Is Balsam Hill Going Out Of Business in 2023?

Is Balsam Hill going out of business? Balsam Hill is a company known for selling artificial Christmas trees alongside wreaths and garlands. They started in 2006. Later, it became a top choice for high-quality Christmas decorations.

Rumors online say Balsam Hill is going out of business. But we need reliable sources to back this up. Their (Balsam) website remains operational, and they are currently accepting orders.

Balsam Hill faced challenges in 2020, filing for bankruptcy due to COVID-19. But they got back on their feet with new funding.

In summary, there’s no proof that Balsam Hill is shutting down/ going out of business. Despite past hurdles, they’re open for business. Or become a trustworthy option for holiday decorations.

“Is Balsam Hill going out of business? Let’s explore the reality behind the rumors surrounding this beloved holiday brand. Delving into the facts, we aim to shed light on the fate of Balsam Hill.”

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A Brief History Of Balsam Hill

Balsam Hill is a company located in Northern California. It specializes in artificial Christmas trees, decorations, and home decor for both consumers and businesses worldwide. They craft artificial Christmas trees that mimic fundamental tree varieties.

Back in 2012, Balsam Brands, the owner of Balsam Hill, achieved impressive revenues of $34.7 million by establishing itself as a rapidly growing online retailer in Silicon Valley. In August 2013, they took a step offline. They were opening a showroom in Burlingame, California, to connect with customers in person. Their product range has also expanded. In order to include fall, Halloween, and various home decor items.

In an innovative move in November 2012, Balsam Hill partnered with ScentSicles. They partnered for a global Christmas tree decorating event. That event combined digital technology and charity. Participants used a robotic arm to decorate a virtual rotating Christmas tree. It streamed live on the Communitree website. Each digitally affixed ornament contributed a $5 donation to the Philadelphia branch of the Toys for Tots Foundation.

In 2014, Balsam Hill joined forces with Operation Smile for the #CelebritiesforSmiles campaign. Balsam Hill donated ornaments from their new home decor collection. Later, they were signed by celebrities like: 

Harrison Ford, Gavin Rossdale, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Mark Wahlberg, Pharrell Williams, and more. These autographed ornaments were auctioned off. In order to support the noble cause of Operation Smile.

Why Is It Called Balsam?

Balsam gets its name from the resinous substance that forms on specific trees and shrubs. This resin is also known as sap. The word “balsam” has its roots in Latin, coming from “balsam,” which means the gum of the balsam tree. 

Ultimately, it traces back to Aramaic, Arabic, and Hebrew. Along with “busman,” “balsam,” and “balsam,” respectively, all meaning “spice” or “perfume.” This naming connection can be linked to the biblical reference to the “Balm of Gilead.”

Why Balsam Hill Is So Popular?

Balsam Hill’s passion revolves around Christmas trees. They offer the broadest range of lifelike, opulent trees available. Unlike most Christmas tree brands. Even those claiming to be “exclusive” who buy from middlemen connected to various factories and suppliers. Balsam Hill stands apart. They design and manufacture every one of their trees themselves. A distinction not many Christmas tree brands can claim.

When you choose a tree from Balsam Hill, rest assured it’s been meticulously crafted to guarantee quality and durability. Their expertly designed trees boast an abundance of branches. Branch tips and lights create a lush, entire appearance for your Christmas tree. 

The Current State Of Balsam Hill

 It’s a remarkable success. There have been recent rumors suggesting that Balsam Hill might be facing the prospect of going out of business. However, it’s vital to sift through the words and stick to the facts. At the same time, the company has encountered a few challenges in recent times. It stands strong and unwavering in its commitment. To deliver exceptional artificial Christmas trees to its valued customers.

Balsam Hill’s unwavering focus remains on upholding its sterling reputation for craftsmanship and customer service. Through investments in cutting-edge technology. Or a continuous drive to enhance its designs. Balsam Hill ensures that each tree retains its breathtaking, lifelike allure. This unwavering dedication to quality has garnered the trust and loyalty of countless customers. To solidify the brand’s enduring position in the market.

Balsam Hill’s Outlook And Future Prospects

Balsam Hill looks ahead with confidence. Ready to thrive and meet changing customer needs. Their ability to adapt to evolving trends and embrace innovation has been a crucial element in their ongoing success. As the world increasingly leans towards eco-friendly practices. Balsam Hill is also making strides by integrating sustainable materials into its products and reaffirming its commitment to environmental responsibility.

What sets Balsam Hill apart from competitors? It is its strong focus on customer satisfaction and engagement. This emphasis creates a loyal customer base. Continuously seeking feedback and refining its offerings allows Balsam Hill. 

In order to tailor products to meet each customer’s unique needs and preferences. This approach fosters meaningful connections and lasting brand loyalty.

Who Competes With Balsam Hill?

Suppose you’re on the hunt for brands similar to Balsam Hill. We’ve done the legwork to identify some alternatives. 

Check out some of Balsam Hill’s competitors given below. Before making your Christmas tree purchase, get the scoop on these options.

  • King of Christmas: A brand that offers a range of Christmas trees and decorations.
  • Christmas Central: Known for its variety of Christmas products and decorations.
  • Christmas Tree Shops: A store specializing in Christmas tree and holiday decor.
  • TreeTime: Offers artificial Christmas trees and related products.
  • National Tree Company: Known for its selection of artificial Christmas trees.
  • Artificial Christmas Tree: Provides a range of artificial Christmas trees.

These alternatives cater to various Christmas tree needs and preferences. So you can explore them before deciding on your purchase.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that we’ve included some unrelated companies in the list. For example:

  • John Derian Company
  • Risutec
  • Boomkwekerij Fleuren
  • Hendriks Graszoden
  • Kurt S. Adler

These also offer different products and services unrelated to Christmas trees.

Summing Up

In summary, the rumors about Balsam Hill facing closure are not valid. Despite the challenges they’ve encountered. The company is thriving and continues. To captivate customers with its incredibly lifelike Christmas trees both online and in physical stores. 

Balsam Hill’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Additionally, ensuring customer satisfaction solidifies its position as a top retailer of artificial Christmas trees.

As we look ahead, Balsam Hill remains ready to build on its impressive history. It promises to bring joy to customers with its timeless and beautiful products for many more festive seasons to come. The future holds great promise for this trusted brand.