Is Dr. Squatch Going Out Of Business in 2023?

Is Dr. Squatch going out of business? We are so sorry to hear that you’re concerned about Dr. Squatch’s business. We have searched the web for information regarding Dr. Squatch’s closure. We found a few results that might be helpful for you. 

You must read on to learn everything about Dr. Squatch, whether it is going out of business or not.

There have been some class action lawsuits against Dr. Squatch in the past year. It indicates that the company is in trouble, according to Reddit Posts. However, it’s important to note that this is just speculation and not confirmed news. So, we are unsure whether Dr. Squatch is going out of business.

We tried to find other reliable sources that suggest Dr. Squatch is going out of business. Reportedly, the company has built a $100 million business with minimal outside funding. Besides, it is reported that Dr. Squatch is broadening its retail presence as it has entered Walmart stores nationwide. 

If you’ve come across Dr. Squatch soap ads, they raised an eyebrow or two. Some folks find these ads offensive due to what’s seen as a “bro culture” vibe and old-fashioned gender stereotypes. It feels like a blast from the past in many ways.

These ads pop up everywhere, from YouTube to TikTok. Or even during your favorite podcasts. Dr. Squatch has stirred up quite a controversy.

Now, they say any publicity is good in the advertising world. So, these ads are likely to be around for a while. But what about the products themselves? Are they the real deal, or is it all just creative marketing that happens to rub people the wrong way? Stay tuned to discover all these things.

  • Squatch Expands Its Retail Footprint with Entry into Walmart’s Thriving Personal Care Category.

Dr. Squatch is a rapidly growing men’s natural soap and personal care brand. This brand has shared exciting news. They’re expanding their retail presence by entering Walmart stores all across the nation. 

Dr. Squatch’s products will find a home in Walmart’s natural products aisle. Their mission? To inspire men to embrace healthier and happier lives. By upgrading their personal care routine with top-notch, natural products that deliver results.

Jack Haldrup, the Founder and CEO of Dr. Squatch, expressed his pride in this move. He sees it as a significant step in their omnichannel retail strategy. They sell their products in Walmart, the world’s largest retailer. It aligns perfectly with their vision of continuous growth. Besides, it helps men lead better lives.

Shawn Townzen, Walmart’s Vice President of Merchandising for Personal Care, noted. The demand for natural personal care products among their customers is growing. Walmart is eager to provide more choices that cater to these needs. They’re excited to be the first retailer offering a full range of Dr. Squatch products in their stores.

In summary, Dr. Squatch is taking its natural products to Walmart as it aims to make men healthier and happier. Walmart is keen on meeting its customers’ desires for natural personal care options.

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Are Dr. Squatch Products Good And Safe?

Let’s break down the Dr. Squatch products – the good and the not-so-good.

First, they’re all about natural stuff. So Dr. Squatch products are always good and safe as they contain No chemicals, irritants, or preservatives. They claim it’s for all skin types, not just the bros. And there’s a fun “Squatch Quiz” to help you pick the suitable soap and scent.

To keep their customers happy, they throw in a “Satisfaction Guarantee.” That’s “satisfaction” for those not in on the bro lingo.

Free shipping for US subscribers. Besides, a sweet 15 percent discount for all subscribers on their website.

But here’s the kicker – they offer a ton of products, including: 

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Shower boosters
  • Soap savers
  • Grippers
  • Shaving gear
  • Beard oils
  • Colognes
  • Candles and gifts

It’s all luxury, so check your wallet before going all-in on Dr. Squatch.

Let’s put light on Dr. Squatch’s Customer Reviews.

When you dive into Dr. Squatch’s customer reviews, you might raise an eyebrow. The praise can seem almost too good to be true. Hundreds of studies, especially for the soaps, all boasting ratings of at least 4.5 out of 5. Some comments claim things. For example, “My wife can’t resist my hair,” and others are so glowing they might make you roll your eyes.

But here’s the kicker. There’s a downside that raises some serious concerns. The limitation is BBB does not accredit Dr. Scratch. BBB stands for Better Business Bureau (BBB). In fact, the BBB gave them a less-than-stellar F rating.

And it doesn’t stop there. On, Dr. Squatch only manages a rating of 2.45. Many reviews there gripe about delivery issues. It might explain those low BBB and TrustPilot scores.

What About Dr. Squatch Ingredients?

Dr. Squatch is a brand that is transparent about the ingredients used in their soaps, except for the manufacturing process. Their bar soap line contains sea salt and other exfoliating properties. It can help remove dead skin cells when used with warm to mildly hot water. 

However, Dr. Squatch soaps are not effective for cleaning hard. Or greasy surfaces or killing germs. For such purposes, stronger and harsher liquid soap or detergent is required.

