Is Dave and Buster's going out of business

Is Dave and Buster’s going out of business? – Is they Closing in 2023

Is Dave and Buster’s going out of business? After a few challenging years during the epidemic, Dave & Buster’s Entertainment is gradually regaining its performance. It’s because the entertainment business is starting to recover.

For the third quarter that concluded on October 30, 2022, Dave & Buster reported record revenues of $481.2 million. This record shows an increase of more than 50% over the previous year. This was mainly attributed to the acquisition of Main Event, which was completed in June.

However, despite the increase in revenues, same-store sales growth slowed down throughout the quarter. This happened especially for special events, which saw a 6.7% fall from the previous year. Dave & Buster is sure that the business is on the right track to match or beat 2019’s level of performance. They are confident despite some of this momentum loss. Let us view in detail Dave and Buster’s in this article.

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Is Dave and Buster closing?

Is Dave and Buster's going out of business

Dave & Buster will continue to make news. The arcade-and-restaurant model is making a comeback after a problematic pandemic year. During that period, the chain just avoided declaring bankruptcy. When customers return, they will discover several surprises on the menu. It includes both cuisine and entertainment as its sites continue to reopen.

In the year 2021, Dave & Buster’s has begun to recover its footing. According to Restaurant Business, the Dallas-based company started the year with 107 reopened sites or 76% of its whole network. One hundred thirty-eight locations, including its crucial New York and California stores, were reopened by the end of May 2021. The company opened one new site during the first quarter of 2021.

The business is progressing in its turnaround, but it’s still not out of the woods. In the first quarter of 2021, compared to the same time frame in 2019, their comparable sales decreased by 35%. But those numbers also reflect reopened facilities that continued to operate with certain capacity limitations. Sales at their completely restored sites were somewhat better—down 17% from 2019.

CEO Biran Jenkins said in a statement, “we have a strong financial base and are available to launch full speed ahead into the summer.” “We are thankful for everyone on our team’s dedication and hard work, and we are delighted by our progress.”

What’s new at Dave & Buster’s?

Seven exclusive new games, along with a life-size version of Hungry Hungry Hippos, Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, and Vader Immortal: Lightsaber Dojo VR, are being added to the lineup.

The culinary menu is also receiving a makeover with 23 unique chef-created dishes such as chimichurri bowls, garlic parmesan truffle fries, and strawberry shortcake. Additionally, visitors can try four brand-new cocktails with a summer theme.

Now that we’ve addressed the past, Dave & Buster anticipates that the upcoming quarter will benefit significantly from the Christmas season. It predicts mainly as New Year’s Eve earnings for the Main Event shops are strong. Dave & Buster likewise emphasizes young adults, especially Gen Z and Millennials in their 20s and 30s, and allows The Main Event locations to take a more family-focused strategy.

Dave & Buster’s is eager to grow its iconic business and the Main Event locations. It is because the events industry continues to improve, especially given that the main event now generates 20% of the firm’s overall revenue.

Revenues grew by 60.7% in the third quarter of 2022 compared to the third quarter of 2019. Compared to the third quarter of 2021, when Dave & Buster’s net income was $10.6 million, or $0.21 per share, it came to $1.9 million, or $0.04 per share.

Dave & Buster’s had 203 locations in its portfolio as of October 30. Also, three net new areas opened during the quarter.

Is Dave and Buster still in business?

Is Dave and Buster's going out of business

The restaurant chains emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection included Dave & Buster’s, Chuck E. Cheese, Rubio’s Coastal Grill, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, and California Pizza Kitchen.

Although it was close to bankruptcy, the business never filed for protection. Due to the epidemic, Dave & Buster was in danger of going bankrupt for the whole of 2019. However, things were looking good for them in 2021.

One of the most significant stockholders in the business is Hill Path Capital, where James Chambers is a partner. He is now working with the brand to oversee audits, money, and pay. Once the shops reopened in 2021, Dave & Buster’s had a slightly altered appearance. A smaller menu, including technology like iPads and kiosks, and a relationship with a third-party delivery service are all expected. This is according to the restaurant business.

The company has confirmed its latest successful efforts, and Dave & Buster’s has formally rebounded. But then, the web rumors of a persistent business downturn have not faded.

The American restaurant and entertainment chain Dave & Buster’s headquarters are in Dallas. Each Dave & Buster’s features a video arcade and a full-service restaurant. The business had 145 sites in the US and 2 in Canada as of April 2022.

The business revealed its 2022 first-quarter financial results in a press statement on June 7, 2022. The following are significant first-quarter key points: Compared to $265.3 million in the first quarter of 2021 and $363.6 million in the first quarter of 2019, revenue climbed by 24.1% from the first quarter of 2019 to a record $451.1 million.

The upgrades have much exceeded the lows of 2020 and the gradual improvement of 2021 in company financial measurements since 2019.


Once more, the claims that Dave & Buster’s is currently experiencing severe business troubles are false. There will undoubtedly be planned closures of unprofitable locations in the future. It will be just like it would be at any other restaurant. But there is a significant distinction between wise business practice and completely shuttering a company.

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