Is Baskin Robbins going out of business

Is Baskin Robbins going out of business? – Why they closing stores permanently

Is Baskin Robbins going out of business? Baskin Robbins is a famous American brand that sells different flavors of ice cream worldwide. It is one of the first brands to commercialize ice cream, selling so much that it became a brand. For many years, Baskin and Robbins have released different flavors of ice creams in the market. Many of their Flavors have inspired other ice cream makers to make similar flavors. They have also released many festive variants, especially for festivals such as Christmas and New Year.

Recently, Baskin Robbins announced through its Facebook page that it would shut down all its stores in the Philippines. The news shocked everyone because Baskin and Robbins had been profitable ventures for many years. This sudden decision has made people wonder if the brand is making profits.

The brand announced that it would be closing all its stores in the Philippines by the end of 2022. This means that the people of the Philippines will only be able to enjoy Baskin and Robbin’s ice cream in 2023. Currently, there are a lot of offers on Baskin and Robbin’s ice cream in the Philippines. The brand said they want to give back something to the people of the Philippines in return for the love they have received for so many years.

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What happened to Baskin Robbins?

Is Baskin Robbins going out of business

Baskin and Robbins is currently the biggest ice cream chain brand in the world. It has been expanding in the last couple of years massively. Baskin and Robbins have outlets in over 50 countries now. Contrary to popular opinion, Baskin and Robbins is a profitable venture. The brand has decided to expand and introduce its products in countries where it has not officially launched.

 Recently Baskin and Robbins decided to shut down all of its stores in the Philippines. The decision was shocking and made people wonder if Baskin Robbins is making profits. The reason behind such a big decision has yet to be disclosed. But it is safe to say that Baskin and Robbins is a profitable brand. They went through a total makeover in April 2022. The company decided to change its logo and color combination. The uniform of the employees and the packaging were also changed. The brand decided it was time to introduce something new, and as a result, they decided to do a makeover.

The company has tried to blend itself as per the contemporary demands. They want to be known as something other than a vintage ice cream chain brand and have a name for themselves among today’s youth. This is why they have started using funky designs, digital screens for ordering, and many more.

Is Baskin Robbins still in business?

Yes, Baskin and Robbins are still in business. The brand is running successfully in a lot of countries around the world. But recently, it came to the news for deciding to shut down all its stores in the Philippines. With the help of their Facebook group, they announce this decision. No reason or explanation was given for taking this decision. This has upset many people in the Philippines as they will no longer be able to enjoy the unique flavor of Baskin and Robbin’s ice cream.

Is Baskin Robbins going out of business

There is a temporary discontinuation of Baskin and Robbin’s ice cream in Russia. Due to the ongoing Cold War between Russia and the United States of America, many new sanctions have been signed by these countries against each other. As a result, Baskin and Robbins will have to renew its license under a new name to operate in Russia. The name Baskin and Robbins is licensed in the United States of America. Now Baskin Robbins has changed its name to JSC BRPI exclusively in Russia. 

All these changes have made people believe Baskin and Robbins are going out of business. This is not true at all, and Baskin and Robbins is still a very profitable venture.


Baskin Robbins is not out of business or discontinued. The brand is operating successfully in the market and making many profits. Only recently, the brand decided to discontinue all of its offline stores in the Philippines, making people believe that it is facing huge losses. But that is not true at all. There might be other reasons behind this decision to close all the stores in the Philippines. But it is false to say that Baskin and Robbins are going out of business as it is making profits.

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