Is Golf Galaxy Going out of business in 2024?

Is Golf Galaxy IS Going out of Business? Golf Galaxy Company owns and operates a chain of golf stores. Golf equipment, apparel, accessories, and gifts are available from the company, as well as on-course electronics, training aids, fitness tracking products, and electronic accessories. Golf Galaxy serves customers in the United States.

Golf Galaxy is every golfer’s fantasy. It is more than just a shopping experience. It is a reliable one-stop shop for all things related to golf. The game changers, outfitters, trusted advisors, and experts make this the ideal place to tee off on or off the green.

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summary of golf galaxy

Golf Galaxy opened its first store in 1997, quickly distinguishing itself from other golf retailers by combining a large selection of equipment and apparel and interactive golf amenities with pro shop knowledge and services. This company’s mission is to be the trusted advisor for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels by fitting, teaching, and outfitting them to play their best golf.

Is Golf Galaxy Going out of Business

DICK’S Sporting Goods acquired Golf Galaxy in 2007. Today, Golf Galaxy operates over 85 stores in 34 states, each of which offers the following amenities: 

  • The best selection of top equipment brands
  • Trend-setting and traditional apparel brands
  • On-staff PGA and LPGA professionals
  •  The industry’s only Certified Fitter program
  •  On-site Certified Club Technicians
  •  Golf course simulators
  •  A Launch Monitor fitting bay 
  • An on-site full-sized putting green

Every player assistant in every Golf Galaxy location is dedicated to improving the games of the players who shop there, demonstrating daily.

is golf galaxy out of business?

It was predicted to be a challenging period for the golf industry. The millennial generation preferred more socially conscious experience activities and didn’t enjoy playing the game. Tiger Woods, a professional legend, was nearing the end of his career, and the tour was struggling to find a replacement. Additionally, access to courses and clubs in the suburbs would be difficult for aspiring newcomers to the sport due to a more urban lifestyle and a decline in automobile ownership. Everyone agreed that golf was a fading industry.

Golf is experiencing an astonishing comeback, one of the more unexpected effects of the epidemic. This happened because of its socially isolating outdoor format and the increased number of people migrating out of the city and into the suburbs. Retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods are boosting their golf-related activities due to the sport’s revival.

The pandemic has made it more challenging to participate in sports like basketball, tennis, and other indoor activities. It has created the perfect environment for people looking for something to do while attempting to avoid social interaction and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. This has undoubtedly contributed to golf’s recent expansion.

Is Golf Galaxy Going out of Business

Dick’s, the company that owns the 98-store Golf Galaxy chain, confirmed the increase. It was recently announced that nine newly renovated sites would be unveiled this month, with additional upgraded stores planned for later in the year. With hitting bays, on-site lessons from professional players, and expanded equipment and apparel product offerings, they offer what is referred to as “an immersive golf experience.”

analysis of the industry

According to the golf research report, e-commerce represented only 7% of total industry sales in 2019 due to the in-person characteristics of the purchasing process. It would grow at a different rate than other consumer products. This was before Covid, so it is unclear whether more businesses migrated online while working from home.

According to research, the golf business should expand at a CAGR of 3% through 2025. It lists several factors that were already at work before the pandemic and that are cited as being critical to the business’s success: They are a transition in viewership enabling fan engagement, new product development, growth in golf tourism, and stimulating growth by increasing golfing events

However, golfers spend their money on equipment. The golf industry has continued to thrive despite the epidemic in warm-weather markets and continues to do so nationally. It appears that they will continue to do so shortly. This appears that the journey will be lengthy.

news update

According to a news update released on August 20, 2021, Dick’s Sporting Goods plans to open the first Golf Galaxy Performance Center as well as four additional locations. This includes two Dick’s Sporting Goods stores and two Going, Going, Gone! Stores. The redesigned Golf Galaxy Performance Center will open in Framingham, Massachusetts. It will provide an immersive experience for golfers of all levels, with state-of-the-art hitting bays, custom fittings, and golf lessons from certified PGA professionals.

Dick’s currently operates 98 Golf Galaxy locations across the country. The Golf Galaxy Performance Center is one of 19 newly renovated Golf Galaxy locations with expanded technology offerings. This will be available at an additional 64 stores this year.

This latest upgrade to the Golf Galaxy fleet comes after the sporting goods retailer launched several new retail banners. The House of Sports’ new store concept, which debuted in April 2021 and will be used to test new technology and ideas that can be rolled out across the company’s fleet, is one of them, as is its new Going, Going, Gone! Chain of discount stores.

dick’s sporting goods and golf galaxy partnership

DICK’S and Golf Galaxy have partnered to become the “Home of the Hot List,” with benefits and exclusive content for golfers and joint marketing programs in 2022. Golfers shopping at DICK’S and Golf Galaxy can see, try, and get a custom fit for the Hot List’s gold and silver medal products from DICK’S and Golf Galaxy’s Trusted Advisors. Customers can also pick up this year’s Hot List issue, available in stores and published annually by Golf Digest. Golf Digest is the most widely read golf publication and the most visited golf website in the world.

In addition, DICK’S and Golf Galaxy ScoreCard members will receive various benefits, including subscriptions to the Golf Digest Digital Edition, Golf Digest Schools, or the Golf Digest print edition. Golf Galaxy and Dick’s stores will also sell Golf Digest magazines in stores. This collaboration between DICK’S, Golf Galaxy, and Golf Digest aims to pool the resources of industry leaders to assist golfers of all skill levels in finding the best equipment, getting a custom fit, and improving their game.

Golf Digest is the world’s most widely read and visited golf publication. It is achieved both in print and online. It speaks about authority on how what, and where to play. Golf Digest aims to make its readers better players, more intelligent consumers, and more discerning travelers. It also provides informative and provocative stories that fuel the never-ending conversation that is golf.


“We formed this partnership with America’s largest and most genuine sports retailer to get closer to golfers,” said Chris Reynolds, Golf Digest’s senior vice president and general manager. The Hot List is the tool golfers rely on to help them choose the right equipment. Dick’s and Golf Galaxy are places to find that equipment, fittings, and advice. Bringing the two together will allow us to learn more about today’s golf consumers, understand the golf equipment business, and grow the game. “Our goal is always to help golfers play better and enjoy the game more,” says the company’s CEO.

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