is corelle going out of business

Is Corelle going out of business in 2023? | Is Corelle dinnerware still now?

Is Corelle going out of business? Since its introduction in the 1970s, Corelle has become an acronym for sturdy and long-lasting dinnerware. The plates are eye-catching kitchen accessories since they have lovely patterns. However, are they still accessible? Has the firm closed its doors?

Even though Corelle Brands and Instant Brand have merged, the company is still operational. The management is still producing and marketing Corelle goods. There are still plenty of Corelle dishes available. But specific designs were dropped from the product lineup. Additionally, given that the company is currently focusing on its online store, specific models could not be offered in brick-and-mortar stores.

The same company that creates Pyrex, Corning, introduced Corelle tableware in 1970. It quickly became “all the rage” over the ensuing decades. The brand, constructed of Vitrelle, a material formed of three bonded layers of glass, gained popularity. It’s mainly because of its eye-catching patterns and low price. These made it affordable for many Americans. Let us view the brand in detail in this article.

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About Corelle

A world-renowned manufacturer of kitchenware is Corelle Brands. The company has its headquarters in Rosemont, Illinois. It produces and sells kitchenware items all over the world. It also has Corelle Brands Pte. Ltd., an Asian company with its headquarters in Singapore. The locations of other marketing and distribution offices are in various countries. These include China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Malaysia also has a distribution hub and a decorating factory.

Until April 1, 1998, Corelle Brands was a division of Corning Incorporated. This company is well known for its technological innovation. It’s notable, particularly in specialized glass and glass-ceramic materials. The first glass that could withstand both heat and cold and be used for bakeware was created by Corning. It was found around the turn of the 20th century. Eventually, the Pyrex glass bakeware company was born.

The invention of cooking ware and glass ceramics developed in the 1950s. A distinctive three-layer sandwiched glass material famed for its durability, Corelle glass tableware, was introduced in 1970. The groundbreaking see-through Visions cookware, a relative of cooking utensils, was unveiled in the early 1980s.

The American and Asian consumer housewares divisions of Corning Incorporated were split out in April 1998. It is now known as Corelle Brands. Corelle Labels carried on the innovation by introducing fresh goods and materials under several labels. Products from Corelle Brands keep up with emerging consumer trends and cutting-edge technology. Thus giving each brand a timeless quality. It still meets the living requirements of modern houses today worldwide.

What country produces Corelle dinnerware?

What do you use as a plate for meals? It may be Corelle. All around the United States, you can find these frequently used dishes. They are well-priced, sturdy, and strong. And right here in the United States, it all began.

The Corning Glassworks enterprise was founded in the 1860s in the famed New York City neighborhood of Corning. They started making light bulbs and then expanded into making dishes and other glass goods.

In 1970, the Corning Glass Works Company invented Corelle. It is constructed of Vitrelle, a three-layer glass composite. This material has a “No Chip, No Crack” warranty.

The owner of Corelle is Instant Brands. This company also owns the Pyrex, Corningware, Snapware, and Chicago Cutlery brands. Chicago, Illinois, is the home of Instant Brands.

Do they still manufacture in the United States after starting there? Yes, the majority of Corelle’s goods are produced in the USA. Mugs and stoneware are produced in China.

Who owns Corelle?

Corelle Livingware products began to be produced by Corning Glass Works. It features vintage hues from the 1970s. They are Winter Frost, Butterfly Gold, Spring Blossom Green, Snowflake Blue, and Old Town Blue.

After Corning transferred ownership of the brand to Corelle Brands, some designs were discarded. One of these was the well-known Butterfly Gold. It featured a distinctive floral design and butterflies on either side of it.

Limited editions of extra patterns are also offered. It includes Nature’s Bounty, Renaissance, and Medallion patterns. This is another factor contributing to the difficulty in locating the Corelle items users may seek.

In 2019, Instant Brands, LLC, and Corelle Brands combined. Since then, the business has prioritized online sales over brick-and-mortar storefronts. On January 31, 2022, the retail establishment in Corning, New York, closed.

This does not imply that Corelle goods are no longer available. It has made investments in its facilities. Thus, it keeps offering the products online and in its current operating locations across America.

