Is Buying a Condo a good investment in 2023 - Does this have resale value?

Is Buying a Condo a good investment in 2023 – Does this have resale value?

The possibility of enormous value for savvy investors raises the obvious question: Is buying a Condo a good investment? Yes is the basic answer. Under the appropriate conditions, condos can be an excellent investment.

It is essential to remember that the ideal conditions will differ from investor to investor and from market to market. Investors should consider certain things to assess whether condos are a good investment for their specific situation. In this article, we will look in depth at condo investment. 

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Is it worth it to invest in a Condo?

Is Buying a Condo a good investment in 2023 - Does this have resale value?

Investing in real estate is frequently a stretched and challenging process, whether people are looking for a second home or a way to make additional income. Research is crucial because, when buying a home, we want to be sure that it will satisfy all of our individual and financial needs.

If people started looking at homes in their ideal neighborhood or enjoyed looking through real estate listings for fun, they might have noticed one thing. Condos tend to have lower asking prices than other types of houses.

A complex of homes known as a condominium, or “condo,” is one in which each unit is owned by a different person. There are independent and linked condominiums. The former of which lacks shared walls, and the latter of which is located inside other units.

Purchasing a condo has the advantage of being less expensive than buying a single-family home. Also, they are frequently situated in more popular locations, such as city centers. Military people who often move may find them a wise choice, as they can buy a condo with a VA loan.

In addition to cost and area, buying a condo also entails a certain level of security due to a homeowners’ association (HOA). Purchasing a condo involves paying a small amount more each month for these expenses. But, for some purchasers, not having to deal with maintenance and snow removal may be well worth the price.

The positive aspect of condominium investment depends on several variables. This covers our original goal for the condo and the real estate market in the particular area we are thinking about.

Condos can be excellent investments and pleasant vacation homes because of their lower purchasing costs and more attractive locations. However, keep in mind that condos also come with less authority because of the community’s HOA. In addition to taking monthly fees from condo owners, HOAs control what happens in their neighborhoods. 

Some condos forbid renting, while others permit long-term leases but not short-term ones. Since these regulations differ throughout communities, it’s essential to understand them before making any decisions. They may have a significant impact on our intentions to rent out a property.

Do condos have good resale value?

Although they increase in value more slowly than single-family homes, condos increase over time. There was a decline in demand for condos during the COVID-19 pandemic. Buyers are returning to densely populated areas due to desire and, thus, values. The average condo is actually selling for $319,000, according to It is a 22.7% increase since the pandemic began and a 14.6% increase from the previous year.

Due to greater competition, single-family houses often see higher rates of gain. Particularly in the current real estate market, there need to be more single-family homes to meet demand, creating a seller’s market. Most homes receive many offers, allowing owners to raise prices in response to the market. To remain competitive in today’s marketplace, purchasers frequently submit their proposals, adding gasoline to the flames.

Contrarily, condos are less popular than single-family homes, contributing to their slower rate of increase. But in addition to a supply shortage, buying a condo comes with additional expenses that may limit future appreciation.

While the past has shown us that condos do not appreciate as quickly as single-family residences, the new market brought forth by COVID-19 may break established patterns. The supply and demand crisis driving up home values across the nation is, at the very least, affecting the condo market. Once more, there need to be more houses to meet demand. Condos are becoming more popular, which eventually drives up appreciation rates.

One of the issues with reselling a condo and receiving the best return on our investment is that we are compared to other apartments in the building. Looking at nearby comparable sales and listings is essential when listing a home. When it comes to selling a condo, every other transaction in the building is the same. It will be challenging to raise the cost much more than the competitors suggest if the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in our unit is the same as those in its neighborhood. Even if we make changes, it might result in fewer sales.

Are condos cheaper to maintain?

Is Buying a Condo a good investment in 2023 - Does this have resale value?

One benefit is that condos are less expensive than single-family homes. It means the initial purchase cost is lower. In addition to usually being less expensive, owners have fewer maintenance requirements to think about. It’s because most condo exteriors are frequently taken care of by the homeowners’ association that manages the buildings.

These associations make it simpler for investors looking for a hands-off style, but they do it by charging an HOA fee to handle ongoing costs. Investors should carefully analyze the HOA fee for their potential investment property because specific communities may set more than others.

Many urban and suburban customers aim to simplify their lifestyles. They are drawn to shared amenities, including pools, gyms, leisure rooms, park spaces, pet parks, and more. When investors want to profit from their investment, these can be fantastic bonuses.

Why is buying a condo a bad idea?

Like any investment, condos have advantages, but they also have drawbacks.HOA membership fees are at the association’s discretion and can range widely. We can end up paying for these renovations during our investment if the association wants to make alterations to the outside of the structure or the nearby properties.

Before making a purchase, we must understand any restrictions that may apply if we want to rent out the apartment while making improvements. For example, some condo communities don’t permit either short-term or long-term rentals.

Additionally, the HOA may occasionally have a say in the improvements we want to make to the property. So before making a purchase, pay close attention to the HOA agreement.

Condo owners frequently criticize the lack of parking spaces. This makes entertaining more than a small group of people challenging. There are always buildings with longer drives or more open spaces, but the distance between condos can be a problem. The desire for solitude and freedom is one of the factors driving purchasers away from renting. The topic of extra parking comes up at some point with almost every unit.


Over the past few decades, condos have become increasingly popular. It became famous among young people searching for an option between renting an apartment and purchasing a single-family house. The topic of whether condos are a wise investment comes up frequently. Both yes and no are the answers. Before making a condo purchase decision, there are many other things to consider.

Condominiums have grown in popularity as real estate investments during the past few years. Investors who wish to diversify their assets with various properties can invest in this. Also, it enables them to increase their wealth while residing comfortably in one location, which makes them particularly drawn to the flexibility of condo ownership.

Investing in a condo or apartment might be a terrific way to get started in the real estate business. To get started, we only need a little money up front. Due to their potential to appreciate at a similar rate to real estate, condos are frequently seen as attractive investments.