Is Chuck E Cheese going out of business

Is Chuck E Cheese going out of business in 2023? – Is they shutting down?

Is Chuck E Cheese going out of business in 2023? The start of the COVID-19 epidemic had a significant financial impact on CEC Entertainment. It was the parent organization of the family businesses Chuck E. Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza, as well as many other organizations in the restaurant and entertainment sectors. By the beginning of 2021, the business had reemerged as a new organization after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Rudy Rodriguez, executive vice president, chief legal and HR officer, and corporate secretary, claims that despite this, the company’s dedication to food, family, and pleasure, which is embedded in its culture, has stayed the same.

In 1977, Nolan Bushnell, a co-founder of Atari, opened the first Chuck E. Cheese location in San Jose, California. The Chuck E. Cheese trademark appears in character stage performances, kid-friendly arcade games, and restaurant pizza at every location.

The first family restaurant to combine dining, children’s entertainment, and gaming are Chuck E. Cheese’s. The recreational area of the restaurant is well known for organizing kids’ birthday celebrations. Meanwhile, is Chuck E. Cheese closing? The rumor that Chuck E. Cheese will close is not entirely unfounded. 

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Is Chuck E Cheese shutting down?

A list of roughly 45 contracts the company intends to reject was submitted in 2020. This list included leases for five properties in California, four in Florida, four in Massachusetts, three in Ohio, and three in Oklahoma. 11 places on the list have already closed before COVID-19.

In addition, CEC requested that the court grant authority for the company to continue honoring game credits, tickets, tokens, gift cards, client deposits, promotional offers, and loyalty programs as long as it is still operating. The business has declared that it intends to use the Chapter 11 procedure to eliminate debt and transform into a more profitable enterprise.

As of December 2019, the Irving, Texas-based corporation had more than 15,000 workers and 555 corporate-owned facilities. As well as 186 franchisee locations spread across 47 states and 16 international or U.S. territories Chuck E. Cheese’s parent business files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and asks for safety from creditors.

Based on a court document, CEC, which private equity firm Apollo Global Management controls, reported revenue of $913 million and a net loss of $29 million in 2019. In 2019, special birthday packages accounted for roughly 16% of the business’s sales.

Chuck E. Cheese, which was formed in 1977, accounts for most of the company’s revenue. There are over 75 games, rides, and activities at each venue, including timeless favorites like arcade basketball, Whac-A-Mole, and Skee-Ball. At most of its locations, the chain also offers a menu that includes pizza, wings, desserts, drinks, and even alcoholic ones. The company’s mascot, a singing mouse, sings to customers.

Apollo used a buyout to take the business private in 2014, leaving it with a significant debt burden. Despite efforts to increase meal delivery and takeaway, the businesses lose more than 90% of their revenue as a result of their locations being temporarily shuttered due to COVID-19. According to a court document, the corporation needed to catch up on its rent at several locations during that time.

According to CEC Chief Financial Officer James Howell’s court statement, “In normal times, the firm would be financially healthy.” The leases CEC intends to reject were detailed in a separate court filing. There are 11 venues on the list had already been permanently shuttered before COVID-19. It needed to be made clear which locations had done this right away.

Does Chuck E Cheese still exist?

Is Chuck E Cheese going out of business

The business launched a rebranding campaign in reaction to the sharp decline in revenue in 2012; however, it could have been more successful. The redesign featured Chuck E. Cheese as a guitar-playing mouse rather than the company’s previous rat mascot.

Sales of in-store restaurants decreased throughout the following year. Revenue from the box office and sales, however, grew somewhat. The business underwent another rebranding in 2017 and adopted the name “Chuck E. Cheese Pizzeria & Games” at various locations. 

A play-by-card system, an open kitchen, and more modest, the premium decor were given as part of the rebranding. The stage show’s animated characters included a dancing floor. The redesign aimed to target adults more than kids’ parties.

Due to stock market losses, Chuck E. Cheese discontinued using animatronic animals as part of its entertainment in 2019. The fact that Chuck E. Cheese has been losing money since 2012 fueled the rumors. Additionally, the company has a history of unsuccessful rebranding efforts. Any business will suffer as a result of this.

