Is Campbell Soup going out of business

Is Campbell Soup going out of business in 2024? – Are they Still or Will Closing?

Is Campbell Soup going out of business? The Campbell Soup Company is an American food company. It announced plans to close its snack manufacturing facility in Columbus, Georgia. 326 employees at the location may be impacted due to this. The business declared that it would stop operating by the spring of 2022.

When the firm acquired the snack manufacturer Snyder’s-Lance in 2018, it also acquired ownership of the Columbus location. A review of the manufacturing processes in Campbell’s Snacks division led to the decision to close the factory.

Cape Cod and Kettle potato chips, Goldfish crackers, Farmhouse bread and cookies, Lance sandwich crackers, Late July snacks, Milano cookies, Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels, and other goods are all of Campbell’s portfolio of snacks.

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Is Campbell soup going out of business?

Campbell Soup Company announced plans to shut down its manufacturing plant in Columbus, Georgia, by the spring of 2022 on January 13, 2021. This factory, which makes sweets, crackers, cookies, almonds, and bars, employs 326 workers. A thorough examination of the manufacturing processes for the snack business led to its closure.

The Columbus plant, formerly known as Tom’s Foods, was bought by Lance in 2005. Tom Huston founded the Columbus plant in 1927; over the years, it has changed hands several times. Campbell Snacks is the name of the Campbell Soup Company’s snack division. Campbell Snacks’ portfolio includes iconic brands that dominate their respective food categories.

The Columbus factory was purchased as part of Campbell’s 2018 acquisition of Snyder’s-Lance. Campbell expects to run the Columbus factory for up to 18 months before gradually closing it down as part of a well-planned strategy. All affected workers receive compensation or separation packages, career counseling, and relocation help.

According to Valerie Oswalt, executive vice president of Campbell Snacks, closing one of their factories is a tough decision. He narrated that their Columbus staff are talented and devoted and committed to supporting the industry through this transition. The Campbell Network’s oldest factory, Columbus, is 94 years old. Since it is the oldest in its production network, it is challenging to retrofit.

The decision to close the factory was mainly influenced by the age of the plant. Also contributing to this is the declining consumer demand for non-core products produced in Columbus. While shifting production of its most popular Lance, Emerald, and Late July sweets across the division’s manufacturing network, Campbell will gradually stop making candy under the Lance brand.

Will Campbell’s Soup change its business strategy?

Campbell disclosed details regarding the state of the business at the time of the facility’s closing some months later. It featured projections for the current fiscal year and showed a noticeable quarter-to-quarter fall in sales for 2021.

Campbell Soup Company formally met its objectives in September 2021. The fourth quarter and full fiscal year 2021 results of Campbell Reports showed that recent difficult revenues will be the cause of new tactics.

Regarding the press release’s observations on the entire year:

  • Organic net sales were identical to last year, while net sales dropped by 2%.
  • The ongoing operations of EPS came in at $3.30. Adjusted EPS increased from 1% to $2.98.
  • 75% of the portfolio of brands expanded or retained share, indicating good underlying brand health and momentum.

Mark Clouse, president, and chief executive officer of Campbell, was also quoted in the press release. He put a positive spin on these results, saying, “The fourth quarter was a positive end to a solid year through which we successfully passed a difficult environment.” Thus, they have made significant progress in moving up the strategic plan. He also addressed the ability to execute on burdens experienced in the third quarter.

The operations and profit of Campbell Soup Co. were negatively impacted by labor and supply shortages. This has led to reduced quarterly sales. The business that makes brand-name soups and snacks, including Goldfish crackers and SpaghettiOs, reported $2.21 billion in revenue for the second quarter of its fiscal year that ended on January 30. It is a 3% decrease from the same period last year. FactSet’s survey of analysts revealed expectations of $2.24 billion.

Before the pandemic, the Campbell Soup Company’s revenue had fallen to dangerously low levels. Its financial situation was only temporarily boosted by the pandemic’s arrival.


Campbell’s Black Bean Soup, Chicken Gumbo Soup, Chunky Philly-Style Cheesesteak Soup, and Campbell’s Scotch Broth Soup were among the soups that Campbell discontinued manufacturing. Even so, they sell more than 75 kinds of soup in the market.

The organization is one to keep an eye on to see if the various techniques used by its leadership will result in positive development.

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