Is Dot Dot Smile Going Out Of Business

Is Dot Dot Smile Going Out Of Business in 2023?

Is Dot Dot Smile going out of business? There is no clear-cut answer to this question, But the company filed for bankruptcy in 2022. It is reported that the company was in heavy debt, i.e., more than 5.6 million US dollars. The company shifted its focus from the MLM model and direct sales to retail and wholesale options.

According to some sources, it is noted that when the company filed for bankruptcy, at that time, it owed more than 5.6 million US dollars in total debts. On the contrary, it had more than 4.4 million US dollars in assets. The debt and assets ratio was not balanced, which forced the company to collapse its business.

Moreover, the creditors also listed by the filing that there were many unpaid bills of nearly 123,689 US dollars to a staffing company. Besides, it also listed that more than 191,915 US dollars are owed to Mercedes – Benz to purchase a Mercedes – Benz luxury SUV.

DotDotSmile is a children’s clothing line sold along with the standard collection of adult-sized clothing of the company LuLaRoe.

LuLaRoe, one of the most successful multi-level marketing companies for years. It created a lot of spoken clothing companies, such as Honey & Lace, along with DotDotSmile.

Later, in 2017, the company filed a class action lawsuit. It was claimed that LuLaRoe generated 2.3 billion US dollars in revenue with a pyramid scheme. For settlement, the company agreed to pay 4.75 million US dollars.

Not only this but also LuLaRoe struggled with many other problems. When the case was settled, the problems were not quit for the company. Moreover, it faced a gauntlet of additional problems.

Additional problems such as customers started to complain about the company’s products. Customers claimed that the company was selling cheap quality leggings and dresses. All in all, the company’s products faced several other issues, along with quality issues.

Customers were up in arms, and their grievances led the company to change its return policy. Although, the LuLaRoe sellers couldn’t take back damaged products. This return policy made a massive loss to the company’s goodwill. More than 100 LuLaRoe sellers named the company in their declaration of bankruptcy.

Several other DotDotSmile sellers decided to quote the company in the filing of their personal bankruptcy.

To generate deceptive earnings, the company DotDotSmile, was damaged by the DSSRC (Direct Selling Self Regulatory Council) of the Better Business Bureau in 2021.

In May 2022, DotDotSmile faced many problems with its parent company LuLaRoe. Then, it decided to end the MLM model. It said it would no longer be able to run its operations as an MLM, and it ended the MLM model on June 30, 2022. Besides, the company would not be paying out commissions. Instead of the MLM model, it shifted its focus to a wholesale and direct sales model.

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Who Owns DotDotSmile? 

Nicole Thompson, the daughter of Mark Stidham and DeAnne Brady Stidham, founded DotDotSmile in 2013. The owner of DotDotSmile is Jeff Thompson. With a bit of divine inspiration and a dream, she (Nicole) started a journey in manufacturing specialized custom designs and fabric treatments kids love. 

It offers exclusive and branded children’s clothes that kids quickly love. Later, it became one of the best companies producing high-quality children’s clothing. When the company held a grasp on the market and navigated towards success, it expanded its business from an upstairs bedroom in the family home to a warehouse of 1,100 sq foot area. 

Then in 2016, it employed many full-time employees at the new home base and offered facilities.

After a year, the company flourished quickly and expanded its business by outgrowing its space. In 2016, it acquired a 1,100 sq foot warehouse which was expanded in 2017.

Later, DotDotSmile acquired a 3,300 sq foot warehouse—the starting few years after the company’s establishment were heading toward success. 

Again in 2018, DotDotSmile (DDS) outgrew its warehouse area and acquired a 22,000 sq foot warehouse. The company’s founder Nicole and her team members represented the company’s goal, “To Create Smile and Build Confidence.”

A year later, after acquiring a 22,000 sq foot warehouse, the company moved to a bigger space, and again, it acquired a larger area, i.e., 72,000 sq foot. 

As we all know, in 2020, during the Coronavirus pandemic, not every company suffered equally. Similarly, DDS was facing several issues. But still, it grew its business and observed more than 40 percent growth in 2020. It has proven to be a remarkable record in modern American history.

When Did DotDotSmile Start?

DotDotSmile (DDS) started in 2013, and the founder Nicole Thompson founded the company. It offers children’s clothing of superior quality. DDS is a multi-level direct-selling company and a subsidiary of MLM giant LulaRoe in Riverside, California, United States.

What Announcement DotDotSmile Made?

In 2022, the company’s founder and owner, Nicole and Jeff Thompson, announced the company’s direct sales. The announcement stated that the “DDS direct sales program would end as of June 30. From now on, the company wants to shift its focus to retail and wholesale options. As it would be a pivotal step for the company’s benefit.”

Moreover, it said, “Evolution is a crucial step to any business, and the owner should always know about it to stay relevant. Similarly, we are moving towards wholesale and retail opportunities by binding up the direct sales program. Over the past few years, we’ve also seen an evolution from a focus on building teams. Still, the community wants to shift into wholesaling. In our data, we have observed that this transition is essential and must take place.”