Dr. Squatch soaps are advertised as natural. However, they contain certain mildly unnatural ingredients, such as palm oil. Palm oil is used as a moisturizer to keep the skin soft as it makes skin supple by blocking moisture from escaping from the skin. 

Although it is sustainable, it is either fabricated or sourced from forests. It contributes to deforestation, climate change, and habitat degradation.

When Did Dr. Squatch Come Out?

Dr. Squatch, an American personal care brand, was born in sunny San Diego back in 2013. Now, it calls Los Angeles home. They’re all about men’s products made from natural stuff.

Their promise? No nasty skin irritants, no chemical junk, and nothing that hurts our planet. Plus, they’re kind to animals – no testing on them.

As of 2021, Dr. Squatch is raking in $100 million every year. That’s some serious cash! They’re definitely staying in business and closing shop.

Why Is Dr. Squatch So Expensive?

Dr. Squatch products might seem pricey, but there’s a reason. They’re all about the good stuff, as they contain natural ingredients, zero harsh chemicals, and no synthetic junk.

And guess what? You can find these goodies in over 1,600 Walmart stores:

Their famous bar soaps with unique and appealing scents like Cedar Citrus and many more. 

The Soap Gripper is a shower buddy that makes your soap last longer. Fresh Falls and Pine Tar scents come in Shampoo and conditioner. So, no worries, Dr. Squatch isn’t closing down. They’re going strong!

Is Dr. Squatch Products Worth Buying?

Most bar soaps have a pleasant scent. Some of the most popular ones include Pine Tar, Bay Rum, Cedar Citrus, and Gold Moss. However, the question arises, “Is Dr. Squatch Products Worth Buying?” A single bar of soap from Dr. Squatch can cost you close to ten dollars. Or it might last up to a few weeks even if you have good showering habits.

Fortunately, there are many similar soaps with the same ingredients. But bigger and cheaper. One of the most popular alternatives to Dr. Squatch is The Soap Guy. We compared the two brands and found that The Soap Guy has basically the same soap as Dr. Squatch. It also contains identical ingredients, almost the same terminology, package, and all. The only difference is that it’s cheaper and more extensive.

So why is there a difference in price? According to many users who have tried both brands. Though they’re almost identical, the soaps of different brands are different in terms of scent and overall experience. Also, Dr. Squatch has better brand recognition—a Big thanks to big marketing spend over the years.

Plus, they’ve got this subscription deal where you save money and keep getting their stuff. People like that.

So, is Dr. Squatch worth all the buzz? Well, that’s up to you, but lots of folks think it’s pretty awesome.

One theory is that the inflated cost of Dr. Squatch soaps is for covering their huge marketing expenses. A cursory look at their annual account often looks dim, too. When it comes to checking, is Dr. Squatch legit or a scam?” So, let’s clear that – It’s legit quite alright.

Where To Buy Dr. Squatch Products?

To get the best selection of Dr. Squatch products, head over to their official website. It can be your one-stop shop for all things. Dr. Squatch – from natural soap to scalp-stimulating hair care and more.

Sure, you can find some products in retail stores like Amazon, Kroger, and others. But the widest variety of Dr. Squatch goodies awaits you in various Walmarts across the country. So, for the ultimate Squatch experience, check out their website or hit up a Walmart near you.

Alternate Options To Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch offers natural and vegan-friendly hygiene products that people seem to love. They don’t use any synthetic stuff like parabens or sulfates, and they’re kind to animals. Most of what they make is organic, and they smell pretty great, too.

They’ve got more than just soap. There’s shaving cream and aftershave balm, which folks really dig. People are saying good things about their skin and hair after using Dr. Squatch products.

All in all, Dr. Squatch is one of the best brands. But there are cheaper alternatives? Absolutely! In fact, below, we’ve shown you lots of other options for Dr. Squatch. Let’s find them out:

  • Duke Cannon
  • Bravo Sierra
  • Baxter of California
  • Crate 61 Bar Soap
  • Dr. Bronner’s
  • Outlaw Soaps
  • Swanky Badger Natural Soap Bar
  • Every Man Jack
  • San Francisco Soap Company
  • 360 Feel Men’s Soap Bar
  • Harry’s
  • Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap
  • The Soap Guy, Sudsy Bear
  • Bearsville Soap Company
  • Stirling Soap Company
  • Arctic Fox Triple Butter Vegan Soap

The Bottom Line

There’s talk of class action lawsuits against Dr. Squatch. But it needs to be clarified if it means they’re going out of business or just a marketing tactic.

Dr. Squatch is known for its natural personal care products. In 2021, Dr. Squatch expanded into Walmart stores nationwide.

They’ve also invested $3.6 million in TikTok ads in 2021. It shows their strong marketing presence.

In conclusion, while lawsuits exist, it’s still being determined if Dr. Squatch is genuinely closing the shop or using it for marketing. Their Walmart expansion and TikTok ads demonstrate a robust business.