To add insult to injury, Chuck E. Cheese has received harsh criticism from the stock market over the past ten years. The worst rumors surfaced in 2020 when the company declared bankruptcy due to a banking crisis. Due to the number of closings, the hashtag #whatsnextforchuckecheese also briefly became popular online.

Chuck E. Cheese’s situation was made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, which was terrible for business. The business was reported to be 1–2 billion dollars in debt due to the pandemic.

The debt was so large that if the bankruptcy had been unsuccessful, all Chuck E. Cheese locations would have had to shut down. Under bankruptcy protection, the business could borrow $200 million in loans for refinancing and restructuring Chuck E. Cheese. The business 

Submitted a voluntary petition to the United States Bankruptcy Court on June 25, 2020. It was by Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.

The likelihood of Chuck E. Cheese’s closing in the future is high. 47 Chuck E. Cheese locations nationwide were permanently shut down because of the epidemic. Chuck E. Cheese already had more than 30 stores closed before the COVID-19 epidemic.

In the corporate world, declaring bankruptcy is never a positive signal. Furthermore, this is the only corporation interested in fully owning Chuck E. Cheese, which suggests that the business will eventually shut down.

The company that profited the most from children’s birthday parties was Chuck E. Cheese. The business struggled as the pandemic imposed guest and social distance limits. In December 2022, there were 471 stores of Chuck E. Cheese still running.

Is Chuck E Cheese going out of business in 2023?

Is Chuck E Cheese going out of business

Chuck E. Cheese still respects the parties it hosts—more than 500,000 of them annually. It is one of the essential components of its business. According to McKillips, they are the nation’s top venue for birthday parties. “It’s in the firm’s DNA,” he added. The company renovated 30 stores in 2021 as part of a brand reinvention and has plans to renovate 350 more over the next three years. The redesigned storefronts place a focus on interaction.

In Brandon, Florida, the business debuted its first trademark store. It is 78% larger than the current sites and has roughly 35 games. Also, 20% are kid-friendly small rides and engaging play areas, and it is 25,000 sq ft. There are numerous super-sized television screens and an interactive dance floor to keep kids active and interested. Early in 2022, the firm claimed a second site of this brand would debut in Northern California.

A similar business owned by CEC, Peter Piper Pizza, has more than 100 locations, most of which are in Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. With beer on the menu for parents, it caters to an older crowd of children between the ages of 8 and 14. Although it also provides games, McKillips claims that the brand is primarily known for its meals and has fared well during the pandemic.

He adds that CEC recently acquired 10 outlets from a significant franchisee in the Tucson area. Also, it will establish two additional locations close to San Antonio. Thus, Peter Piper is one of the key strengths of this firm. “We believe there is room for this brand to expand.”

We currently run a local brand with an international subsidiary, according to McKillips. “My objective is for our business to go global.”

To achieve this goal, he is in contact with toy manufacturers, animation studios, clothing manufacturers, and other parties. He wants to make Chuck E. Cheese a household name outside the stores. The business and the Kroger Company agreed to a licensing agreement in July so that Chuck E. Cheese-branded frozen pizza would be available in all 2,000 of the latter’s outlets. The boxes come with themed activities and promote the stores by offering an engraved code that can be exchanged for e-tickets.

According to McKillips, approximately 1 billion individuals have taken a bite out of the well-known mouse over the years. It’s a generational home that appeals to young parents, children, and their grandparents. He claims that the company has been able to reinvent itself over the years. “We’re prepared for the forthcoming generation of Chuck E. Cheese—for kids today who want fun in a little bit of a unique way,” said the company.


Is Chuck E. Cheese closing down? Chuck E. Cheese is still in operation as of this moment. However, a tonne of evidence suggests the business will go soon. Before the pandemic, Chuck E. Cheese had been having financial difficulties for eight years. In 2020, the firm was at its breaking point and had to declare bankruptcy.

The only way Chuck E. Cheese can continue is if a bigger corporation purchases the business. Given the company’s ongoing financial difficulties, it is doubtful that any other business entity will purchase the family entertainment center.