let go by Les and Seth. There was a strange situation that led to his removal.

Bobby explained that Rich’s job was to help customers at the layaway window. He got distracted and started doing things for the TV show instead of his job. This caused problems, and he was eventually fired after being put on probation. Bobby mentioned that Rich was good at his job but started focusing more on being on TV than doing his work at the pawn shop.

Controversies And Criticisms Surrounding ‘Hardcore Pawn’

In one season of the show, there was a big problem involving the Gold family and stolen art. Tony and Dina tried to sell paintings worth over $1 million without the owner knowing. They pretended to be friends with Les, the pawnshop’s owner and got a good deal on the art pieces. The owner found out and told Les, Ashley, and Seth about it.

Some people said that ‘Hardcore Pawn’ got much criticism for being unreal. They thought the show was scripted and fake because it made everyday things look too dramatic. The Gold family was accused of not acting well and exaggerating their reactions. Even though some viewers still liked the show, others thought many of the fights and problems with employees were planned rather than actual. Les, the owner, said the show was not scripted, but some customers may have acted up to get attention.

There were other issues with the show, too. Some people didn’t like how the Detroit customers, especially African Americans, were shown. They felt it made them look angry and not cultured. Also, scenes with demanding customers were edited to make them look silly and stereotypical.

What Are The Most Popular Episodes Of Hardcore Pawn?

Hardcore Pawn had some exciting episodes. Let’s talk about a few of the most memorable ones:

  • Season 8, Episode 26, titled ‘Million Dollar Deal, Part 1’: the Gold family encounters a massive opportunity valued at one million dollars. The suspense and negotiations make it a thrilling episode.
  • “Million Dollar Deal, Part 2” (Season 8, Episode 27): The saga of the million-dollar deal continues with intense moments and surprising twists. Will the pawnshop make the ultimate bargain?
  • “Seth’s Big Mistake” (Season 9, Episode 11): Seth, one of the family members, makes a big mistake, and the consequences unfold. The team has to deal with the problems caused by his error.
  • “Secret Shopper” (Season 9, Episode 9): A mystery shopper visits the pawnshop, putting the staff under scrutiny. The tension rises as they try to meet the mystery shopper’s expectations.
  • “Inside Job” (Season 8, Episode 22): The Golds discover fake pawns, leading to an investigation that involves a trusted employee. Meanwhile, Karen deals with a demanding customer, and Seth negotiates for something unusual.

These episodes added a lot of excitement to the show. If you like drama and exciting moments, watch these episodes!

Where can you watch old episodes of Hardcore Pawn?

If you want to watch the old episodes of Hardcore Pawn, there are two places where you can find them:

  • You can watch the first season of Hardcore Pawn on It has all eight episodes from 2010. The quality might vary, but it’s an excellent way to see how the show started. Some episodes have better audio quality now. You can watch them here: Hardcore Pawn: The Complete 1st Season.
  • Trakt. Tv: Trakt. TV lists all Hardcore Pawn episodes from 2009 to 2015. It details each episode, making finding specific moments from the show easy. Check out the episodes on Trakt: Hardcore Pawn All Episodes.

So, if you’re interested in the fascinating people at the pawnshop or the intense negotiations, these places will help you relive the excitement of Hardcore Pawn!

What Other Shows Are Like Hardcore Pawn?

If you liked watching Hardcore Pawn, you might enjoy these other reality shows, too:

  • Pawn Stars: This show is about a pawn shop in Las Vegas called Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. The owners and staff check out exciting items brought in by customers, and you get to see calm negotiations and learn about historical stuff.
  • Antiques Roadshow: This classic show has experts traveling around the U.S. to check out antiques and collectibles that regular people own. It’s interesting to find out the value and history of different items.
  • Storage Wars: Storage Wars is excellent if you like auctions and hidden treasures. Professional buyers bid on leftover storage units, hoping to find valuable things inside.
  • American Pickers: Join Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel the country looking for rare and valuable antiques. They explore hoard piles, barns, and attics, discovering hidden gems.
  • Comic Book Men: This show is in a comic book store called Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. It’s all about comic book fans, collectors, and unique memorabilia.

Each of these shows offers something interesting, with a mix of learning, fun, and unexpected discoveries.

Comparison Between ‘Pawn Stars’ and ‘Hardcore Pawn’

After the enormous success of the show ‘Pawn Stars,’ it’s not surprising that others tried to copy it, like ‘Hardcore Pawn.’ Some experts say ‘Hardcore Pawn’ is much like ‘Pawn Stars’ but with some differences. Both shows are about pawn shops, but ‘Pawn Stars teaches exciting things about history, society, and culture.

On the other hand, ‘Hardcore Pawn’ is more about drama, fights, and shocking moments to make people watch. The shows also have different customers and focus on buying or selling other things.

In 2012, Les, part of ‘Hardcore Pawn,’ talked about trying to work with the people from ‘Pawn Stars.’ He said they wanted to team up, but it didn’t happen. Les mentioned that he thinks ‘Pawn Stars’ might be scared of them and that they are more challenging and in better shape.

The Bottom Line

Yes, Hardcore Pawn is no longer in business. The reality show, which showcased the operations of American Jewelry and Loan, concluded its nine-season run in 2015. While the show may have ended, the legacy of American Jewelry and Loan continues. Les Gold, Seth Gold, and Ashley Gold, the pawnshop owners, have moved on to other ventures. Les opened new pawnshops in Southgate and Lincoln Park, focusing on charity events in Detroit. Seth launched FastPawn, an online payment service, while Ashley pursued her business endeavors. Although Hardcore Pawn is a thing of the past, the Gold family’s entrepreneurial spirit lives on.