Corelle Brands’ investment in Mississippi

A part of Corelle Brands LLC’s manufacturing and distribution activities will be relocated to Marshall County, Mississippi. The maker and distributor of household goods brands like Pyrex, Snapware, and Corelle intend to spend $27.7 million building a new factory. It is also anticipated to generate 400 new jobs by the end of June 2020.

The Marshall County and Mississippi Development Authority’s help is greatly appreciated. “Their collaboration with Corelle Brands influenced our choice to locate this facility in Mississippi. Our operational effectiveness and customer service capacities will increase due to this shift.” This is according to President and CEO Kenneth G. Wilkes. “We are excited to offer fantastic employment opportunities in Marshall County.”

The Mississippi Development Authority is assisting with employee training and infrastructural upgrades. Also, it aids in equipment installation and relocation. Marshall County is offering grant help and eligible local property tax exemptions to fund the project. The project is also receiving help from the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Corelle Brands will create Hundreds of new jobs in Marshall County. It is accomplished owing to the collaboration and leadership of their partners in government and economic growth. MDA Executive Director Glenn McCullough, Jr., stated that they “remain committed to attracting private capital investment.” Thus, new job possibilities are created for the people of North Mississippi.

The facility will be made available by Corelle Brands. It will be located in the Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park’s Gateway Global Logistics Centre. The Panattoni Development Company is building an estimated 786,000-square-foot facility that the Illinois-based company will lease.

Corelle responds to the viral post

Corelle responded to a now-viral post about the safety of its vintage dishware. On Facebook, the Public Health Services page of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services published a caution about Corelle items. This is how the post is made:

“Due to issues related to high levels of lead, if you have Corelle dinnerware from before 2005, consider removing it from your kitchen shelves.” The pre-2005 dishes from Corelle are advised to be used as “decorative pieces.” The article has been amended to add the following, which has received over 77,000 shares:

The most vulnerable groups to elevated lead levels are infants and expectant moms. In 1971, the FDA first began to control the amount of lead in dishware.

The paint may deteriorate after years of use, exposing the lead and making it easily ingestible. People can learn from this post that exposure can come from using old dishes, which is an educational opportunity.

Corelle’s official account published the following in the post’s comments:

We take great pride in our Corelle products, which are manufactured of Vitrelle, tempered glass made up of three layers of glass bonded together. Over 50 years ago, Corning released Corelle for the first time. It was first produced by the business now known as Instant Brands in 2000. All Corelle items were manufactured to meet safety standards.

The production and regulatory processes have changed. Corelle products have followed suit. We routinely analyze Corelle products’ lead and cadmium content at renowned, independent testing facilities. This testing shows that our goods adhere to all relevant state and federal safety laws.

Since it was first developed by Corning and maintained by Instant Brands, Corelle dishware has been produced in various patterns. Many antique and heritage objects have also developed into prized collectibles. Many household products were decorated with a small amount of lead before 2000, and stricter lead content safety requirements were implemented.

We are further researching pre-2000 Corelle items to see if they conform to current safety regulations. Also, to determine whether using pre-2000 products as everyday dishware is OK. This is in light of the current demand for using vintage products daily.

“We hope you enjoy your Corelle products as much as we do. However, you choose to use them as a decorative item or at your table every day.” Do you possess an old Corelle? Use it, or is it just for decoration? Please tell us in the comments.

Thus, their honest reply to the viral post shows their confidence in their products.


Like any vintage object, Corelle dishes are worth what someone is willing to pay for them. In general, articles that claim these dishes are worth tens of thousands of dollars are untrue. A large percentage of eBay listings are between $25 and $100. A complete set can be purchased on eBay for about $60, though costs can vary based on the items’ condition and whether the seller still has the original box.

Since Corelle is still in business today, visiting their website to buy their well-liked dishware is simple. Additionally, most department stores carry the most recent Corelle dishware collections. This includes Target, Walmart, and Home Depot.

eBay is the best option if you’re seeking vintage items. A quick search for “vintage Corelle dinnerware” yields hundreds of results. However, you can also find vintage Corelle on Etsy if you search “Corelle” under “vintage.” These dishes are most likely available at nearby antique stores. But watch out for inflated prices; a brand-new set should be at most $100.