In a nutshell, DDS explained that the company wanted to transition and move to whole and retail buying opportunities. It also converted its website platform and decided to observe product pricing.

DDS decided to further dissolve the Direct Sales Model and focus on retail and wholesale options.

Why Is DotDotSmile Special?

DotDotSmile Is special as it offers superior-quality products, Custom Creations, Kids Approved Styles, and Eco-friendly products.

  • Superior Quality Products: DDS takes extra care while woven in and does all the little things to obtain high quality.
  • Custom Creations: 

The company guarantees to create unique designs that other companies cannot imitate for the masses…

  • Kids-Approved Styles: 

The company also promises to create exclusive designs since it opened its doors and used the same two fabrics.

  • Eco-Friendly: 

DDS’s bio enzyme washes are sustainable and biodegradable.

All these qualities make DotDotSmile a good company.

Is DotDotSmile Still In Business?

Yes, DotDotSmile is still in business… The parent company of the DotDotSmile is LuLaRoe, which is still around there and operating its stores.

You can buy DDS products online and offline as well. All the products are still available, but some are marked “out of stock.” 

Here we have rounded up a list of products marked “currently unavailable” or “out of stock” on DotDotSmile’s website.

A list of a few “Out Of Stock” Items include:

  • 60s Floral Ballerina Dress
  • 70s Floral Ballerina Dress
  • Abstract Strokes Cap Dress
  • Arrows Cap Dress
  • Auburn and Cream Contrast Dress
  • Baby Blue Blossoms Ballerina Dress
  • Beautiful Baby Blue Floral Whimsical Dress
  • Beautiful Blossoms Ballerina Dress
  • Beautiful Floral Ballerina Dress
  • Big Apple Tank Dress
  • Black & White Bows Ballerina Dress
  • Black & White Floral Ballerina Dress
  • Black & Pink Ballerina Dress
  • Black and White Cap Dress
  • Black Cap Dress
  • Black Floral Ballerina Dress
  • Blue Blossoms Ballerina Dress
  • Blue Emoji Ballerina Dress
  • Blue Floral Ballerina Dress
  • Blue Hearts on Pink Cap Dress
  • Brown Polka Dots Ballerina Dress
  • Bubblegum Dot Empire Dress
  • Burgundy Paisley Ballerina Dress
  • Burgundy Stripes Cap Dress
  • Butterfly Floral Ballerina
  • Camellia Bloom Cap Dress
  • Camellia Pirouette Tier Dress
  • Cantaloupe Clouds Tunic
  • Cats Away Mice Play Pink Tank Dress
  • Color Blocked Cap Dress
  • Christmas Velvet Fancy Cap Dress
  • Colorful Circles Cap Dress
  • Colorful Sunshine Cap Dress
  • Cute Girly Cap Dress
  • Dragonfly Flowers Cap Dress
  • Emoji Cap Dress
  • Dusty Pink Flower Cap Dress
  • Falling Stars Tank Dress
  • Fancy Flower Ballerina Dress
  • Fruity Ballerina Dress
  • Garden Flowers Top
  • Giraffes Cap Dress
  • Happy Face Ballerina Dress
  • Hearts and Arrows Ballerina Dress
  • Kaleidoscope Cap Dress
  • Little Honey Auburn Bodysuit
  • Lizard Hoodie
  • Lots of Dots Pink Pyjamas

A list of a few available items. It is a partial list of available items. But still, you can check a few of them along with the price tags below.

Available Items:

  • “I’m A Star!” Cap Dress is available at 4.99 US dollars.
  • 100% Lovable T-Shirt available at 4.99 US dollars.
  • 101 Dalmatians Cap Dress available at 4.99 US dollars.
  • Abstract Print Top is available at 4.99 US dollars.
  • Adventures Begin Crewneck available at 4.99 US dollars.
  • Anemone Pink Florals Cap Dress is available at 4.99 US dollars.

What Is The Revenue Of DotDotSmile?

As of 2022, It is estimated that the revenue of DotDotSmile is 2.80 million US dollars.

  • Estimated per Month – 233,333 US dollars 
  • Estimated per Week – 53,846 US dollars
  • Estimated per Day – 7,671.23 US dollars
  • Estimated per Hour – 319.63 US dollars

Alternate Options To DotDotSmile

DotDotSmile is the industry that deals in Apparel and Accessories Retail. The possible top competitors and the alternate options to DotDotSmile include:

  • Ciaran’s Cupboard Ltd.
  • Benova Fashion
  • Acacia Fashion
  • Armani Jeans
  • Anansi Palace For Kids
  • Custom T-Shirts
  • 10 Deep Clothing
  • The Toy Factory

Last Words On DotDotSmile 

At last, we have concluded that DotDotSmile (DDS) is a children’s clothing subsidiary of LulaRoe (a mega multi-level marketing company) reported to be filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection in 2022.

But it is still being determined whether the company went out of business. A few years ago, after being filed for bankruptcy, the company announced that DDS wanted to move retail and wholesale options instead of the MLM model.